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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 337

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Chapter 337 Gerald’s Beautiful Fans

Without a doubt, among the beauties Gerald had seen for so many years, the two women in front of
him were the most beautiful.

They were as beautiful as the gorgeous Valery and Audrey. But they were not of the same type.

Audrey looked perky, but Valery was detached. But the two women in front of him were completely
different. They were dressed in revealing and tight dresses, exposing a lot of skin. It seemed they were
trying to show off their amazing figures.

When Gerald saw them, he could not help but swallow his saliva and say, “Come to me!”

As if they had heard his prayers, the two women froze slightly when they saw Gerald. They said
something to each other and then quickly walked toward him!

When they got near Gerald, they stood still. One of the women with red hair stared at him and sized
him up, saying, “They are so alike!”

The other woman’s hair was black, long, and straight. Gerald could imagine that if he was in bed with
her, she would whisper, “You are pressing my hair.” It was so exciting to think about.

Of course, he still smiled and said, “Welcome!”

“They really look alike, almost exactly the same,” the red-haired woman said again.

“It can’t be him. If it was him, he wouldn’t have come to this place to be a waiter, and he has been.
away for five years. It’s impossible for him to come back,” the black-haired woman sighed.

The red-haired woman frowned. She gritted her teeth and took out two bills each worth 100 lucs from
her pocket. She looked at Gerald and asked, “Can I touch your face?”

She seemed to be courteous.

Gerald was slightly touched.

From their conversation, it seemed these two women knew him. “Five years”, “look alike”… It

sounded like a coincidence!

However, he did not remember these two women at all. If he had hooked up with such two beautiful
women five years ago, Gerald would definitely remember them.

However, he did not know how they knew him. Five years ago, Gerald had a great reputation in Sin
City. However, there were few people who had seen his face and knew his real name!

For example, Frederic knew Gerald’s name by accident.

Gerald did not expose anything. He immediately agreed to the women’s unreasonable request to touch
his face with money.

He smiled slightly and said, “Of course!”

When the red-haired woman heard Gerald’s words, she frowned slightly and said, “You really are. not
him. He would not come here to work or accept our request. You are not like him.”

Gerald thought to himself, do you have any misunderstanding about me?

The red-haired woman threw the money on the ground and sat down on the sofa that Gerald was in
charge of, saying, “If you want the money, pick it up yourself and give me the list.”

Gerald was not angry. He bent down and picked up the 200 lucs.

Watching Gerald doing that, the red-haired woman and the black-haired woman both showed a trace of
discomfort on their faces. The black-haired woman stared at Gerald and said, “You look so

similar to him, but you are actually doing this for a living…”

Gerald put the money in his pocket and handed the list over.

Soon, they ordered drinks. Then, they ignored Gerald and began to talk to each other. However, they
kept stealing peeks at him.

Gerald stood on the side obediently, thinking about how he had missed out on these two beauties.

five years ago.

The two women drank and chatted with each other. The red-haired woman thought about it and then
looked at Gerald. “You are not busy anyway. Come and sit beside me!”

The black-haired woman frowned and said, “Eileen, he is not him.”

“It doesn’t matter. I have been looking forward to seeing him for five years. It is OK to meet a man

who just looks like him,” the red-haired woman said.

Noticing Gerald did not move, the woman frowned and slapped 500 lucs on the table, asking, “Is this

Gerald’s eyes lit up, and then he sat down next to the red-haired woman, taking the money.

When they saw what Gerald did, they revealed looks of disgust.

“Well, according to you, you seem to know someone who looks similar to me?” Gerald asked.

The red-haired woman sneered, “He is Watchman No. 0. He used to strike fear in the people of Sin
City. At a young age, he reached first place on the Moon List. Then, we saw him reach the super level
in Sin City. I will never forget that day. From that moment on, I have fallen in love with him.

Unfortunately, he left this place after that day.”

Speaking up to this point, the black-haired woman looked at Gerald with some disgust and said,

“As for you, you just look like him. It is impossible for him to be a waiter in this place.”

He reached the super level in a battle. At that time, there hadn’t been many people in Sin City. The
people present were all big shots. It seemed these two women were not ordinary.

He looked at them in silence, surprised he had two gorgeous fans in Sin City!

Of course, he did not tell them his identity. It was okay for them to misunderstand. Otherwise, if the
news of his staying in Sin City spread, he would be in trouble.

He sat beside them and listened to their conversation. Gradually, Gerald guessed their names.

This black-haired woman was called Jessie Bowler, and the red-haired woman was called Eileen


The reason why they came to drink was that Jessie had encountered some trouble. A powerful man
was crazily chasing after her. She wanted to refuse, but he kept pestering her. She had no way to deal
with him. So, in a foul mood, she and her best friend, Eileen, came here to drink.

After hearing their conversation, Gerald frowned and said, “Actually, this is not difficult. You can find a
man to pretend to be your boyfriend and make him give up.”

“He is really powerful. It’s not like I haven’t tried that, but he actually killed my fake boyfriends.” Jessie
glanced at Gerald, and then her eyes lit up slightly. “You and that man look so alike. If you pretend to
be my boyfriend, my admirer might be afraid!”

The corner of Gerald’s mouth twitched as he said, “I definitely wouldn’t dare to do such a thing, but I
know a guy who would do anything for money. He is also very handsome. As long as you give him
enough money, he will definitely take the job!”

As he spoke, he pointed to Theo who was not far away!

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