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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 371

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Chapter 371 Dad, Save Me!

“Holy Lord Token!” Nardo was shocked when he was the token on the ground. He fell to the ground.

The token was yellow and seemed to be made of copper. On the back of the token, the word “West”

was written on it.

Davis ruled the city. Then there were four Holy Lords under him, each taking charge of a part of the


Gerald came to Sin City to assassinate the Holy Lord of the Western District back then. That guy was

at the super level.

Gerald was at the top level back then. After Gerald won that guy, he became the new Holy Lord in the

Western District. He also got the Holy Lord Token at that time.

After Nardo said this, the people present were all shocked. They all turned to look at the token on

the ground. They began to tremble.

As Farris‘ people, especially those at the top level, all had dealt with Gerald before.

None of them associate Gerald with the guy who killed the last Holy Lord in the Western District back
then. Plus, most of them never saw Gerald’s appearance.

In the past five years, Gerald had never appeared in Sin City.

However, at this time, the Holy Lord Token of the Western District appeared again.

They looked at Gerald in front of them and thought of another person. They finally remembered

that Gerald was him!

“It really is him!” Someone cried out in shock, and then he couldn’t help but take a step back!

That guy back then was a decisive killer. Back then, he became famous in the Western District in the
first place. The whole of Sin City was terrified by him. Their head, Farris, was almost crippled by
Gerald. Farris escaped from Sin City and ran to hide in a forest on an island. After Gerald left, someone
went to pick Farris back.

Now, this guy came back again. He was exactly Gerald!

Gerald came back with the Holy Lord Token. Then he came to find Farris‘ people to cause trouble.

Someone quietly left and called Farris.

When Gerald came over, he already knew that his identity would be exposed in front of Farris.

He walked toward Nardo step by step.

Nardo thought of what Gerald was famous for. He sat on the ground, trembling with his forehead

covered in sweat.

“I… I…” He kept trying to say something, but he couldn’t. He retreated continuously, his face filled

with terror.

He knew very well how miserable Farris was when facing Gerald back then.

“They… they are just two poor guys. I don’t know… I don’t know that they are related to you. I…” Nardo
was about to cry. As Gerald approached, Nardo peed his pants.

“Bring them out,” Gerald said in a cold tone.

Nardo nodded. A guy rushed into the villa with terror. Theo couldn’t rest assured. He followed that

guy in.

Gerald and the others stood there still.

Valery began to learn about the city recently. She looked at Gerald with surprise. Gerald had been
keeping a low profile recently. Only when Gerald threw the Holy Lord Token out did she realize how
prestigious Gerald was in the city.

He only threw out a token, and all the people on Farris‘ side retreated. No one dared to take a step


It could be seen how much others were afraid of him.

In fact, Valery had seen such kinds of scenes many times in the past when she was on missions with
Gerald, but every time she saw how calm and composed Gerald was in this situation, she couldn’t help
but feel her heart beat faster.

After a few minutes, a furious voice sounded.

“Fuck you!”

In the villa, Theo’s loud roar rang out. Then he rushed out.

He came to Nardo in an instant. Then he raised his foot to kick Nardo’s face.


Nardo didn’t give any response. He was sent flying by the kick.

But Theo didn’t intend to let Nardo go. The moment Nardo was thrown into the air, he grabbed Nardo’s
foot with one hand and smashed Nardo’s head toward the ground.



Nardo let out a loud scream. He felt like all the bones in his body were broken. He lay on the ground

and let out a loud scream. His face was covered in blood.

Gerald wasn’t happy at all when seeing Nardo being punished. Instead, his heart sank.

Since Theo was so angry, it meant Roger and his wife should be in a miserable state.

At this time, footsteps came from inside the room. Then, someone came out of the room. They were
carrying Roger and his wife.

The moment Gerald saw them, his pupils suddenly shrank!

Jenna, on the other hand, broke free from Valery while crying. She rushed toward her parents and
cried, “Daddy, Mommy!”

Valery also rushed forward.

At this time, Roger and his wife really looked miserable. All their clothes were broken. Their hair was
wet. It was obvious that someone had pressed their heads down into the water. Their bodies were both
dyed red with blood.

Both of them had their eyes closed. It was unknown if they had fainted or were already dead.


Kristen pulled her machete out. She gritted her teeth and said, “I want to kill him!”

She was really angry.

Roger and his wife just made Nardo’s shoes dirty. And Nardo punished them so harshly.

Gerald did not say anything. Nardo deserved to die.

“Stop!” At the same time, someone quickly approached and then landed in the yard of the villa from the
sky. When this guy looked up, he saw Gerald standing there. His pupils suddenly shrank and he said,
“Garrett! Spare my son’s life. I will agree to anything you want!”

Garrett was the name that Gerald used when he was in Sin City five years ago. Except for a few
people, everyone who got in touch with Gerald thought that his name was Garrett.

This was why Jessie and Eileen felt disappointed when they knew Gerald’s real name.

The one who came was dressed in a suit. He was about forty years old and looked like a gentleman.

This guy was Farris. He was the leader of the biggest power in the Western District. He used to rank
No. 3 on the Moon List. Now, he ranked No. 1 on the Moon List!


The moment Farris landed here, Claude snorted coldly. He took away the cloth from the sniper rifle. He
took the sniper rifle and aimed it at Farris. He licked his lips and said, “Boss, Farris should also


be killed for raising such a disgusting son.”

“This is just a small incident. Roger and his wife only dirtied his shoes. And Nardo tortured them like
this. I can imagine he must have killed a lot of people. Such a guy doesn’t deserve to live.” Kristen said
with indifference while pulling her machete out.

Farris looked at Gerald. He was afraid, but he still gritted his teeth and said, “Garrett, give me a
chance. I promise that this will never happen again. I will give you whatever you want as long as I have
it. I only have one son. Please let him live!”

Gerald looked at Valery. Valery was doing a full body examination for Roger and his wife. She looked
up at Gerald and said, “They are bleeding heavily. We need to operate on them as soon as possible!”

Gerald nodded. He looked at Farris again and said lightly, “He can’t live!”

Farris‘ expression suddenly changed. He stared at Gerald and said coldly, “Garrett, you have a lot of
enemies in this city. You have to think about it. If I spread the news of your return…”

“If you spread it out, I will kill you and all your people.” Gerald grinned. A cruel smile appeared on

his face.

“Theo, do it!” After that, Gerald said lightly.

Theo sneered and walked toward Nardo!

Nardo was lying on the ground. His injuries were extremely serious and he could not move at all.

“You have done many evil things. You should have thought of this day a long time ago,” Theo said


“Dad! Dad! Save me! Save me!” Nardo shouted loudly.

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