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Chapter 317 Do You Think I Will Spare Him?

Gerald looked at him indifferently and said, “You tell me. You said that you have kidnapped Jolie and
sent her to Sin City and that you can’t contact your men in Sin City. Do you think you can still walk out
of Sacramento?”

Flory’s expression suddenly changed as he said, “Gerald, I’m from the Dempsey family. Do you want to
kill me?”

Gerald said indifferently, “I just want to collect some interest. When I come back from Sin City, I will
send your father to meet you.”

Hearing Gerald’s words, Flory shuddered.

It was not until then that he realized how terrifying the man standing in front of him was.

Flory looked around, and after a moment, he said, “Gerald, I know your physical condition. Stop.
pretending. You don’t have any Vital Energy in your body right now.”

“Why should I get my hands dirty to deal with trash like you?” Gerald curled his lips and said.

At this time, there was a burst of footsteps outside. A man rushed in and shouted, “Captain, something

“What?” The shout sent a chill down Flory’s spine.

“Dennis Graham came with a large number of American Watchmen and blocked the door!” the man


Flory’s expression changed slightly. He looked at Gerald and said, “You didn’t come alone!”

“Why should I come alone?” Gerald looked at him with a smile and asked, “I will never give the initiative
to my enemy. Even if I die!”

Flory was flustered as he glared at Gerald. The noble air on his face had disappeared. He roared,
“Gerald, you better know what you are doing. I can kill you at any time. And you will cause a
commotion if you fight me. Aren’t you afraid that others will know?”

Gerald sneered, “Try me.”

“Gerald, do you really think that I don’t dare to kill you? Dismiss your men. Otherwise, I will try my best
to kill you today!” Flory sneered.

“None of you here can leave here today,” Gerald smiled and said lightly.

“Dennis Graham isn’t capable enough to catch me. Since you want to kill me, then don’t blame me for
being rude. Even if the higher-ups investigate it, I will only plead self-defense!” A fierce look came into
Flory’s eyes as he gritted her teeth and said, “Kill him!


As soon as Flory finished speaking, a man pulled out his saber and attacked Gerald!


Suddenly, a whistling sound and a striking sound rang out at the same time. The man rushed toward
Gerald and when he was about 10 feet away from Gerald, he flew away!

His head was pierced through by a bullet!

The man smashed into the ground with his head hitting the floor hard and blood flowed out. He was

clearly dead.

In fact, for Watchmen, ordinary bullets were not of much harm to them. When they reached the top
level, they could even become bulletproof.

However, the sniper rifle Claude used only had nine in the world. No matter whether the gun or the
bullets were all specially made. Even the super experts might not beable to block them!

And the person who had just taken down that man was none other than Claude.

After Gerald left, Valery called Gerald and told him that Claude had arrived, while Dennis and the

others had set off.

She couldn’t watch Gerald take the risk and do nothing.

Gerald acquiesced to Valery’s actions.

Why should he have to come alone when he was asked to? He would at most show up alone to get the

information he needed.

No matter what mission he carried out, Gerald would never put himself in a passive situation. Even if
he died in battle, he would try his best to control the situation.

The hostage, Jolie, was the enemy’s trump card. Gerald didn’t want anything to happen to Jolie. They
also didn’t dare to let anything happen to her. Therefore, even if they found out that Gerald

had brought his companies, they would at most threaten Gerald with Jolie to escape unscathed.

But Gerald didn’t expect that Jolie had already been sent to Sin City by the Dempsey family.

After getting the address, Claude stood on the roof of a tall building not far from the shop. He had at
cigarette in his hand and looked down at the shop with a trace of disdain on the corner of his mouth.

Gerald knew where Claude was, so he stood in a spot that had no cover or shelter. As long as
someone was within 10 feet of him, Claude would capture them.

Seeing the first man fall to the ground and die, Flory knew that Gerald was not joking. Gerald really
wanted to kill him today!

“It’s Claude Caldwell!” Flory shouted. He instantly knew who the sniper was.

It was the famous Watchman, “Legendary Sniper”!

“You’d better think twice, Gerald. I’m from the Dempsey family. Killing me will not benefit you at all. If
you kill me, you will be sent to the Night Watch’s court!” Flory glared at Gerald and said.

“If that place is really so intimidating, your old man would have his neck broken long ago.” Gerald
curled his lips and said, “Moreover, as you said, where is your evidence? Don’t you like to play this trick
the most? We have no evidence to prove Terry’s death, and neither do you. You have no evidence to
prove that I have anything to do with you and Sean’s death.”

Flory stared at Gerald, and then he gritted his teeth and said, “My father will not spare you!”

“Do you think I will spare him?” Gerald looked at him coldly and said, “When I come back from Sin City,
I will go to Europe myself.”

Flory could tell Gerald’s determination.

At the same time, he also heard the noise outside the door. Many people had already surrounded this
place. At the same time, Valery, Dennis, Kristen, and Theo rushed into the room.

When Valery saw Flory, her face darkened. “I knew it. Since when did the Dempsey family be so
shameless to attack ordinary people?”

Flory’s expression changed slightly, but he sneered, “What are you talking about? I just invited the
former Watchman No. 0 for a meal. What are you doing here? Did you just surround us? Do you want
to cause internal strife in Night Watch?”

Flory would not admit anything they said because he was worried that Valery and the others had
recording equipment. Only Gerald was thoroughly checked when he came in.

Gerald turned around and let out a breath. “Cut the crap. Kill them all.”

Flory’s face changed. He stared at Dennis and said, “Think twice, Dennis. If we died here…”

“Kill them!”

Before Flory could finish speaking, Kristen and Theo had already rushed up with their weapons.

“You can’t kill me! I’m European Watchman No. 2. My father won the first Medal of Star Glory! I’m from
the Dempsey family. You…” Flory was completely flustered.

But it was too late.

Just as Gerald had said, Flory could use other methods to inform Gerald.

But Flory came to meet Gerald himself. He wanted to see the angry look on Gerald’s face after hearing
the news. He thought that Gerald would take the risk and go to Sin City before his body had

not recovered.

He wanted to put on airs in front of Gerald.

He wanted to force Gerald, the man of the moment in Night Watch and the underworld, to kneel at


Flory never expected that Gerald would actually not fall for his trick.

Valery didn’t make a move. She stood by Gerald’s side to protect him. Outside, all the other Watchmen
also rushed in.

On this day, European Watchman No. 2, Flory Dempsey, died.

It was the second direct descendant of the Dempsey family who died in a short period of time, and the
first one was called Sean Dempsey!

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