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Chapter 293 Help Me Up

Wesley was still the same as before. He was still that kind. Poverty and debt didn’t dispel his kindness.
He only wanted to live a steady life. He never meant to cause any trouble.

He could tell that Gerald wasn’t a common one. Nowadays, seldom people went around with two
blades. Also, Gerald was dying because he was cut several dozen times.

Seeing that Wesley didn’t want to talk about this, Gerald didn’t continue either.

Gerald would help Wesley. That was for sure.

Gerald was always grateful.

Back then, Irene’s father saved his life, so he used three years to pay for the kindness. If not for the too
much trouble Irene and her mother caused, maybe he would continue being with Irene.

This time, he would definitely pay Wesley back since Wesley also saved his life.

“Three days? I don’t know how much I will recover.” Gerald touched his nose while saying this.

Wesley smoked several cigarettes. Then he extinguished the cigarette, stood up, and began to
reassemble the furniture that had fallen apart after being kicked by Raiden.

Wesley still had to work and pay his debt. He knew that maybe the money he earned in this lifetime

would all be Raiden’s. But he had to continue anyway.

He didn’t dare to call the police. He was worried that even if he reported to the police, he and Leila

still couldn’t live a peaceful life.

No matter how hard it was or how tired he was, he could only grit his teeth and endure it. He only felt
sorry for his daughter. She was so beautiful, yet she was living such a miserable life.

Gerald silently watched all of this and sighed!

“Kind people will get what they deserve,” Gerald muttered.

In the next two days, Gerald could feel that Wesley couldn’t sleep well. It seemed to be because of the
3,200 dollars. Wesley couldn’t get the money, so he was restless.

In these two days, Leila was also very depressed and rarely spoke. But in fact, she was also like this
before. She was shy and seldom talked. She would only say a few more things when Gerald took the

initiative to talk to her.

She was beautiful, but because of poverty, she felt inferior.

Wesley still left early in the day and returned late. After returning, he continued to make furniture under
the dim light.

Occasionally, he would sit alone in a daze.

He was an honest man, yet he was very tired and confused.

In two days, Gerald got a little better. Of course, it would take some time for the wound to heal.

He was still very weak. Death Storm caused too much damage to him.

Before, after Gerald used Death Storm, Valery would help cure his. It would take him at least a dozen
days to have Vital Energy appear in his body again. Sometimes, it would take one or two


Now, he could only rely on himself. It was hard to tell how long it would take.

Fortunately, he was now able to slowly get out of bed and walk on his own, but he couldn’t walk very


On the third day, there was only one last day left until the day Raiden came to collect the money.

As usual, Wesley went out early. When he went out, he felt heavy.

Leila also seemed worried.

The closer they got to the day Raiden came to them, the more serious their expressions became.

Gerald hadn’t seen a smile on their faces for several days.

At noon, Gerald was lying on the bed. He looked at Leila, who was studying beside him.

Obviously, Leila couldn’t focus. She was restless.

Gerald opened his mouth. “Leila!”

Leila turned her head. Her eyes were a little red, and she quickly asked, “Do you want to get out of bed
and go to the toilet?”

Gerald smiled, then shook his head and asked, “Do you hate your father?”

Leila was stunned. Then she shook her head and said, “I don’t hate him. I know how much my father
suffered. My father loves me very much. It’s all that woman’s fault.”

She used “that woman” to call her birth mother, not “mom”.

Gerald was a little moved. He looked at Leila’s pretty face. Leila was a little shy. She lowered her head
to look at her slightly grey shoes.

Her shoes were originally white. But she had worn them for too long and washed them too many times,
so they had turned grey.

The clothes she wore were school uniforms. She had worn them for too long, so they were discolored.

There were not many families like Leila’s now.

“What kind of life do you want to live in the future?” Gerald asked, “Have you thought about it?”

When Leila heard about this, tears went down her eyes. “Never. I don’t dare to think about the


Yes, the future she could think of was endless debt. How dare she think about the future?

She was only a sixteen-year-old girl. And she was so beautiful. However, she didn’t even dare to think
about the future.

Thinking about this, Gerald was angrier at Raiden.

“Help me up,” Gerald smiled at Leila.

Leila wiped her tears, then helped Gerald up from the bed and asked, “To the toilet?”

Gerald shook his head and said, “No, I want to go to town.”

Leila was stunned and said, “Yesterday, Dr. Doyle said that although you have recovered a little, you
should still rest more. It’s more than ten minutes’ walk to the town. And it’s hot now. Your wound might
get infected.”

Gerald smiled and said, “It’s fine!”

Gerald knew that he couldn’t fully recover before yesterday, so he couldn’t fight Raiden back tomorrow.
But he also knew how difficult it was for Wesley to get the 3,200 dollars.

So… He had to do something.

Leila couldn’t resist Gerald, so she could only smile bitterly and say, “Alright, then I’ll help you to

the town.”

“Take all my things with us!” Gerald said.

Leila nodded. Then she went to take Gerald’s car key, ID card, and Diamond Card from New Bank.

Gerald threw the car key on the bed, took the ID card and Diamond Card, and walked out of the door

with the help of Leila. They slowly walked to the town.

At the same time, in Washington. In one of the apartments Gerald had lived in.

Valery was sitting on the sofa. Her pretty face was full of exhaustion.

It had been five days since Gerald disappeared. Up until now, there had been no news of Gerald.

There was endless despair and worry in Valery’s heart.

But at least, she still held a glimmer of hope since she did not find Gerald’s dead body.

“Dr. Manning, you should rest for a while. You haven’t slept for long for the past few days.” Macy
couldn’t help but say this when seeing Valery like this.

“Dr. Manning, go to sleep. Besides, I can’t stay in Washington any longer. I have a mission, so I have to
leave,” Triston said.

“Just go.” Valery glanced at Triston.

Triston was stunned for a moment, then sighed and said, “Alright, then I’ll go first. Macy, ask Dr.
Manning to rest more.”

After Triston left, Macy looked at Valery and said, “Dr. Manning, why did you do that? You obviously like
Gerald, but you are so fierce to him.”

Valery did not speak. She just sat there and looked at her phone. She seemed to be waiting for a call.

If he was still alive, he would definitely call me immediately, right? Valery thought.

At the same time, in the Jackson’s place in Washington.

Leana was in the living room at home. At this time, the door of the room opened. Seeing Derick walk in
from the outside, Leana hurriedly stood up and said, “Grandpa, is there any news of Gerald?”

Leana was the last one to have contact with Gerald. And Derick was the leader of Dark Net. Of course,
both of them knew that Gerald was missing. Leana got the news from Derick.

Leana thought, Gerald had sex with me all night. Then he disappeared the next day. Did I bring bad

luck to him?

“Grandpa, he will be fine, right? He is at super-level.” Leana said, pursing her lips.

Derick looked at Leana. He was experienced enough to see that she was in love with Gerald. He

sighed in his heart. Then he touched Leana’s head and said, “I don’t know. He fought with two guys

at the super-level. And he escaped with serious injuries.”

Leana sat down on the sofa with a dull expression!

Derick stood on the side and let out a long sigh.

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