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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 388

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Chapter 388 Adam, Come and Fight!

The moment Ivan rushed in front of Gerald, Gerald felt that the sealed Vital Energy in his body

seemed to burst!

If not for the recovery of Vital Energy, Ivan’s punch just now would have taken the life of any

ordinary person.

As Gerald flew up, the majestic Vital Energy instantly filled his limbs and bones.

Gerald felt that not only had his Vital Energy recovered to its peak, but it had also improved after being
sealed for so long after the last battle. It was much stronger than when he used Death Storm!

Not far away, Ellamae saw Gerald lying on the ground and spitting out a mouthful of blood. She sighed
in her heart, do you still want to die in the end?

She wanted to stop Ivan, but there was no way for her to open her mouth. She only let out a long


Beside Gerald, the woman of the three top experts kept retreating. Her body was trembling, and the
man with a scar on his face saw her. He frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The woman shook her head, and she kept breathing as if she had seen something terrifying.

In the air, Ivan smashed straight at Gerald’s neck!

“It’s over!”

Valery’s eyes turned white. She couldn’t stand up and sat down. Her mind was blank!

“Let me go!”

Claude’s eyes were red as he roared loudly!

The old swindler firmly held him down and looked down. He let out a long sigh!

In the private room on the second floor, Belinda’s expression changed drastically. Charles, who had
been standing by the window and not allowing Belinda to make a move, had a trace of fluctuation on
his expressionless face at this moment. His hand firmly gripped the window!

“Kid, are you going to die here?” he gritted his teeth and said.

At the window backstage, Rayna frowned slightly and said, “My sixth sense has never been wrong.
Could it be that I made a mistake this time? That man is quite good. What a pity.”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The audience at the scene was extremely excited!

They were very depressed in this city. Only the blood and fighting in this colosseum allowed them to be

No one noticed that Gerald, who was on the ground, slowly revealed a smile on his lips.

“Go to hell!” Ivan roared and descended from the sky. Vital Energy covered his right knee and

smashed down!


However, Gerald, who was lying on the ground, stood up in an instant. He looked up with slanted eyes,
his face and brows filled with disdain!

“How dare you fight me?” Gerald suddenly chuckled as he watched Ivan charge down.

In the next instant, his clothes suddenly fluttered, and an imposing aura instantly rose up!




At the scene, all the people who were experts in martial arts instantly gathered their eyesight, and most
of the people in the audience stood up!

Beside Gerald, the scarred man quickly retreated and looked at Gerald in front of him in horror!

Not far away, Gavyn’s pupils also suddenly contracted. He looked at Gerald in shock and cried out in
shock, “Super… Super!”

“Super expert!”

“How could there be a Super expert!”

Countless voices rang out in that instant.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. From Ivan jumping up, to Gerald standing up, and then to
Gerald bursting forth with momentum, it was only a matter of an instant.

He felt Gerald’s aura, and at this moment, besides shock, there was only despair in his heart.

I’m over for sure. At this time, he only had this thought.

He wanted to stop, but at this moment, it was completely too late. He smashed towards Gerald like a


At a certain point in time, a loud crash resounded on the scene. At the same time, smoke splashed out,
making it impossible to see what was inside.

When the smoke dispersed, everyone found that Gerald was standing there. His leg was stepping on
Ivan’s head. Ivan smashed a hole in the ground, and his head was embedded in the hole. It was
unknown whether he was dead or alive!

Although no one knew what had happened, the result told them!

Butcher Ivan, the thirty–sixth on the Star List, was killed in one move.

No one dared to cheer.

This was super level. In Sin City and even the entire world, he was among the top group of people. In
Sin City, the super expert was an existence like a Holy Lord. He was not someone these people could
afford to provoke.

They were worried that their cheers would cause the super expert to be unhappy, so at this moment,
the huge Colosseum fell into silence.

In the front row of the Colosseum, Claude slowly put down his gun!

Theo was also completely relaxed!

Valery’s eyes were red. She tightened the silver needle in her hand and looked at the figure in the
middle of the field. Her tears flowed down!

She knew how much risk Gerald had to take to make this decision!

Gerald was betting his life!

Fortunately, Gerald was right!

Beside the window backstage, Rayna was stunned. She muttered, “I was right. He is an expert.
Moreover … he is a super expert!”

In the private room on the second floor, a smile appeared on Charles‘ face. He muttered, “So that’s
how it is. This kid wants to fight to the death! But I’m afraid this city will fall into chaos again!”

Belinda was excited. She looked at Davis who was pressing on her shoulder and said, “Take your hand
away. Just wait. Now that he has recovered, he will challenge you first!”

Davis was speechless as he looked at Gerald below with great interest!

Next to them, the four people all stood up in shock.

“Super!” Alan’s face revealed a dumb expression. Looking at the middle–aged figure below, his pupils

The same was true for the other three!

Suddenly, a voice entered their ears.

“The Void–breaking and the Nameless!”

The one who spoke was the woman in the group of three. Her voice was a bit panicked, but because

it was a bit quiet at this time, the sound clearly entered the ears of Dax and the others.

Their eyes fell on the two sabers that were scattered at the side, and then their expressions


Franklin’s face had a look of fear.

“He appeared, and he came personally!” Franklin gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

This competition was originally a game they had set up. They wanted to attract Gerald over and kill
him. Now, they had discovered Gerald’s identity, and no one dared to go up and kill him.

These super experts could hear the voice of that woman, but the others could not hear it.

At this time, whether it was the big screen or the camera, they were all facing Gerald. As a super
expert, he was the absolute protagonist!

Gerald looked at Ivan and then smiled. Under everyone’s gaze, he walked to the side step by step and
then lay down on the edge of the stage. He picked up the water and wiped something!

The camera was always aimed at Gerald.

After two minutes, Gerald raised his head again. He turned around, revealing a completely different

face from the middle–aged man!

Then, he grabbed with one hand, the Nameless and the Void–breaking lying not far away as well as

the piece of cloth, flying towards Gerald!

Gerald carried the two sabers on his back again. This time, he did not cover them up! The hilt of the

two sabers appeared on the big screen.

In the front–row seats of the Colosseum, there were two peerless beauties sitting there. They were

Jessie and Eileen.

They raised their heads to look at the two sabers on the big screen, their bodies trembling slightly.

“The Nameless and the Void–breaking. It’s him. It’s him!” they muttered.

It was not just the two of them who recognized the two sabers. At this moment, the entire Colosseum
fell into an uproar.

“Five years ago, the Slaughterer of Sin City, an existence challenged the Western District’s Holy Lord.
Then he became the Western District’s Holy Lord, Watchman No. 0 … Garrett Kenneth! After five
years, he returned to Sin City again and came to the Colosseum!” The commentator recognized him. At
this moment, his voice was trembling as he began to introduce Gerald.

Countless spectators were shocked.

However, Gerald did not care too much about it. He looked at the private room high up in the


In the next moment, Gerald unsheathed the Void–breaking and threw it at one of the private rooms. At
the same time, he shouted, “Adam, come and fight!”

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