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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 285

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Chapter 285 The Uneasy Valery

Gerald had an idea after hearing Dylan’s words.

Gerald thought, I don’t know that much about things after reaching the super level. Only Blaine and
Zackary mentioned something relevant to me before.

However, I do know one thing. In the entire world, regardless of those who are on the Sun List, only
less than thirty people are super experts. Also, each of them might absorb different bones.

Therefore, I do not know what it means when saying absorbing Dragon Bones.

Judging from Dylan’s words, it’s not common for someone to absorb Dragon Bones.

“Well, well. You really are a brat who has just become a super expert,” Dylan smiled confidently. “I

will let you die without doubt.

“If I’m right, your Master is Marc Crichton, right?” Dylan said indifferently. “A toad that likes to

stay in prison.”

Gerald’s expression changed imperceptibly. In fact, he had never heard of Marc.

It was clear that Derick’s words had misled Dylan. And this man named Marc was the old friend

Derick had mentioned, the psycho who liked to stay in prison.

Because of Derick’s misleading words, they thought that Gerald was Marc’s disciple.

“My guess is you got out of prison before you got to the super level, and then, by chance, you found
yourself being able to absorb the Dragon Bone,” Dylan continued to speak indifferently. “That’s why you

have no idea. Few people can absorb Dragon Bones. They are rarely seen.”

“So?” Gerald asked with a smile.

Dylan smiled and said, “So, it’s very simple. I want your constitution. There’s a connection between
absorbing Dragon Bones and blood, so I’m going to need to swap blood with you. After that, since
you’re a super expert who is so young, and your blood contains enough life force, it will be more than
enough for me to live a little longer. If then I go and find some more pieces of Dragon Bones to

absorb, maybe I can live even longer. In the end, I might surpass Blaine and become an invincible

existence in the world.”

Gerald said, “Well, that is something I didn’t expect. I have no idea that there’s such a thing as
swapping blood.”

In modern medicine, it was relatively simple to inject blood into one’s body.

Seeing how calm Gerald was, Dylan sighed and said, “You are indeed young and frivolous. You’re still
acting like you’re the best in the world even now. I admit that you are talented. After all, you can reach
the super level from the initial stage in just nine years. I’ve never met someone else who

could do that. However, that’s it. Without being fulfilled, talents are nothing but empty talk.

“Kneel and apologize to Jared. Then I’ll let you die without suffering,” Dylan calmly said. “By the way, I
forgot to introduce you. This old man, Gordon Holland, I wonder if Marc mentioned him to you before.
He is also a super expert.”

Hearing Dylan’s words, Gerald pulled a long face subtly. He figured it right. Indeed, there were two

people who were super experts.

Such a lineup was indeed quite luxurious.


Dylan clapped his hands. There was a sound of footsteps all around. All the people whom Gerald had

met in the mansion had now gathered around the building.

“Two super experts can be regarded as the same as thirty on the top level,” Dylan looked at Gerald and
said. “Even if the invincible Blaine came, he might not be able to get out. Tell me. What do you

have to negotiate with us?”


Gerald let out a long breath. Then he raised his head and looked at Dylan. “Don’t you ever wonder why
I dare to come here when you have chosen such a remote place, and I know you are hostile to


Dylan’s expression changed slightly when he heard Gerald’s words.

“Relax. I came here alone,” Gerald sneered. “Old guys like you don’t have much time left, yet

you’re getting gutless.”

“Humph! You are so arrogant!” Jared suddenly stood up. He said, “Dad, don’t waste time on him. Let’s
just kill him. His words piss me off.”

Dylan looked at Gerald.

Gerald grinned and said, “Because, unfortunately, I also received a request from someone who

asked me to take your life.”

“Do you think you stand a chance against so many of us?” Dylan looked at Gerald with disdain.

Dylan thought, he is way too confident.

“How am I supposed to find out till I try?” Gerald said with a smile.


The moment Gerald finished speaking, the eyes of Gordon, who had been lowering his head and silent,
suddenly flickered. He slapped the table, which cracked in an instant.

By this time, he did not want to waste any more time with Gerald anymore. He chose to make a


The saying was correct. Tough guys seldom talked.

A surge of Vital Energy rushed straight at Gerald. He grabbed the two knives on the table and took a
step back. At the same time, he pulled the two pieces of cloth wrapped around the knives with one
hand. Void-breaking and Nameless whirled in the air, and Gerald held the handles.


The two knives sprang from their sheaths instantly.

Gerald licked his lips, figuring that it was just the perfect time to use Gordon and Dylan to test his



The moment Gordon made a move, Dylan did the same. He suddenly pulled out the cane in his hand,

and a slender long sword was pulled out from it. He held the sword with one hand and rushed

straight at Gerald.




In just a second, the sound of weapons being drawn rang out in the entire room. At the same time,
dozens of Vital Energy burst out, completely enveloping Gerald.

Gerald’s heart sank slightly.

He wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure at all.

He thought, Dylan and Gordon’s aura is even comparable with that of Dax’s.

Neither Dylan nor Gordon are on the Sun List. However, they are so powerful.

More than six hundred miles away from Washington, in the countryside of a county, a few people

were tied up and sent into an SUV.

At the same time, a man who was not tall and dark-skinned cursed as he walked toward the SUV and

said, “Fuck! I thought it was going to be a big deal this time. What a waste of time! So boring!”

Valery was beside him. Suddenly, she raised her head. There was a plane in the sky.

“Dr. Manning, what’s wrong?” Triston asked.

“I feel… uneasy. Something isn’t right,” Valery said.

“Do you

think we can get something big here? It doesn’t make sense,” said Triston, frowning.

“No,” Valery pursed her lips and said. She started to become anxious.

Macy was beside Valery and said, “Dr. Manning, don’t think too much about it. There is no one here

for the time being. Besides, Triston is here. Even if there are some elites left, it won’t be a problem.”

The more they comforted her, the more Valery felt uneasy.

She only felt uneasiness once in her life. It was three years ago. In the battle, Terry died, and Gerald

and Carolyn went missing.

She felt the same uneasiness today. What was more, the feeling was more intense.

“No. Triston, send me to the airport now,” Valery gritted her teeth and said. “Macy, book a ticket to
Washington for me. I feel that something might have happened to Gerald.”

Meanwhile, in a building in Sin City, Carolyn was sitting on a chair. There was a frown on her pretty
face, and she tapped the table gently with her fingers.


Suddenly, there was a sound of opening the door.

The man with the cap came through the door. Seeing him come in, Carolyn quickly stood up and
asked, “Yeah?”

“We’ve got no news from them. They are missing,” the man said. “The last place they went to was

the hotel, but the hotel had been abandoned before, and now the people inside had disappeared. We

don’t know which side they were on.”

Carolyn stood up abruptly and was about to go outside.

“Where are you going?” the man with the cap

asked quickly.

“Nothing can happen to them.” Carolyn let out a breath. “They are the only ones who can pinpoint

his location.”

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