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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 163

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Chapter 163 Warning

Gerald punched out and hit the abdomen of the strong man.

The strong man’s eyes suddenly widened, and then his eyes began to become bloodshot.


His back seemed to be pierced by a bullet, and his clothes instantly broke a hole.


At the same time, blood began to flow down from his mouth.


Then, he fell to the ground with red eyes and went limp.

The other two women were completely stunned by this time.


How could it happen? Among the three of them, this man was the strongest. The two women were
slightly weaker, and this strong man was equivalent to a Golden Card

Assassin in Blood Lotus.

He was an expert in the underground world, and Gerald punched him to the ground.

The most important thing was that this process was not too shocking. It was just a


The strong man did not fly back a few feet away, but the more he did not fly out, the more horrible
Gerald was. This proved that Gerald’s control of strength was already


The two women looked at each other, and at this time, an idea appeared in their minds

at the same time.


However, Gerald would not give them the chance.

When Ingrid saw the rod strike out, she could not help but close her eyes.

However, she didn’t hear the screams that she had imagined. She heard a Puff and could

not help but open her eyes.

However, the scene in front of her stunned her. The strong man fell to the ground. Then

she saw Gerald run out in an instant. Then, he immediately caught up with the two women who wanted
to escape in the distance. He pulled their clothes and suddenly

pulled them back.

The two women fell to the ground almost at the same time. Before they could get up,

Gerald had already grabbed the daggers in their hands and pressed the two daggers

against their necks.

“Don’t move,” Gerald said casually.

Ingrid looked at this scene in shock.

She was an expert among ordinary people, but when she saw Gerald attack, she could guess that
Gerald was much more powerful than herself, probably even more powerful

than the people sent by her family to protect her.

At least top-level, she murmured in her heart.

“Don’t be in a daze, come and help,” Gerald smiled at her and said.

Only then did Ingrid react and quickly came over. Gerald handed her a dagger and said,

“Hold her. I’ll call someone to deal with it.”

After that, he took out his phone and called Valery. He said, “On the first floor of the underground
garage, three people attacked Ingrid. They have been subdued by me. Deal

with them quickly.”

When Ingrid saw Gerald on the phone, her eyes flashed. She looked at Gerald and asked,

“You are… a Watchman.”

Ingrid knew the existence of the Night Watch and also knew that the Watchman was secretly protecting
her. So after Gerald made this call, it was not difficult to guess.

Gerald smiled at her and said, “Don’t mention it to anyone.”

Ingrid looked at Gerald in a daze. Then, a trace of excitement flashed in her eyes.

The moment the two women heard that Gerald was a Watchman, they panicked. One of them hurriedly
said, “We were wrong. Please, let us go. We were forced to do it. We

usually live in the city. If we don’t kidnap her this time, we will be killed…”

“I don’t believe you.” Gerald pursed his lips and ignored them.

Two minutes later, Valery and Macy appeared in the underground garage. When they saw the three
people, Valery asked, “Are they from Blood Lotus?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t find the mark of the Blood Lotus in the places I could see. I can’t take off their
clothes to check in this place,” Gerald said with a cough.

Valery blushed. She glanced at Ingrid and then said, “Send her back first. Macy and I will deal with
these three people. She will return to Washington tomorrow. Don’t have any accidents at this time.”

Gerald nodded. He threw the dagger to Valery, then stood up and said to Ingrid, “Let’s


Ingrid followed Gerald and walked into the elevator. When there were only two people left, excitement
flashed in Ingrid’s eyes. She hurriedly asked, “Last time you modeled for us, I felt that you were not an
ordinary person. I knew that you were an underground person, and you refused to admit it. Now you
have finally exposed yourself.”

Gerald said speechlessly, “Girl, I just saved your life.”

“You lied to me before, didn’t you? But I know that Watchmen is very low-key. Don’t worry, I won’t
reveal it to anyone, including my family,” Ingrid asked excitedly, “What’s your rank in Watchmen? You
are so powerful and you are already a top expert.

You are at least in the top 50.”

“You know quite a bit about Watchmen,” Gerald looked at her in surprise and asked.

“Of course, my dream is to join the Night Watch, wearing a uniform, with double sabers on my back,
punishing the evil, guarding the peace of this world, how cool,” Ingrid said, “It’s a pity that my family
won’t let me go.”

Gerald was stunned. The Maddox family was a true hidden aristocratic family. To a certain extent, it
belonged to the underground world. They had their own martial arts inheritance. The children of their
families could enjoy a peaceful life in this city. There

was no need to take their children to the Night Watch.

“You haven’t told me your number,” Ingrid asked.

“I… don’t have a number,” Gerald touched his nose and said.

“Bullshit. You don’t want to say it and you lie to me again.” Ingrid glared at him.

At this time, the elevator arrived. Ingrid snorted and ran out, saying, “Don’t worry. I won’t ask. I know
the rules of the Night Watch.”

As she said this, she ran out.

Gerald followed her and walked to the door. Ingrid opened the door. Gerald thought for

a moment. Before the people who were protecting Ingrid arrived, he decided to stay with her to avoid
any accidents.

Gerald followed her into the room.

Ingrid curiously asked Gerald about the Night Watch. Since she knew something, Gerald picked
something to talk about and chatted with her. Ingrid’s eyes light up.

About half an hour later, the door of the room opened and the middle-aged man in

seafood entered the room.

When he saw Ingrid and Gerald sitting together, he was slightly stunned. There was a trace of coldness
in his eyes when he looked at Gerald.

Ingrid saw the middle-aged man and said, “This is the neighbor I mentioned to you before. Gerald, this
is my uncle, Eddie.”

“Hello.” The middle-aged man glanced at Gerald indifferently. Then he frowned and said, “Ingrid, don’t
bring boys home casually. Your parents will tell you off if they


“Okay, I know.” Ingrid pouted.

Perhaps she was afraid that Eddie would be worried, she did not mention that she was

attacked. Of course, she did not mention that Gerald was a Watchman.

In the underground garage, in the face of danger, she was willing to sacrifice herself to let Gerald
escape, and Gerald’s impression of her rose a lot.

Gerald got up and smiled. “I will go back first. Have a safe journey tomorrow.

Ingrid nodded. “If you want to play in Washington, remember to call me. I will entertain you.”

Gerald smiled.

Eddie’s face was expressionless. He looked at Gerald and said, “I’ll send you off.”

Gerald did not refuse. He nodded and said, “Okay.”

After leaving the room, Eddie sent Gerald to the elevator door. Then he said calmly, “Don’t take Ingrid’s
words to heart.”

Gerald’s expression changed slightly. He looked at Eddie and said, “Which words?”

“All,” Eddie glanced at Gerald and said, “Young man, Ingrid had mentioned you many times at home,
but I hope you can understand who you are and the gap between you and Ingrid. Don’t have any
fantasies about Ingrid. If you like her, it is fine. If she likes you too, it will harm you.”


At this time, the elevator arrived. Gerald touched his nose and stood in the elevator.

He did not answer Eddie. Looking at Eddie’s poker face, Gerald showed a smile, and the elevator door
slowly closed.

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