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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 209

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Chapter 209 Two Calls

The next day was the weekend. Gerald did not need to go to the company. However, it would be
difficult for Dark Phantom and Blood Lotus to enter the Maddox family and kidnap Ingrid if Ingrid

didn’t come out.

After all, the Maddox family was also powerful, with many Watchmen guarding them.

Therefore, Gerald could have a peaceful rest on the weekend.

Gerald slept until around ten o’clock in the morning before he was kicked off the sofa by Valery.

“What are you doing?” Gerald got up from the ground and said.

“It’s already ten o’clock! And you’re still sleeping. Gerald, I find that you’ve been slacking off

lately,” Valery snorted and said. “You weren’t like this when you were a Watchman.”

“Hey, you don’t even know how miserable I was in the past three years,” Gerald said. “I had to get up
early and go to bed late almost every day. I worked hard on construction sites for those three years.
When I came home, I had to cook. So I have to take the time to make up for it now.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Go away. We want to watch TV,” Valery said.

Gerald touched his nose. He ran to wash up, then frowned and asked, “What are your arrangements


“No arrangements,” Valery said indifferently. “I used the Refreshing Treatment yesterday and needed to
spend some time recuperating. I’ve already told Troy that I won’t be on night duty for


Gerald nodded and said, “By the way, how long will Ingrid’s matter last?”

“Right now, we’re still tracking Saul’s whereabouts. If it goes well, this thing can basically be over.

It’s just that the problem with Dax is a little tricky right now,” Valery said.

Gerald sighed and said, “Alright then. You guys watch TV. I’ll go out.”

“Are you going to meet a girl?” Macy said with a smile.

“Macy, don’t talk nonsense. You all know that Dr. Manning is the only woman in my heart,” Gerald

hurriedly said.

Valery threw a pillow at Gerald and snorted, “Get lost!“.

Gerald smiled bitterly. He rubbed his nose and walked out of the door.

After walking out of the door, he took out his phone and called Leandro.

The call was quickly picked up. Leandro asked happily, “What’s wrong? Do you want to know about

the situation in Sacramento? Let me tell you, the Kenneth family is about to go bankrupt. Their

assets have been greatly reduced, and many people are grabbing their market. The Zumthor family
couldn’t withstand it and went bankrupt a few days ago. Henley and his mother have already fled


Gerald said, “It’s not that. I called you because I have something to tell you. The movie you invested in
before, which is Adriana’s movie.”

“I know. I followed your arrangements and asked them to arrange a second female lead for her. What’s
wrong? Has she slept with you? Do you want her to be the female lead?” Leandro asked.

“Fuck off!” Gerald didn’t know what to say. “No, there is a deputy director called Zane Dobson in their
crew. This guy wanted to rape Adriana yesterday. You should deal with him properly.”

“He actually dared to touch your woman. I will make him suffer,” Leandro sneered and said. “Don’t
worry. Just leave it to me.”

After hanging up the phone, Gerald called Kerr. Soon, the phone was connected. On the other side of
the line, Kerr picked up the phone and said, “Gerald, you actually call me!”

On the other side of the line, it was a little noisy.

“Boy, you are bold,” Gerald said. “Your grandfather just recovered yesterday, and you’re out

having fun today.”

Kerr quickly said, “No, I am discussing business with my friend. I am planning to invest in a


It would be strange if Gerald believed him. Gerald curled his lips and said, “Do you still remember

Cassidy Birrell?”

“Yes,” Kerr said. “What’s wrong?”

“She is now with a person called Cassius Tucker. I want to ban her. Can you do it?” Gerald asked.

“Ban her? Gerald, she is my ex–girlfriend,” Kerr said and scolded. “Damn it, she actually hooked up
with Cassius so quickly!”

Gerald asked, “Do you know Cassius?”

“Yes. In front of Washington Great Four, Cassius is a coward. In the words of Colby, Cassius was
beaten up by us since childhood,” Kerr said proudly.

“I don’t care about it, but I hope that Cassidy can completely disappear from the entertainment industry.
This kind of woman is so hypocritical,” Gerald said.

Kerr thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “Well, I will try my best. In the entertainment
industry, Washington Great Four have a lot of power.”

Kerr said, “However, you must not tell my sister and my grandfather about me coming out today.”

“Aren’t you talking about business?” Gerald touched his nose and said.

“Yes, I am talking about business!” Kerr smiled and said. “By the way, Gerald, it is said that there will be
big things in the underground casino at night. People from the underground world will go to practice
boxing. Do you want to come?”

It was not strange for these big shots in Washington to know about the underground world. In their
home, there were even many people from the underground world as bodyguards.

Gerald touched his nose and asked, “Boxing? The people from the underground world? Why?”

“It seems that other than the appearance fee, there is another award at night. It seems to be called
Dragon Bone!” Kerr said. “I don’t know the details.”

Gerald was stunned. “Bone? Are you sure?”

“When I went there yesterday, the staff there said so. No one knows what that bone is, but it is said that
it attracted two top boxers to participate in the competition,” Kerr said.

Gerald frowned.

This underground casino had a bone!

Gerald felt that this should not be as simple as just making a profit.

He pondered and asked, “Do you know who is behind this underground casino?”

“How could I know?” Kerr curled his lips and said. “My grandfather doesn’t even know. The owner

seems to be called Mr. Berkeley. He used to be a gangster. After he built this underground casino,

he never showed up.”

Mr. Berkeley?

In the underground world, there was no such person.

This underground casino was actually known by Watchmen. The person behind it was indeed very

mysterious and almost never showed up. Even Watchmen could not find out his background.

“All right, I’ll go with you tonight. You’ll have to come to pick me up,” Gerald said.

“Okay!” Kerr smiled and said. “Tonight, we will be Washington Great Five!”

Hearing this, Gerald felt a chill in his heart. He quickly hung up the phone, then took a cab and rushed
to the Lam family!

He planned to ask Abraham if there were any bones in the Lam family.

For Gerald, this was the most direct way for him to improve.

In a film studio in Washington.

There were a lot of sunshades in Adriana’s crew, and under the umbrella of the male lead and female
lead, there were many people waiting on them.

Since it was a big–budget production, the male lead and female lead were absolutely top actors,
including the second male lead, which was also very popular.

In comparison, Adriana, who had been silent for a few years, now appeared in this crew and acted as
the female lead, which surprised many people in the crew.

At the same time, there was no assistant besides Adriana. She was sitting on the side in a thick
costume, waiting for the shoot.

At this moment, a person wearing a director’s uniform came to Adriana’s side with a script. This person
was Zane.

Seeing him come closer, Adriana suddenly quivered slightly.

“Are you serious? Who do you think you are? Bitch. Stop pretending to be innocent!” Zane walked to
Adriana’s side and sneered.

Adriana’s expression changed slightly.

Zane continued, “Well, you don’t really want to sleep with me, do you? Do you think I’m old? It doesn’t
matter. Have you seen Dereon?”

Dereon Blaney was the male lead of this drama and the current top star.

“He asked you to study the script in his room tonight,” Zane said. “Of course, you don’t have to go, but
you have to bear the consequences. You know Dereon brought us the investment. He could easily find

another woman to replace you. You don’t have many scenes to shoot right now.”

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