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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 247

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Chapter 247 One Against Two


The sound of Nameless being unsheathed was crisp and clear. Under the sun, its blade reflected a
dazzling luster.

Gerald activated the Vital Energy in his left hand to control Void–breaking and held Nameless in his
right hand. He headed straight for Dax.

Dual Blades Strike!

It was Gerald’s signature move. His long saber was responsible for the major attack, and the short
saber, controlled by his Vital Energy, kept disturbing the enemy like a ghost. This was a strategy that
Gerald had invented when he still stayed in Night Watch.

Even so, when he was on a mission, Gerald did not have many opportunities to use the move. Most of
the missions could even be finished without using Nameless.

Dax said indifferently, “Go and deal with the other two.”

As he said this, he put on a wretched smile. “Capture them alive. Anyway, they are two beauties.”

Saul’s expression changed slightly. Looking at Valery’s perfect figure, he licked his lips and said, “Dr.
Manning is a dream lover in the heart of countless Watchmen. If I can own her, then…”

Saul was shocked when he saw Gerald jump up high. With Nameless in his right hand, he chopped it
down ruthlessly toward Dax.


A buzzing sound, mixed with a wave of air, spread out with Gerald as the center.

“Damn it! He is really at the super level! He is still so young!” Saul was surprised.

There was a huge gap between the top level and the super level. Saul had been stuck in it for half of

his life,

while Gerald had actually stepped into the realm Saul dreamed of at such a young age. Saul

was indeed shocked.

Saul did not dare to interfere in battle at the super level. He left immediately, wanting to go to

Carolyn and Valery.


A similarly terrifying aura burst out from Dax’s body. Seeing Gerald landing from the sky, he grinned
and said, “You are indeed talented, but there is still a gap between you and me: You are still

too young.‘

Dax raised the saber in his hand, and with a surge of Vital Energy, it fiercely collided with Nameless

in Gerald’s hand.

super level

The sound of collision resounded. Almost no one present had seen the attack at the

before. At that moment, because of its lingering impact, everyone, including Carolyn, was forced to

take a step back.

Not far away, Leana and Ingrid’s eyes were wide open.

Especially Ingrid. Gerald usually looked like a loser and was not particular in his clothes. He did not

do many things and seemed to be an idle good–for–nothing. However, he was now like a god of war!

Night Watchman No. 0 was indeed the god of war of the Night Watch!

Facing Gerald, Dax, who was originally confident, suddenly changed his face. He felt a huge force

coming from his Soft Glow, and the road under his feet trembled instantly.


Gerald roared.


Dax’s right knee suddenly bent, and then he knelt on the ground with a bang.

The road even cracked a little as if it was unable to withstand the huge force.

“How is this possible?” Dax was shocked.

He felt that Gerald’s power was even stronger than his own.

“Have you absorbed the Dragon Bone?” He looked at Gerald in shock.

Gerald’s brows were slightly furrowed, and his eyes flashed with excitement.

Three years ago, he was defeated, and Terry lost his life. Today’s battle, because of Dax’s participation,
was even more powerful than the battle three years ago.

However, Gerald had also changed. He had absorbed four Dragon Bones, including one from the Lam
family which was the size of a palm. After that, he was even stronger than three years ago.

He did not know his limit. From the previous attack, he could feel that… he was at least stronger

than Dax.

A cold smile appeared on his face as he said, “Rank seventh on the Sun List… Why are you so weak?”

Gerald looked at Saul who was charging toward Carolyn and sneered. “Get over here.”

Void–breaking flipped and went straight to Saul’s back. Gerald forced Saul into the battle between

him and Dax.

One against two. In the face of the seventh strongest warrior on the Sun List and the top on the Moon
List, Gerald had no fear at all.

Without Saul’s threat, Carolyn and Valery built up an impregnable advantage.

Carolyn was strong. As Watchman No. 2, she was very close to being at the super level. Perhaps she
was a little inferior to Saul, who had been at the top level for a long time. However, when she was
facing other top–level warriors, her advantage was quite obvious.

As for Valery, she might not be good at fighting, but… she was even better at assassination than an


Although her ability to launch or resist a frontal attack was just–so–so, the scalpel hidden in her hand
was like a fatal weapon.

The top–level warriors, nearly 20 in total, fell one after another as time passed.

And in the key battlefield, Gerald was one against two, completely suppressing Dax and Saul.




On the ground, the sand and stone were sent flying.

Saul felt bitter. He was very close to the super level, yet he could not bear the fighting between Gerald
and Dax. He could not even bear Gerald’s casual attack on him.

Today, the Dark Phantom will be destroyed, and Dax will die! Gerald shouted in his heart, his eyes

full of killing intent.

Terry, I will kill the former enemy and avenge you today! Gerald waved his saber and muttered in

his heart.

Three years ago, Saul was also the main force in that battle.

Saul and Dax felt their scalps go numb.

Gerald thought that Dax’s appearance had broken the balance.

Now, Gerald’s terrifying strength after absorbing the four Dragon Bones had also broken the peace.

In Dax’s opinion, Gerald was probably able to rank in the top five on the Sun List.

No. If this goes on, even if I manage to withstand his attacks, I’ll surely die when the Night Watch
arrives. Dax was greatly shocked in his heart.

Valery and Carolyn arrived a bit later. He knew that the reinforcements from the Night Watch were

definitely on their way.

Now, under Gerald’s pressure, Dax felt that he would lose.

Therefore, he chose to escape immediately.


Dax slashed with his saber and kept more distance from Gerald. He came to Saul’s side and growled,
“Do your best to attack together. Otherwise, we will all die here.”

Saul gritted his teeth.

Just like Dax, he was thinking about how to escape, not how to take Ingrid away.

“OK,” Saul said through gritted teeth. He held two daggers in both hands and rushed toward Gerald.

However, he suddenly trembled because he found that Dax did not follow him. The moment Saul
charged forward, Dax retreated and ran into the nearby forest.

“Dax, you bastard!” Saul cursed. He wanted to run away immediately.

But it was too late. Gerald had already arrived in front of him.

That sentence was Saul’s last words.




Saul tried his best to fight with Gerald several times in a row. However, the gap between the super level
and top level was insurmountable like a chasm. After several attacks, Saul spurted blood.

And his counterattack was only to buy more time for Dax to escape.


Saul could no longer resist and was kicked out by Gerald. He crashed into a stone and fell down.

“It is your honor to die under Nameless.” Gerald did not hesitate. With the long saber, Saul’s body and
head were separated.

The head of the underground world and the underground assassin organization, Dark Phantom,


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