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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 376

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Chapter 376 Are You His Dog?

Alfredo seemed to be hostile toward Gerald, which made Gerald a little confused.

From the former conversation, Alfredo seemed to be interested in Eileen, and he had pursued her for
many years, but Eileen didn’t agree to be his girlfriend. Alfredo might also know that Eileen could not
forget Garrett. And in fact, Garrett was Gerald, so Alfredo didn’t like Gerald!

Until now, Gerald still did not understand why Eileen and Jessie liked him. He had not met them once
five years ago, let alone had a

chat with them!

“Alfredo, I am really annoyed the moment I see you!” Eileen frowned, and then she directly pulled
Gerald’s arm and said, “Come and sit. Just ignore him!”

As she spoke, she pulled Gerald to the table and sat down.

As soon as they sat down, Gerald noticed that another man was glaring at him. That gaze made Gerald
extremely uncomfortable! The man looked very thin and wore a pair of glasses. His look was vicious,
which made Gerald very uncomfortable.

Eileen and Jessie sat on both sides of Gerald. Seeing this, Alfredo pulled a long face. He snorted coldly
and then sat down. Gerald looked at Eileen suspiciously and asked, “By the way, why do you like
Garrett? Have you ever said a word to him?” “You don’t understand. In that battle back then, a man
who was a few years older than us challenged super experts and won the battle. When he won, he
stood on the roof and looked back with a smile. That smile was sunny, handsome, domineering,
confident… His face with blood was the most attractive. Eileen paused for a while and added, “I still
remember his bright smile.”

When Gerald heard this, he was a bit proud.

“From what you said, that person is really handsome and powerful!” Gerald said.

One after another, some people walked in. Many people looked at Gerald curiously, and Gerald did not

Soon, more and more people came to sit down, and the entire table was full. At this time, the door
opened, and a person walked in.

When they saw this person, the expressions of people in the room changed slightly. And then everyone
stood up.

“Mr. Wilcox!” Some people bowed and said.

A smile appeared on Alfredo’s face. He quickly went over and said, “Mr. Wilcox, you finally come.”

Although Eileen bowed, she asked in a low voice, “Who asked him to come?”

“I don’t know. We never call him to our gathering…” someone said in a low voice. “It’s probably Alfredo.
Alfredo has a good relationship with him!”

After a while, Gerald figured out the relationship between these people. They were all people from
some of the major forces in the Eastern District. The relationships between the forces were not good.
But there were very few educational institutions in this city. Therefore, most of these young people were
classmates. Occasionally, they would gather together.

At the same time, Gerald began to ponder in his heart. He thought, they all respect that person. He
should be the biological child or

grandson of a Holy Lord in Sin City

There is only one lord whose surname was Wilcox, and that is the Holy Lord of the Southern District,
Bowen Wilcox.

However, Bowen was relatively low-key. Even five years ago, Gerald and Bowen had only met once.
They didn’t even have a talk


While Gerald was thinking, he heard Jessie say something. “This is the grandson of the Holy Lord of
the Southern District, Joseph Wilcox! Watch your mouth and don’t provoke him. Joseph is different
from his grandfather. His grandfather is very low-key, but Joseph is quite high-profile.”

Jessie paused for a while, then she added, “Like Alfredo, he is also pursuing Eileen!”

Eileen didn’t look happy.

At this time, Joseph walked in. He smiled and said, ‘Everyone, don’t be so timid. We are classmates.
Be at ease. Otherwise, I won’t feel comfortable attending your party.”

Gerald was dumbfounded. Alfredo was pursuing Eileen, and so was Joseph Under such
circumstances, Alfredo and Joseph had a good relationship. This was something that surprised Gerald.

“Well, the table is occupied!” Joseph frowned and added, “I don’t even have a place to sit!”

“We can ask the waitress to…”

Just as one of them was about to ask the waitress to get a chair, Alfredo suddenly said, “The one called
Gerald, please get up. You are a waiter in the bar anyway. If I’m right, Eileen must have spent money to
invite you here today. Just stand aside and continue to be a waiter for us. This job suits you.”

Gerald frowned!

Eileen gritted her teeth and said, “I asked him to come over for dinner. Alfredo, don’t go too far!”

At this time, Joseph chuckled. He looked at Gerald and walked over to Gerald. He sized up Gerald and
said, “I didn’t expect that Eileen would like a person like you.”

As he spoke, he reached out and was about to slap Gerald in the face!

Gerald instinctively retreated backward and frowned.

Alfredo became angry as he said, “Gerald, Mr. Wilcox wants to slap your face. How dare you dodge?
Do you want to die?”

Gerald frowned deeply. He had come here to see if he could get some information. Well, it seemed that
not only could he not get any information, but he might also encounter a lot of trouble.

Eileen was angry. She said, “Alfredo, Joseph, don’t go too far. I can’t afford to offend you. But if you
keep doing this, I will leave right


As she spoke, she directly turned around and said, “Gerald, Jessie, let’s go!”

Joseph smiled and said, “Eileen, you’re still the girl I know. I like you. Well, if only my grandfather was
willing to help me. In that way, we probably have children now. Unfortunately, my grandfather isn’t
willing to help me.”

Gerald was a bit stunned.

Indeed, if Bowen was willing to help Joseph and talk to Eileen’s parents, Eileen’s family would not be
able to refuse since Bowen was

a Holy Lord.

It seemed that Bowen did not care much about Joseph’s marriage.

“Just add a chair. You don’t need to leave. I came here today to see what the person Eileen likes looks
like,” Joseph smiled and put his

hand away.

However, Gerald clearly felt a trace of coldness and killing intent.

Everyone shifted their seats, and then a chair was added.

At this time, Joseph did not sit in the new chair. He glanced at Gerald and said, “Get up and sit over
there! I want to sit here with


Gerald slowly breathed out. Joseph had kept causing trouble for Gerald just now, but Gerald did not
say anything. But Gerald did not expect that Joseph would continue to make things difficult for him!

Seeing that Gerald sat still, Alfredo scolded, “Hey, didn’t you hear what Mr. Wilcox said? Get up now!”

Gerald looked up at Alfredo and asked, “You always do what he asks you to do. Are you his dog?”

As soon as Gerald finished speaking, everyone in the room was silent.

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