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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 236

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Chapter 236 On One Condition

Koen saw Gerald looking at him.

He was on the verge of collapse.

Mark often came into contact with people from the underground world, so Landen and Alex naturally
had come into contact with the underground world.

In comparison, Koen was even more ignorant of the underground world.

He was nothing. In Sacramento, he relied on Darian’s status and acted as a playboy.

The scene that he had seen just now already made him suffer a nervous breakdown.

His grandfather, who was like a deity in his heart, was slapped to the ground by Gerald, unable to

move at all.

His grandfather was at the top level but was instantly trounced.

Looking at Gerald’s eyes and thinking of Gerald saying that he wanted to send Landen and Alex to Sin
City, Koen felt afraid. Judging from Mark’s words, Landen and Alex could not even survive

there, let alone him.

He tumbled to the ground. At the same time, the odor of urine filled the entire courtyard. He … was

scared to pee.

Yes, he was scared and peed.

“Ge… Gerald, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have made a move on you before. I shouldn’t have made

trouble for you before. Please, let me off. I don’t know anything.” Koen’s voice trembled as he

begged for mercy.

Darian also noticed Gerald’s gaze. He struggled to get up from the ground and knelt in front of

Gerald. He held his legs and said, “Gerald, don’t harm Koen. Please don’t harm him. He is the one left
to continue the Dobbin family’s line. The past….

Gerald waved his hand and said, “Thanks to your granddaughter, I won’t send him to Sin City, but…
he’ll be put into the Night Watch jail with you.”

Clare did not show too much hostility to Gerald. She even reminded Gerald at Derick’s banquet.

Gerald could let them go to return her favor. However, because of his special identity, if he let Darian
and Koen go, he would be in danger of being exposed. Therefore, no matter what, he had to lock them
up in Night Watch.

At this time, Leana, who was not far away, stopped. On the ground, Landen and Alex were directly
beaten unconscious by her, bare–handed.

Their faces were covered in blood.

Leana was expressionless. After she stopped, she wiped the blood off her fists.


Suddenly, the door was kicked open. Then, a burly man with a beard and two knives on his back ran

in with a group of people.

This man was nearly 6.2 feet tall and looked to be in his forties.

His face seemed to have been injured. His eyes were bruised, and his face was livid.

“Fuck! You are good for nothing!” After he came in, he rushed in front of Mark and kicked him. He
scolded, “Fuck, you set up a trap in advance but didn’t kill this brat. You are really useless!”

Gerald narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Seems that you were beaten by Ingrid. Look at how

you’re resentful!”

Yes, the man who came was Troy.

He was Watchman No. 4 currently.

Troy sneered and glanced at Gerald. He curled his lips and said, “Damn, your life is really fucking long.
Three years ago, you disappeared. Many people thought that you died, and I even celebrated

for a long time. But you didn’t. Damn you! These idiots are getting more and more useless!”

“But Terry died!” Gerald murmured.

Troy was stunned. Then he walked to Gerald and said, “Take me with you when you want to take
revenge on Dempsey!”

Although the two teams were constantly competing against each other, including Troy and Terry, who
often fought with each other, the two shared a similar taste and had always been friends.

“How do we deal with these idiots?” Troy asked.

“These three guys, and the one who peed over there, send them all back to Night Watch and lock them
up.” Gerald said, “Bring the others back as well. As for those two…‘

He pointed at Landen and Alex and said, “Send them to Sin City!”

“Really?” Troy said in surprise, “So ruthless?”

Mark hurriedly said, “Gerald, don’t be like this. Please let them live. If they did anything wrong before, I
am sorry. I will give you everything I have. Everything!”

Gerald didn’t want to pay attention to him.

In this world, one had to pay the price for everything.

Gerald’s task was to be responsible for Ingrid’s safety and for hunting down Saul. He had nothing to do
with these people.

However, they provoked him and set him up.

Gerald looked at Leana and said, “Girl, let me send you back!”

Leana blushed slightly when she heard Gerald’s words. She went to look around and found two knives.
Then, she held them in her arms.

Gerald also picked up Void–breaking and Nameless.

“Watchman No. o!” At this time, Troy leaned his head over and said, “Your main task now is also to be
performed in the city. It is not so dangerous. These two fine knives are useless to you. Why don’t you
lend them to me first? Good knives need to be appropriately used.”

“Dream on!” Gerald curled his lips and said.

“You’re so mean!” Troy sneered, “Brat, just you wait. Sooner or later, I will beat you and Carolyn.”

Gerald curled his lips.

Troy had said such harsh words too many times, but he was beaten up every time, so Gerald was

used to it.

He ignored it directly. He took Leana and bypassed the two. After putting his knives and Leana’s knife
in the back seat, he started the car and rushed to Washington with Leana.

“It’s fine now. Don’t think too much about it,” Gerald said with a smile.

Leana sighed and said, “Thank you!”

“It’s nothing.” Gerald waved his hand and said, “By the way, don’t reveal any information about me,
including your grandfather!”

Leana nodded. “I know. I understand the rules of Night Watch. But… on one condition!”

“Condition?” Gerald raised his eyebrows and asked, “Girl, have you thought it through? I just risked my
life to save you, but you are bargaining with me!”

Leana gritted her teeth and said, “Yes, I have to!”

“What is it? If you want me to marry you or offer my body to you or something, I will be very happy,”
Gerald coughed and said.

Leana pursed her lips and said, “As long as you promise me, you can do whatever you want to me at
night. I cannot go home and be with you.”

When she said this, her face flushed, but she was quite calm.

“Oh my!” Gerald couldn’t take it anymore.

Leana was simply a standard model. No, even a model could not rival her. Her height and figure were
close to perfection.

“Take me to Night Watch.” Leana looked at Gerald and said seriously, “As long as you promise me, you
can do anything to me. If you don’t agree, I will not help you keep the secret. I will investigate the
people you know and tell them all your secrets!”

Hearing this, Gerald frowned hard and said, “If you want to enter Night Watch, go find someone


“I can’t find any other Watchmen. My grandfather won’t allow it! He used to be a Watchman.” Leana
said, “Moreover, with my strength and my level, I’m more than qualified to be part of it.”

Obviously, Leana herself was not clear about the fact that Derick was the person in charge of the

Dark Net.

“I can’t promise you!” Gerald said.

“Then I will expose you!” Leana pouted, looked at Gerald, and said seriously.

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