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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 330

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Chapter 330 Join a Gang

Scar brought the wine to the hall. He seemed to be quite familiar with Roger’s home. He ran to the
kitchen and took out four glasses!

Because the people who came down were Gerald and the other two. Valery and the others were


Scar put the glasses on the table and then spread out the roast duck with a cooked bag. The roast

duck had been cut.

“Come on. Have a drink?” Scar opened the wine and poured some into the glasses.

Gerald found that this bottle of wine had been opened, and Scar served everyone the wine. Then he
said, “Well, help yourself.”

Theo and Claude didn’t move. They looked at Gerald, and Gerald looked at Scar. He wanted to laugh

in his heart.

“What are you all standing there for? Let me tell you, it’s not easy to drink wine once here in Sin City.
Only I can get you a drink,” Scar said, patting his chest.

“Don’t stand there like a fool. Come and sit down. Do you guys look down upon me?” Scar frowned and
asked. “I know. Roger must have told you something bad. Look, I came from a poor family. When I
become the boss of this area, I will protect them. I won’t charge them protection fees at all!”

Gerald pursed his lips and thought, look at you. You must be a poor person now!

Gerald smiled and said, “Let’s get started.”

He sat down. Scar picked up the glass and clinked it with Gerald and the others. He took a sip and
made a sound due to the good taste of the wine.

He coughed and said, “Come, try the duck. In Sin City, not everyone can eat meat. Only I can
guarantee that you can have this one bite!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he discovered that Gerald and the other two had already started
gnawing on the roasted duck.

Looking at how fast Gerald and the others were eating, Scar thought that if he continued to brag, the
duck would be eaten up by them!

He felt a bit of pity and quickly grabbed the duck to eat. A few minutes later, there was only a pile of

bones left in front of him.

Scar looked at the bones in front of Gerald and the others and cursed in his heart.

Then he coughed and said, “Actually, Roger should also know. I came to find you because I wanted to
invite you to my group. I have some power now, and it will definitely grow into a big force. As

long as you follow me, you will succeed!”

“What can we get by following you? What do we need to pay?” Claude asked.

Scar thought for a moment and said, “It’s very simple. In this city, the strong prey on the weak. If you
want to have money, you have to be together with someone. We have a lot of people, and we can
conquer wherever we go. When we have money, we can share it. As for what we need to do…”

He licked his lips and said, “When we go to fight with people for territory, we have to fight for our


“How is it? Are you willing to join us?” asked Scar.

Gerald suddenly felt that this guy was quite interesting. He nodded and said, “Okay, we are in!”

Scar was stunned for a moment as if he did not expect that Gerald and the others would agree so


Hearing that Gerald and the others were willing to join, he opened his bottle of wine again, poured
some out, and said, “I appreciate you! What should I call you?”

“I’m Gerald, and this is Theo and Claude!” Gerald introduced.

“Good!” He got the glass and said, “Let’s toast. Let me tell you, you will definitely succeed after

joining Lightbringers!”

“Lightbringers?” Gerald pondered. Scar must have read too many novels!

Scar nodded and said, “Yes, the name of our gang, Lightbringers!”

Gerald and the other two looked at each other and saw a hint of a smile in each other’s eyes.

Scar was probably a respectable man before he came to Sin City.

After they toasted, Gerald and the others joined the gang. Scar said, “After you join Lightbringers, there
are six of us. I will bring the other two guys to meet you another day. From now on, we are


Gerald almost fainted. There were only three people in Lightbringers before them!

Scar seemed to be afraid that Gerald and the others would drink up the bottle of wine. He carefully
hung it on his waist with a rope. Then, he put the bones into the bag with the roast duck. Then, he took
the glasses to the kitchen, washed them, and put them back.

He walked to the hall and said, “Since you have joined us, I won’t say much. I will come to you again
when I need you. I have to go!”

Gerald nodded.

Because Scar had taken in three people, he seemed to be in a good mood. He hummed a song and
staggered out of the door.

Claude frowned and said, “Boss, it doesn’t seem to make sense for you to join him!”

“I think that he … is quite interesting. I want to see how he will develop his own power,” Gerald said

with a smile.

Scar did not have much money and did not seem to have any ability. However, it required courage to
establish his own power. This was because in a place like Sin City, once someone wanted to establish
his own forces, he would not have a good end.

And Scar had the courage.

They returned upstairs. Jolie got much better. She was helped by Valery to the living room on the
second floor and sat down, chatting over there.

Regarding Gerald’s background and where this place was, Gerald explained everything to Jolie in


After Jolie heard this, other than shock, she could not find many adjectives to describe it.

However, her face was still full of fear. What Gerald and the others could do was constantly give her a
sense of security so that the trauma in her heart could recover as soon as possible.

At noon, Roger returned home with a large cart of vegetables.

They were covered in dirt again, but Jenna was quite excited. She was holding a bag in her hand, and
there were several empty bottles inside. She happily ran to a room on the first floor and put the bottles
in the bag into another bigger one!

Theo walked to the door and looked at her, asking, “Do you want to sell the bottles?”

“Yes!” Jenna said happily. “This bag can be exchanged for 5 lucs!”

5 lucs.

Poor people here had low incomes with high prices of goods. 5 lucs. It could only buy a popsicle.

When Theo heard this, he felt sorry for Jenna. He asked again, “Then what are you selling money for?”

Jenna whispered, “I want to save money to buy a gold ring for my mother.”

A magnificent goal.

But Jenna was putting it into practice little by little.

When Theo heard this, he felt a little suffocated in his heart. He let out à breath and didn’t continue

to ask.

Nikki bought bread again. There was no meat for lunch. In fact, there was very little oil. Just some
potatoes and lettuce. However, Gerald and the others didn’t say much.

After dinner, Jenna stayed at home. Ever since Gerald and a few others appeared at home, Jenna
seemed to be quite happy. From time to time, she would ask Gerald if they needed help.

At six o’clock in the evening, after dinner, Roger drove his truck and drove Gerald and the other two

to the bar.

Along the

way, he reminded them, “Gerald, you should know what kind of place this is after these days. If not
necessary, try not to provoke people. The bar is the largest bar in the Eastern District.

If you Some big shots in the Eastern District and even other areas might come to the bar to play. were
beaten and scolded, try to endure it and have a better attitude. Maybe you can also get some tips. I
heard from Cory that some generous guests will directly give several thousand lucs!”

Gerald smiled and said, “If we get tips, we will buy meat. By then, we will eat meat every day! When the
time comes, we don’t have to share the money for meat!

Roger laughed happily when he heard Gerald’s words. He then said, “It’s better for you to keep it

After a short time, the car stopped at the entrance of the bar

The bar was quite big, and a huge signboard was there. However, it was still early so there were not

many people.

“Cory is at the door. Hurry up and go over! Remember what I said. Don’t argue with the guests. Try to
endure as much as you can.” Roger urged, “Then I’ll drive over to pick you up at around 12 o’clock. It’s
dangerous here at night.”

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