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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 244

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Chapter 244 Everything Is About to Start

After Saul said something to Flory, he walked to the back!

Dax was standing there. He was still holding a deck of poker cards in his hand. It was just that he was
holding them with his right hand alone. His fingers quickly flipped the poker cards. He seemed rather
good at playing cards, even with only one hand.

His left hand was holding a cigarette. He was standing on the highway, next to a field.

Saul walked to his side and smiled at him. “Dax, watch carefully later. This time, I will help you get
Ingrid. By that time, Harland will definitely come to us.”

Dax took a puff of smoke and glanced at him indifferently. “I hope that it is as you think. Be careful not
to get yourself killed!”

“Humph. Impossible!” Saul said with a smile. “If it was Night Watch, I have enough confidence.
Moreover, you are here. Although you will only work with me after we get the bones, I believe that

will still take action at the critical moment.”


Dax did not say anything. He just stood there with a cigarette lit!

Saul smiled and said, “Then I’ll go keep an eye on the situation first.”

At the same time, he pressed the earpieces on his ear and said, “This road is the only way for them to
pass through. Remember the license plate number and report immediately when you see them!”

“Got it!”

Time passed. Gerald was driving slowly on the road. Behind him, Leana and Ingrid were talking

with each other.

Gerald felt it hard to join in their talk.

They were talking about things like cosmetics. Gerald didn’t know anything about that.

It was sparsely populated from Harmony Restaurant to Washington. Gerald pondered that if those

people wanted to make a move, there was a high probability that they would choose this position.

As Gerald drove, he said, “Fasten your seat belt!”

Leana and Ingrid were stunned. Leana curled her lips and said, “We are sitting in the back row. Why
should we fasten our seat belts?”

Gerald’s expression changed and he said faintly, “There might be danger later.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Leana and Ingrid frowned. Ingrid asked, “What do you mean?

What’s the danger?”

“From the moment you left the company, a car followed us all the way to Harmony Restaurant,‘

Gerald said lightly.

“What?” Ingrid’s face turned pale with fright and asked, “What… What is going on?”

Ingrid sucked in a breath and looked at Leana. “Leana, there is something that I have never told you. I
… have become the target of Blood Lotus and Dark Phantom.”

“They want to assassinate you?” Leana asked.

“No, it seems that they want to kidnap m,” Leana said helplessly.

“So they will make a move?” Leana looked at Gerald and frowned. “Since you caught notice of it when
you came out, why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“I hate them hiding all the time. So I deliberately pretended that I didn’t find out and wanted to solve this
problem in one go,” Gerald said indifferently.

“So… you are on a mission as you stay with Ingrid? You are in charge of protecting her?” Leana

changed the topic.

“You can say that. Cut the crap. Hurry up and fasten your seat belt. Who knows what they will do?
Maybe a big car will crash over,” Gerald said with a grin.

Leana and Ingrid’s expressions changed quickly.

As Leana fastened her seat belt, she gritted her teeth and said, “Gerald… This is too risky. What if

they have many people ambushing us? How can we guarantee Ingrid’s safety? And even if you are a
super expert, if they have a lot of people, you still can’t guarantee it!”

“I have my plans. This time, I want to completely solve this matter. If I don’t make them suffer this

time, they will continue to harass Ingrid,” Gerald said calmly.

Behind him, Ingrid was in huge surprise.

She had just fastened her seat belt when she heard the conversation between Leana and Gerald. She
looked at Gerald in shock and said, “Super… Super? You are a super expert…?”

She had always thought that Gerald was only at the top level. And even so, she was already a fan of


But now, Leana suddenly told her that Gerald was actually at the super level, which was a little over her

Thinking of what Gerald had told her before, that Gerald was Watchman No. 0, Ingrid was stunned at
the moment!

He is a super expert! Such a young super expert! How can it be?

“You take good care of Ingrid. Leave the rest to me,” Gerald said calmly. At the same time, the car was
slowly moving forward.

Valery and Carolyn followed behind them closely, maintaining a distance of about 650 feet.

Soon, Gerald saw a three–way intersection ahead. His expression changed slightly and he slowly
drove towards the three–way intersection.

At the same time, Saul saw Gerald’s car at the three–way intersection. He let out a breath and said,


The next minute, the huge truck full of goods rushed out from the three–way intersection and went
straight to the main road.

Gerald’s car had reached the three–way intersection. When he saw the truck, he was prepared. He
suddenly turned the steering wheel and stepped on the brake. At this moment, Gerald’s car suddenly
turned 90 degrees and the front of it was right aiming at the three–way intersection.

The truck went straight towards them.



Gerald didn’t stop. At full speed, he directly turned to the road opposite him!

Fortunately, the cars on the opposite road saw their car and they braked quickly. So it didn’t cause

any car accidents!

Saul’s expression suddenly changed. “Huh? He actually reacted.”

However, he did not hesitate and shouted in a low voice, “Attack!”


At the same time, more than a dozen people, who were all top experts, headed straight to Gerald’s

car from both sides!

They were extremely fast.

In the back row, because of the sudden braking and turning, the two girls failed to be rightly seated. But
at this time, Gerald licked his lips and said, “Hold on tight!”

In the next instant, he stepped on the accelerator!

Leana’s car was naturally a very good luxury car. Its starting speed was quite fast. As Gerald stepped
on the accelerator, the car instantly started and drove along one road!

The people who rushed over failed to catch them.

“Not bad!” Saul licked his lips and shouted, “Chase!”

The car was driving fast, but the people who attacked were all top–level assassins. They were all very

They quickly chased after the car!

Seeing the dozen or so people getting closer and closer through the rearview mirror, Gerald grinned.

At the same time, his eyes suddenly narrowed slightly as he saw a person standing on one side of

the road.

That person was wearing very ordinary clothes, holding a deck of cards in his hand and a cigarette

in his mouth!

When Gerald looked at him, that man seemed to be sizing Gerald up as well.

“Dax?” Gerald’s heart skipped a beat.

For a moment, Gerald even had the idea of stopping the car.

He saw Dax!

Most of Watchmen had read Dax’s photos. They knew how Dax looked. To them, Dax’s face was even
more impressive than Gerald’s!

Gerald was Watchman No. 0. But to keep it a secret, only those who knew Gerald knew his
appearance. The photos would not be randomly spread!

While Dax was different!

He was currently ranked first on the killer list. His code name was the Hermit. He was from Night
Watch, but also a traitor to Night Watch. Almost every Watchman kept his face deep in their minds!

Every Watchman No. O had the same mission, which was to kill Dax!

Supposed that Gerald fought against Dax in this place, many people would notice. If it wasn’t for that,
Gerald would have stepped on the brakes and fought Dax to death!

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