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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 401

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Chapter 401 Wish You Good Luck

Seeing Jacob like this, Gerald couldn’t help but laugh.

Jacob ran over with a bitter smile. At this time, his instructor also walked towards Gerald and the others
as he held his hand and ate a chicken leg with another hand.

The instructor looked Gerald up and down and said, “Are you Watchman No. o?”

Gerald nodded and said, “Yes!”

The instructor licked his lips and said with a grin, “Since you are here, I will give you a chance. I will
lend you two hours. They have to come back to the training ground after two hours. Damn it. Your
foundation is so terrible, and your bodies are so weak. You have to practice, practice hard!”

“Gerald, take me away. I am so miserable! Can’t you see that?” Jacob looked at Gerald with a bitter


The instructor ignored them and left directly.

When the instructor left, Gerald looked at Jacob and said, “Let’s get something to eat?”

“Yeah, I’m starving,” Jacob hurriedly said.

The others couldn’t help but laugh.

When they arrived at the canteen, Gerald ordered a lot of food for Jacob. Jacob began to eat in a wild
manner. He ate very quickly. After eating, he spread out on the chair and said, “Is this feeling of having
a full meal? This is too good.”

“Didn’t you eat your fill every night before sleeping?” Erik said, somewhat speechless.

“You don’t understand!” Jacob curled his lips and said, “Also, be more respectful to me. Your master is
Gerald’s friend. Gerald is my friend, which means that I am of the same generation as your master. I’m
your senior!”

Erik curled his lips. He didn’t bother to argue with Jacob at all!

Getting along with them, Gerald relaxed a lot and felt much more at ease. During this period of time, he
had been under a lot of pressure. In addition, he was dismissed from Night Watch, so he was not in a
good mood!

After staying with Jacob and the others, Gerald felt that his bad feeling was digested a lot!

They chatted in the canteen for a while and wandered around the town. At two o’clock in the

afternoon, Gerald said, “We have to go!”

“Yes!” Audrey nodded and said, “I have to go training too!”

Gerald looked at Audrey. She had a certain expression on her pretty face.

“Do you want to be a Watchman so much?” Gerald said speechlessly. “You were born to be a rich lady,
but why did you come here to be a Watchman?”

Audrey looked at Gerald and said seriously, “I will become a Watchman at the top level and the super
level. Then I will stand by your side and fight with you!”

Gerald was speechless. He thought that when Audrey reached the top level, she would know that there
was a huge gap between the top level and the super level!

After two hours of interaction, Jacob did not mention those things. He smiled and said, “I will also work
hard to train, but in the future, when I go on missions or something, you have to protect me!”

Although Jacob cried badly at the beginning, later on, he did not mention leaving. It was probably that
he just complained about his experience to Gerald and the others at the beginning.

Gerald smiled, then exhaled and said, “Wish you good luck. When you reach the top level, come here
to pick you up.”

I will

“Good!” Audrey and the others said with anticipation.

Erik frowned and said, “I feel that I can leave now.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. If I tell you to stay here, stay here,” Carolyn said, glaring.

Erik pursed his lips, his face full of grievance!

Erik was actually at the top level. Before coming here, he was already at the top level. His improvement
during this period of time was also obvious. Of course, his main goal was to learn some attack skills of
the joint attack formation and some cooperation skills with the other


“Alright, we will leave now. There are still big things to do in the next few days!” Gerald said.

“Okay!” Jacob and the others nodded. “Goodbye. See you next time.”

After bidding farewell to them, Gerald and the others no longer cared about Charles. The four drove

directly to Sin City.

Gerald still had to fight the final to get the five pieces of Dragon Bones.

The final was held at five in the afternoon. For Gerald, the final was not a big deal.

They drove the car and came back to Sin City at about three o’clock. They drove directly back to
Roger’s home. When Carolyn saw Kristen and Theo, she was so excited that she shed tears again.

For Team 11762, from the beginning full team to now, there were only five of them left. It was hard for
others to understand their relationships. They had gone through thick and thin together.

Just as they were gathering, Gerald suddenly heard a loud noise outside the door.

Gerald walked to the balcony and glanced at it. Then, he found that a couple was being held tightly by
two people. This couple were ordinary people. Gerald had met them and recognized that they were one
of Roger’s neighbors.

The two men were warriors who had practiced martial arts. They were all carrying sabers.

In fact, when Gerald came back, he found that at the end of the street where Scar lived, there were
many people carrying weapons lining up.

Gerald estimated that they all wanted to join Lightbringers.

After the battle last night, Scar had completely become famous. The current him had a great reputation
in Sin City, and was considered the fifth super expert in Sin City.

The other four were naturally Davis and the three Holy Lords. Gerald was one of them!

Following a super expert meant that they wouldn’t have to worry about their well-being. Therefore,
many people came to sign up and wanted to join Lightbringers! Among them… There were even some
people who brought a force to join, such as Gavyn!

he Gavyn had been the head of one of the top forces in the Northern District, but for some reason, had
no choice but to fight this colosseum. Gavyn now heard that Scar became a super expert. After hearing
the news last night, he secretly went to the scene to see it. Among Johnnie’s men, those top experts all
died. Moreover, it happened in a few minutes. Gavyn felt that Scar must be a super expert, so he
directly brought his force to join Scar. There were more than 20 top experts. In addition, Gavyn ranked
9th on the Moon List!

Gavyn hoped that Scar would help him accomplish some things through his own strength.

A large number of people came to join Lightbringers, causing this street to be full of experts.

Gerald looked at the few people below and frowned.

The couple looked a little flustered at this time. The husband said, “Sir, you can’t do this. You dropped
something, and we picked it up and returned it to you. How can we steal your things!

“Humph, don’t talk nonsense. We have a total of 400 thousand lucs. We planned to give it to Mr. Scar,
but Mr. Scar was benevolent and did not intend to take our money. We accidentally dropped it, but you
picked it up. When you returned it to us, we found that there were only 350 thousand lucs. If you don’t
believe me, you can count the money!” One of the two people carrying the saber said with

a sneer.

This made the couple extremely afraid. The husband hurriedly said, “Sir, we found your thing and saw
that it was money, so we directly put it at home. It is such a huge sum. We didn’t even dare to think
about it and didn’t count it. I was afraid that we would have trouble. When you came to ask for it, we
directly gave it to you. We don’t know how much money it is!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Take out the remaining 50 thousand lucs, or we will kill you!” The two men

said with a grim smile.

These words made the couple’s looks change wildly.

At the same time, in Adam’s manor in the Northern District, Adam was still holding two iron balls. in his
hands. However, the atmosphere in the room was a little oppressive at this time!

“Where is Dax?” Adam looked around and frowned.

“I don’t know where he went.” Franklin said, “This bastard can’t be trusted. If I wasn’t interested in the
person behind him, I wouldn’t even want to cooperate with him. He ran away last time when Saul was
in trouble.”

Franklin gritted his teeth and said, “What should we do next? Are we really going to give the five
Dragon Bones to Gerald?”

Alan pondered and said, “What can we do? Davis had given his order, so Gerald didn’t dare to make a
move yesterday. We have to satisfy Davis!”

“But!” Saying this, Alan let out a breath and said, “But Davis also clearly means that we can’t fight in the
Colosseum. However, he probably will keep out of the affair if it is in other places. Now that we have
known Gerald’s residence, we… When the matter is over, we can directly go there to kill him. He only
has one super expert, and it’s not like we don’t have a chance! We still have the absolute advantage in

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