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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 189

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Chapter 189 Give Trevon a Villa and Shares

After slapping Amiya, Maurice came back to his senses at once. He looked at Gerald and said, “Bro,
I’m not serious with her. It’s just a booty call. I can dump her right now. Please, don’t tell Gideon

about this.”

Gerald grinned. He looked at Maurice with interest.

Beside them, Amiya covered her face when she heard Maurice’s words. She looked stunned.

She went away with Maurice back then.

Gerald didn’t care what would happen to them after that. He just wanted to come over to see and

brief Trevon.

After pondering for a while, Gerald decided not to absorb Trevon in Night Watch for now.

Unlike Jacob, Trevon didn’t have a sharp wit. He was a bit too honest.

Besides, Jacob was single, yet Trevon had Liam.

Therefore, the purpose of Gerald coming back this time was to visit Trevon and transfer some

shares of Glory World to Trevon. In such a way, Trevon could have a better life in Los Angeles. He
wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore.

What happened was beyond Gerald’s expectations.

He knew that Amiya was back, yet what he did not know was that the man she had run away with

was a rascal.

Gerald looked at Maurice and then at Amiya. Then he said, “What does it have to do with me whether
you dump this cheap woman or not? You don’t want Gideon to know? Well, that’s easy.”

Gerald touched his nose and said, “If I’m right, you should have harassed Trevon for a long time.
Correct? Don’t you think he deserves some compensation?”

“I…” Maurice smiled bitterly. “I … have no money. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have plotted against Trevon
together with Amiya. If I had known that Trevon knew you, and you knew Gideon, I wouldn’t have dared
to harass Trevon whatsoever.”

Trevon waved his hand and said, “Gerald, forget it. Just tell them to get lost. She makes me sick. Back
then, she looked down upon me, since I had no money. After we came to Los Angeles, she ran away
with him. And now she is cheeky enough to come back and ask me for money. I…”

Amiya gritted her teeth and looked at Trevon. “You didn’t have any money at first. Later, I wanted to
come back, but you turned me down. That was why I asked Maurice to ask you for money…‘

Gerald only knew about this now.

He thought, well, it seems that while I was away, Trevon… has led a varied life.

And Amiya is something indeed.

I thought she wanted some money after knowing that Trevon had become rich. It turns out that she had
wanted to go back and start over with him before this.

“Get her to sign the divorce agreement, and we’ll get out of here.” Trevon picked Liam up.

Then he got up, signed the divorce agreement, and tossed it to Amiya.

Amiya gritted her teeth and said, “No! I refuse to sign it. I won’t sign it unless I get the money.”

“Thwack!” Maurice slapped her again and said, “Amiya, if you insist on risking your own neck, at

least don’t drag me down with you!”

Amiya continued to grit her teeth, not willing to give in.

Obviously, though she was slapped by Maurice twice, she still wanted Trevon’s money.

“It’s fine if you don’t sign it,” Gerald said. “We’ll see you in court. It’ll be a great chance for others

to see how greedy and cheeky you are.”

Maurice’s expression changed slightly. He said, “Well…”

He thought, the man in front of me dares to put Gideon and Decker in the hospital. I don’t dare to

mess with him!

“Didn’t you hear that he told you to get lost?” Gerald asked.

Maurice did not dare to ask more. He pulled Amiya and nervously walked out the door.

Gerald looked at Amiya, finding that she was even more shameless than Mary and Irene.

Watching Maurice and Amiya leave, Gerald had an idea. He said to Trevon, “I’ll transfer the previous
villa to you later. It’ll be yours. Deal with it however you want. You can either live in it or sell it. Also, I
plan to transfer some of the company’s shares to you.

Amiya heard Gerald’s words, and her whole body trembled.

She thought, a villa? The company’s shares?

The man who is from the same village as me now earns 160 thousand dollars a year, and his boss is

even about to give him a villa and shares!

I’m utterly regretful.

We were so poor back then. I didn’t want to suffer, and I couldn’t stand the temptation, so I left my

husband and our kid.

And now it looks like my husband is going to be rich.

On the contrary, the man I ran away with abuses me frequently. He is nothing but a hooligan in Los


Comparing the two men, she had the urge to cry.

She wanted to turn around and say something, but Maurice dragged her towards the door. He did not
dare to stay any longer. He did not know whether Gerald would tell Gideon or not, and he didn’t

have the guts to ask Gerald.

When everyone walked out, Trevon closed the door. He breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Gerald,

and said, “Thank you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known what to do.”

Gerald smiled and said, “Pack up your things. Let’s go and get the transfer procedures done.”

“What?” Trevon was stunned. He said, “Transfer procedures? I thought you said that just to piss

Amiya off.”

“I did. But I mean it. I won’t go back to Los Angeles often from now on, and you won’t be seeing me
much. You don’t have to mind Glory World. After getting the shares, you’ll receive the annual dividends
in your account. May I offer a piece of advice? After you become rich, don’t mess around. Find a good
woman and start a family again. Of course, if you want to learn something, you can go and find Tyrone
Slater,” Gerald said.

“No… No way! I can’t accept this,” Trevon hurriedly said.

Gerald looked at Trevon and said, “Don’t turn me down. Trevon, you should know by now that I’m not
just some ordinary person. I can’t tell you the details. Anyway, I don’t have many friends, and Glory
World is nothing to me. A company worth 32 million dollars is not that big. I hope you, my friend, can
live happily without worrying about money. I may seldom go back to Los Angeles in the future. So, just
take it, OK?”

“You won’t be back often?” Trevon frowned deeply and said. “Where … will you be?”

“Washington for now. You can always reach me on Line,” Gerald said with a smile.

Trevon frowned and said, “I still… No. I can’t accept it. It doesn’t feel right.”

For Trevon, it was a rare opportunity to become rich overnight. However, he was just an honest
peasant. He was still the same man when he first met Tyrone Slater. After Tyrone Slater told him his
annual salary, he could barely stand steadily,

“You will get used to it. Enough said. Get your things and come with me to sign the transfer
agreement.” Gerald did not give Trevon enough time to react.

In the afternoon, after everything was done, Gerald and Trevon had dinner together. After that, he
parted with Trevon.

Once again, Gerald took a plane and went back to Washington.

Around ten o’clock in the evening, in a huge courtyard in Washington.

An old man with a pair of reading glasses was holding a medical book in his hand. He was lying on the
rocking chair, swaying and reading.

“Mr. Locke,” at this time, a person who looked like a nanny walked in and said. “Dr. Kempton has
woken up.”

The old man was Darrell Locke, a famous doctor in Washington.

Darrell’s expression changed slightly, and then he put away the book.

His hair was grey, but he looked vigorous.

Following the nanny, he walked into a room. Inside the room, Chad was lying on the bed with a lot of
bandages wrapping his body. His eyes were open, filled with huge resentment.

After being beaten by Gerald and Carolyn, he had been in a coma for three days.

“Mr. Locke! You have to make things right for me!” seeing Darrell walk in, Chad pleaded.

Darrell glanced at him indifferently and said, “I told you not to go to that underground casino.

Those behind that casino are not to be trifled with, and there are many people from the underworld.

You just wouldn’t listen.”

Darrell narrowed his eyes. “But … you are my disciple. Anyone who messes with you shall bear the
consequences. Do you know who attacked you?”

“His name is Gerald Kenneth,” Chad hurriedly said. “He has something to do with Abraham, from

the Lam family. I suspect that he is a Watchman.”

Darrell’s expression changed slightly. Then he said indifferently, “I will visit the Lam family now.”

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