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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 368

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Chapter 368 An Emergency

In the backyard of Roger’s house.

Roger’s house was located on the outskirts of the city. And there were no more buildings nearby.
Therefore, the backyard was quite large, which was gradually expended by Roger day after day. The
Aubin family grew their own vegetables in the backyard. Though there weren’t so many vegetables, it
was quite common that vegetables were stolen.

In the backyard, Theo asked Gerald with a look of confusion, “You want me to kick your ass?

Gerald nodded and said, “Yes!”

Theo licked his lips and continued, “Fine, you asked for it!”

In fact, members of Night Watch often fought with each other to train their skills. The and the others
used to challenge Gerald alone or as a team, but they had never won once. Geraid was too powerful.

Theo, Claude, and Kristen had been meaning to beat Gerald since he was injured and lost his Vital
Energy. However, Valery stopped them, fearing that Gerald was too weak to withstand their attack.

Even so, the three of them didn’t want to miss the opportunity to teach Gerald a lesson. To Theo’s
surprise, Gerald asked him to beat himself up. Theo clenched his fists, ready to hit Gerald.


Suddenly, the window on the second floor opened. Kristen and Claude jumped straight down from the
second floor. Claude said, “Boss, Theo’s too weak. If you don’t mind, I’d like to do the honors. I won’t
let you down!”

Kristen also quickly said, “Boss, I’m afraid that you asked the wrong person. Theo and Claude don’t
have the balls to beat you. Leave it to me. You don’t wanna underestimate me. I can beat the shit out of
you if that’s what you want.”

Kristen and Claude heard the conversation between Gerald and Theo upstairs, so they jumped down


Gerald was lost for words.

“Any of you is fine. Just do it,” Gerald said.

Hearing Gerald’s words, Theo swallowed hard and said excitedly, “How about… the three of us do it

Theo, Claude, and Kristen couldn’t wait to beat Gerald up.

Upstairs, Valery poked her head out of the window, frowning. “All of you stop!” she shouted.

Valery looked at Gerald with a stern face and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Gerald looked up at Valery and replied, “That homeless man… I mean Milo. He told me that if
somebody beat me up, I might be able to regain my Vital Energy. The same thing happened to him
before, and he recovered after being beaten up.”

Valery was in a daze. “The main reason why you can’t regain your Vital Energy is the protective
mechanism of your body. If you’re in a life–threatening condition…” Valery replied in a low voice.

Valery nodded and continued, “That might work.”

After hearing what Valery said, Theo rushed over and shouted, “Boss, take this!”

Theo charged at Gerald and punched him in the stomach.




The backyard was dusty. Gerald got beat up by Theo, Claude, and Kristen.

They almost kicked Gerald to death.

Ten more minutes later, Gerald lay on the ground, aching all over.

“Does it work, Boss? Can you feel your power now?” Theo asked.

They didn’t hit Gerald’s face. Instead, they hit Gerald in his vulnerable parts. Though Gerald was good
at bearing pain, it was too much for Gerald to bear.

Gerald quickly sat down cross–legged. After a while, Gerald opened his eyes and sighed, “No.”

Gerald looked helpless.

Upstairs, Valery was also disappointed.

However, Theo, Claude, and Kristen seemed excited. They said, “We can do it again. What do you


“Gerald needs a good rest!” Valery yelled.

Theo and the other two didn’t dare to say anything. They had no choice but to nod in


Gerald cursed in his heart, how dare they take advantage of me when I lose my Vital Energy?

Especially Theo. This bastard seemed to enjoy hitting me.

You all are dead meat when I get my power back.

After that, Gerald got on the second floor. Valery undressed Gerald and gently applied the ointment to
his wounds.

Time flew. For the past five days, Gerald had been trying to get his power back with Milo’s method.

And Theo, Claude and Kristen had been very happy for the last five days, because they could beat
Gerald up every morning and evening.

Unfortunately, Gerald still couldn’t regain his Vital Energy.

Gerald thought Milo lied to him.

However, Milo’s words suddenly replayed in Gerald’s head. Milo said that his method could only work if
Gerald was between life and death.

In other words, success wasn’t guaranteed.

Theo, Claude, and Kristen wouldn’t kill Gerald. Gerald also knew that they wouldn’t do that.

It dawned on Gerald that he had been beaten up for days for nothing.

Since Gerald and the others came to Sin City, they had used local sim cards, which allowed them to
text and call each other. It was much more convenient to keep in touch.

Nothing special happened lately. Every day, Gerald went home after leaving the Twilight Bar. Theo
would go to see Jessie from time to time. And most of the time, Theo was free.

As for Jacob and Carolyn, Gerald hadn’t heard anything from them.

It was as if Jacob and Carolyn had suddenly disappeared. Gerald kept asking people in the bar about
them, but he had heard absolutely nothing. At the same time, Theo had been asking around at Silent
Slayers. However, even with the help of Night Watch in America, Jacob and Carolyn’s whereabouts

still remained unknown.

It had been two weeks since Gerald and the others had come here.

The residents of the street where Gerald lived didn’t live a quiet life. Because the residents here

weren’t required to pay any protection money, many poor people from other districts had seen pouring
in over the past five days. The consequence was that fewer people in other regions paid protection
money. Gerald and the others‘ moves somehow broke the rules of Sin City.

Meanwhile, many people came after Scar.

But after they found out that Silent Slayers ruled the street, most people gave up stirring up trouble

and left.

At noon, Valery was busy in the kitchen. Theo went to Silent Slayers. Gerald sat in the living room on
the ground floor, waiting for lunch.

Around 12:00, Valery came out of the kitchen with dishes in her hands. She frowned and asked,
“Haven’t Roger and the others come back yet?”

Gerald shook his head and answered, “Not yet. Weird. They should’ve come back home at around 11


Roger and Nikki insisted on delivering food every day. Though Gerald and the others persuaded Roger
and Nikki to give up their jobs, they didn’t change their minds.


Suddenly, Gerald and Valery heard a girl crying.

Gerald looked at the door and saw Milo holding Jenna’s hand as they walked in.

Jenna went out with her parents today. Today was the day that Jenna could have time for herself
because Valery would only give Jenna a day off once a week.

It broke Gerald, Valery, and Milo’s hearts to see Jenna crying. Gerald and Valery rushed over to


Milo looked up at Gerald and said, “I was drinking at the door. Then I saw her walking down the

street alone, crying. I went to see what was happening and found that she is the girl who lives with you
guys, so I brought her here.”

Valery quickly picked up Jenna and said, “Jenna, what’s wrong? Where are your parents?”

“Dad and Mom…” Jenna sobbed. “They … they were taken away by bad people.”

Gerald was taken aback.

Claude quickly asked, “Who did that?”

“I … I don’t know them.” Jenna cried, “Ms. Manning… Please save my dad and mom.”

Valery’s eyes were cold. Valery looked at Gerald.

Gerald let out a long breath and said, “Get Theo over here.”

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