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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 283

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Chapter 283 Gerald Goes Alone

Gerald never thought that he would one day be trapped by a girl for sex.

What was more important was that after that, she even came to comfort him and asked him not to be
under great pressure because they had sex.

He never thought that Leana would be so wild.

In his impression, Leana was a little arrogant and very childish!

However, it was normal. She was a martial arts genius and came from a famous family. Derick had a

high status in Washington.

So, it was normal for her to do whatever she wanted.

Gerald shook his head and checked the time. He felt that it was not the time to think the matter over.

Tonight, he had to go to the banquet, although it might be a trap.

He got up and went to the toilet. After the simple cleaning work, he dressed up and took the key

After taking some bites downstairs, Gerald returned to his room and took out the bone that he got from
the Frey family. Then, he sat cross-legged and held the bone in his hand.

Gerald took a simple move.

At that moment, the wind blew in the room. Gerald got power from the bone.

The Vital Energy began to run fast in his body at that moment. When the Vital Energy in his body
calmed down, Gerald slowly opened his eyes.

Gerald took out his phone and checked the time. It was only about four in the afternoon.

He had an arrangement with Dylan at night. Gerald was to go to the well-known Saint Manor to wander

Dylan decided to meet Gerald there. Gerald knew that Dylan would no doubt attack him.

Gerald did not know the reason why. It might be just because Gerald had made the Thornton family
lose dignity. And Dylan was going to fight a Watchman of the super level to the death. If it was true,
Dylan, as a member of the Thornton family, would be indeed a little overbearing.

However, it also made sense.

Gerald picked up the two knives, Void-breaking and Nameless, in the corner and wrapped them
completely with cloth. Then he walked out of the room and drove to Saint Manor.

There was no other way. The two knives were too easy to be recognized. They could be figured out at

a glance because of their remarkable handles.

After that, Gerald went to the garage and hurried to drive to Saint Manor.

Just as he set off, he received a video call. Gerald checked it and found that it was from Red Rose.

It had been a while since he took the initiative to contact Red Rose. Could it be that Red Rose had

news of Franklin?

Gerald picked up the video call. On the phone, Red Rose in a red dress was lying on the bed. Gerald
could see her sexy bodyline easily.

Her fair and jade-like legs were slightly raised. And she put on a charming smile. She kidded, “Gerald,
how long has it been since you contacted me last time? I missed you so much.”

Gerald suddenly thought of what happened last night and got a faster heartbeat. Then he quickly came
to his senses and asked, “Don’t be kidding. Are you still in Sacramento?”.

“Yes, I am still in Sacramento,” Red Rose answered. “I’ve been so bored recently. I have been so

into you, so I can’t hook up with other men.’

Gerald kept silent.

He then coughed to cover his feelings and asked, “So did you call just to kid on me?”

“No,” Red Rose smiled and replied, “Franklin contacted me.”

Gerald’s expression changed. He continued to ask, “Did Franklin contact you? Where is he now?”

“I don’t know where he is now, but he asked me to find a way to contact the former members of

Blood Lotus!” Red Rose said. “They used to belong to Blood Lotus. After they became older, they

chose to quit. There are probably about a dozen people who have returned to normal life in the


Gerald’s expression slightly changed.

Blood Lotus was the same as Night Watch. They had existed for a long time.

As for Dylan, he was most likely among the former members.


“It should be because Blood Lotus has suffered heavy losses recently. A large number of masters have
died, especially those at the top level. Franklin can’t hold on for long,” Red Rose smiled.

“What is Franklin’s next step? Where should they head for?” Gerald asked.

“Franklin said he would contact me again in a month,” Red Rose replied happily.

“Okay, then keep an eye on it. If Franklin exposes where he is, contact me immediately,” Gerald said.

“Okay!” Red Rose licked her lips and said, “Gerald, since I want to find you as soon as possible, I think
I’d better come by your side. If so, I can tell you any news the first time. Let me come to Washington to
find you. We can also spend sweet times every night. How boring it is for you to be alone in

Gerald was shocked and cursed at Red Rose secretly. She was indeed too terrifying.

He quickly hung up the phone. He then drove the car and stopped it nearby Saint Manor. Gerald chose
to walk toward Saint Manor.

Saint Manor, to put it bluntly, was a resort. However, as a resort set up by the Thornton family, it was
quite huge. It included a horse ranch, and a golf course, among other things.

It was such a large place!

Gerald arrived nearby and took out a telescope to look around.

The entire resort was very quiet at that moment. He did not even see many visitors. The resort seemed
not to be open today. The visitors who came often seemed to have been driven out.

Moreover, it was remote here. Even a fierce fight between Watchmen of the super level would not draw
too many people’s attention.

“It seems that Dylan wants to bury me here.” Gerald licked his lips.

After confirming it, Gerald no longer felt worried. He did not think that Dylan was able to kill him.

Dylan might have been at the super level for some time, but he was at an older age. So, his power

would decline. He was not Blaine.

As for Gerald, he had the power to win Dax, who was ranked seventh on the Sun List. Now that he got
power from the bone, he had improved a little. Gerald estimated that it would not be a big deal to fight
against Dylan.

In Dylan’s eyes, although Gerald had reached the super level, he was still young after all. Dylan
estimated that Gerald had just entered the level.

Therefore, Gerald did not think too much about it. Dylan wanted to kill him. Gerald had the same

idea. If he could kill Dylan, it meant that Gerald could get another five bones.

Dylan might attack Gerald as a member of Blood Lotus. Or he might attack Gerald by himself. Either
way, Gerald had enough reasons to kill Dylan.

Sitting in the car, Gerald took a deep breath. He took out his phone and watched it for a while. It was
about 6:30 p.m. He drove to the gate and stopped. He opened the car door and checked the situation

Two people were standing at the door. They were dressed in suits and wore sunglasses with their

hands behind their backs. They both put on poker faces!

Gerald smiled slightly. Then, he took out the Void-breaking and Nameless that were wrapped in cloth
from the backbeats. He held them in his hands and walked towards the gate.

Just as he reached the gate, one of them smiled at Gerald and said, “Mr. Kenneth, this way, please!”

Gerald did not hesitate and followed him into Saint Manor.


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