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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 320

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Chapter 320 On Her Own

On the roadside, Jolie’s face was full of tears, and she had broken down.

She was kidnapped by Wendy for no reason. Then she was brought to such a strange city and left on
the roadside!

She had been living in fear for the past few days. She did not know where this place was and she felt
no sense of security at all.

There were not many cars on the road, and the whole city seemed to be very empty. There were very
few pedestrians on the streets, and when pedestrians passed by occasionally, their eyes looked


After a brief emotional breakdown, Jolie quickly adjusted her emotions. She quickly took out her phone
and wallet from her pocket.

Wendy did not take away her things.

Wendy did not hurt her either.

Wendy just left her there, and Jolie was on her own in this place.

Of course, if Gerald knew it, he would scold Wendy. This place was like hell for a person like Jolie who
did not know anything. Jolie was on her own. It might be worse than killing her!

This place had no contact with the cities outside.

This was not a place where one could live on their skills. The money from other cities could not be

used here.

Sin City had its own currency.

Jolie took out her phone. She wanted to call her family and book a flight ticket to leave this place.

But when she took out her phone, she found that there was no signal at all.

Jolie felt helpless again. She did not know where she was, and the feeling of grievance appeared


At that time, a noise suddenly sounded.

A sports car suddenly stopped in front of her. Then, a whistle sounded. From the front passenger’s,
seat of the car, a man poked his head out and said, “Hey, miss, are you alone? Why are you crying? I
want to protect you…”

When Jolie saw this man, she instinctively took two steps back in fear.

This man was so strange. His upper body was naked. He had dreadlocks, and there was a ring on his

nose. When he spoke, she could see his tongue stud,

There were big earrings on his ears, and his naked upper body was full of tattoos.

The most important thing was that Jolie saw two daggers on his waist and a long blade in his hand.

It was common to see such a person in Sin City, but Jolie grew up in a peaceful city. Someone dressed
like that was too terrifying for her.

“What do you want?” Jolie cried out in shock.

“What do I want?” the man grinned and said, “Miss, don’t be afraid. I just want to sleep with you.”

Jolie was stunned. It seemed that she did not expect him to be so straightforward and say

words to her.

As the man said that, he reached out his hand and grabbed her!

Jolie almost fainted.

At that time, there was a sound of footsteps.


Then, a middle-aged woman quickly ran to Jolie. Jolie had rarely seen a woman running so fast.

She ran to Jolie and grabbed Jolie’s hand. Then, she said, “Come with me!”

At that moment, Jolie did not know what else to do. She felt that this middle-aged woman was a

savior and her hand was so warm!

She didn’t dare to think too much and followed behind the middle-aged woman, running into the


“Damn! It’s a pity that she was taken away by this old woman,” the man with tattoos all over his body

“Well, the middle-aged woman seems to be the boss of the Tuberose Bordello. She took that girl away,
so you can still sleep with that girl. You just need to spend some money.” In the driver’s seat, a man
wearing a cap said, “We have more important things to do now!”

The man with tattoos nodded and said, “You don’t understand. It seems that the girl just came to Sin
City. She is very pure. It will feel awesome to get her. You know, it costs a lot to sleep with a pure
woman in Sin City!”

“Alright, cut the crap. Let’s hurry to the Eastern District. We have more important things to do,”

the man with a cap said.

The man with tattoos muttered, “Damn it, those people are fucking trash. They let a few

newcomers smash our casino!”

As they talked, the sports car started and rushed toward the Eastern District of Sin City!

Gerald didn’t know what had happened in Sin City. At that time, the plane was flying steadily.

The plane belonged to Night Watch, and an airline stewardess was serving them.

She was very beautiful. She sat not far from Gerald and the others. Theo was flirting with her!

Of course, Theo’s reputation in Night Watch was extremely bad. The airline stewardess ignored. him,
but it didn’t stop Theo from flirting with her!

“There will always be consequences. Your destiny is me!

“Come on, give me your number!

“Do you know why my eyes are so beautiful? It’s because you are in my eyes!”

Theo could keep saying those lame love for two hours. Hearing it, Gerald had goosebumps all over his

Gerald looked outside the window!

Because of jet lag, it was still nighttime at Gerald’s place.

Outside the window, it was also dark.

Valery sat next to Gerald. For some reason, she looked at Gerald with worry in her heart!

She had heard of this mysterious island city many times, but she had never been there.

There were a few Watchmen in this city. They were responsible for investigating Sin City and trying to
find a way to send information out of the city.

No one was allowed to leave this city. Valery was a little worried about what would happen to this


“Dr. Manning,” Gerald turned to look at her and said, “This trip will take more than ten hours. You

have not rested yet. I suggest you sleep for a while.”

Valery shook her head and said, “I am not sleepy!”

As she spoke, her usually cold face revealed a trace of a smile. “I’ve heard some things about Sin

City, but I don’t know if they are true. Tell me what kind of place that is.”

When Claude heard Valery’s words, his expression suddenly became strange. He looked at Valery

and said, “Dr. Manning, you should know that our boss has a nickname, right?”

“The Holy Lord of Sin City?” Valery asked.

Claude smiled and said, “Yes. Our boss is an influential man in Sin City. But I want to keep it a secret.

for now. You’ll know later.”

Team 11762 had once been led by Gerald to Sin City to carry out a mission. All members of the team
successfully arrived in the city and left the city. It had never happened in Sin City before.

Of course, Gerald knew that they were able to safely leave back then, probably because of Blaine!

After all, the person from Sin City was also on the Sun List. He was only one rank lower than Blaine
and was ranked second on the Sun List!

As they chatted and laughed, the plane flew through the clouds and moved forward!

“Sleep for a while!” Gerald said to Valery.

Valery thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “Give me your shoulder!”

With that, she leaned her head on Gerald’s shoulder and slowly fell asleep.

When Theo saw this scene, his eyes lit up. He walked to the airline stewardess and said with a smile,
“Miss, may I have your shoulder too?”

The airline stewardess glared at him and said, “You are a famous jerk. Stay away from me!”

It was peaceful on the plane.

Gerald also had a smile on his face. Then, he tilted his head and rested his head on her head. He also

slowly fell asleep.

At that moment, they looked like a couple.

Gerald slept very soundly. He didn’t know how long he slept. A gentle voice sounded in his ear,
“Everyone, we have arrived at our destination.”

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