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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 255

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Chapter 255 Franklin’s Choice

The gray photo was placed on the table. Gerald walked over to it and gently stroked the face on the

After saying what he had to say, Gerald smiled and turned his head. He glanced at Carolyn and said,
“Carolyn, this is just the beginning, not the end. Now that this matter is over, we can think about how to
deal with Perrin carefully.‘

Yes, now that the mission was over, Gerald also planned to think about how to solve the matter of the
Dempsey family.

Firstly, he had to build up his own forces!

Of course, with the connections he had accumulated in the previous year in the underground world,
Gerald still had some people who were willing to believe him. However, Gerald did not know how many
people were willing to take action against Perrin. He was among the first generation of the Watchmen,
and also the one who had won the Medal of Star Glory.

The most important thing was that Gerald had to become very strong.

Perrin was ranked third on the Sun List.

He was an extremely terrifying existence.

Gerald was able to defeat the person ranked seventh on the Sun List. However, he estimated that there
was still a gap between him and Perrin. Therefore, in the coming period of time, when there were no
missions, he still had to think of a way to find more Dragon Bones.

At the same time, if the Night Watch continued to assign him missions, he wanted to refuse for the

time being.

Valery nodded. Sensing the somewhat sad atmosphere, she flashed a smile on her usually cold face
and said, “You don’t have to be so sad. Terry is an optimistic person. He doesn’t want us to be too sad
for him. What’s more, there is something I disagree with what you said!”

She looked at Carolyn and said, “Just now, Carolyn said that Terry was the one who ate the most on
the team. I disagree. The one who eats the most in the team, no, among all the people in Night

Watch, is you, Carolyn!”

When Carolyn heard this, she showed a hint of embarrassment. Then she said, “Hmph, no matter how
much I eat, I don’t gain any weight!”

With the banter, the atmosphere instantly became light.

Valery let out a breath and said, “The matters in Washington can be considered to have come to an
end. Just now, the mercenary captain also told us that he will go back in a few days.”

Gerald’s expression changed slightly. “Are you saying that he came to Washington for the matter of

“No.” Valery shook his head and said, “I don’t know what he came to Washington for. I think maybe he
himself isn’t very clear about it either. Maybe Zackary will take him to look around. As for the specific
things, only Zackary knows.”

Gerald pondered for a moment and then said, “Then when are you going to leave?”

Valery glanced at Gerald, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. She said, “What? Are you
so eager to see me leave, so you can stay out all night with those pretty girls?”

“Well, you’re thinking too much!” Gerald said.

“Do you think I don’t know what you have in your mind?” Valery chuckled.

“I really didn’t think like that. You’ve wronged me too much. I’m a one–woman man,” Gerald hurriedly

Valery chuckled. Then, she muttered to herself, “In short, no matter what, you should consider what
you should do during this period of time. I will tell Night Watch not to assign you any missions for the
time being. Then, when you go to Europe, remember to tell me.”

Gerald looked at her, then nodded and said, “Thank you!”

Valery did not respond.

They talked about the situation while having dinner.

This day was destined to be extraordinary.

At this time, at the airport in Washington, Dax was standing in the toilet of the waiting room. He

had a blue tooth headset on his ear.

“Yes, he has reached the super level!” He calmly said, “Moreover, he has already absorbed the bones.
He is stronger than me. I estimate that he should be ranked fifth on the Sun List. Your choice is right,
but… he definitely won’t cooperate with us!”

“Do you think he won’t cooperate with us?” On the other side of the line, the voice sounded like it had
been processed with a voice changer. He revealed a smile and said, “Natural selection is the law

of nature. He will face despair and then turn to us.‘

“But it is hard to say. He seems to have faith in Night Watch,” Dax said with a frown.

“Did you say faith?” The mechanized voice sneered, “People who stand at the top of the world

usually only believe in themselves.”

“What about Franklin? Do I still need to continue to cooperate with them?” Dax asked again.

“Why not? Franklin has countless bones in his hands, but because of Gerald, he doesn’t dare to come
out. If you are willing to contact him, get some bones, and absorb them, you may be able to be one of
the top five on the Sun List before the war breaks out. At that time, maybe you can do something you
want to do,” the mechanized voice said.

.Dax was silent. He then exhaled and said, “I plan to leave Washington!”

“Just leave! You are alone in Washington. There is not much you can do. This mission still ended in
failure. After all, the opponent is a Watchman.” The voice in the headset continued to say, “Forget it,
let’s talk about it when you come back. I am going to sleep first. I am a little tired!”

After that, the man hung up the phone!

Dax pondered. He swiped on the phone. Soon he found a phone number and dialed it.

After a while, the phone was connected. Dax calmly said, “Franklin, the mission in Washington has
failed. Dark Phantom is almost uprooted. Saul is dead. All of your top–level killers and the top–level

killers of Dark Phantom are dead!”

“Gerald did it, right?” On the other side of the line, Franklin gritted his teeth and said, “He must be the
one who has done it, right?”

“Don’t be agitated.” Dax calmly said, “Think about how many people you still have in Blood Lotus. If I
remember correctly, in Los Angeles, you lost more than 20 men. This time, you lost more than ten top–
level killers. How much do you still have in Blood Lotus?”

“So did you call me to mock me?” Franklin asked in an unfriendly tone.

“No, what I mean is that Gerald wants to kill you. You don’t even dare to appear now. The only person
you can rely on is me. I am at the super level!” Dax said.

“What exactly do you mean?” Franklin said in a heavy tone.

“I know, all these years, your Blood Lotus must have collected a lot of bones. Give me the bones I

need and I will be responsible for your safety,” Dax said.


At this time, Franklin directly hung up his phone!

Dax frowned and said, “Ha, it seems that this Blood Lotus still has some trump cards. Or are the bones
their lifeblood?”

He exhaled and walked out of the toilet. Then he walked to the boarding gate and boarded the plane.

At the same time, in a secret airport in the country, a plane was parked there.

Erik, Audrey, Jacob, and Hazel were moving closer to the plane.

“How much do you know about Sin City? Don’t lie to us.” Audrey looked at Erik and asked.

“Don’t worry. I am at the top level. When you get there, just follow me and enjoy a good life.” Erik patted
his chest and then looked at Jacob and Audrey with disdain. He said, “Hey, you two are still too weak!”

“Watch your manners!” Jacob glared at him.

As they spoke, they walked up the plane.

Chapter 255 Franklin’s Choice

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