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Chapter 398 Killing Machine

“Scar is our hero!”

“Scar is our hero!”

Scar’s men who joined Scar’s team recently were shouting aloud!

Behind them, the crowd could not believe it and got confused.

How long had it been? It was just less than ten minutes. Scar entered the building alone for negotiation
and directly killed Johnnie who ranked first among the forces in the Eastern District.

“Now in Sin City, I’m afraid there will be a new rising power.”

“He could finish in such a short time. I’m afraid Scar is at the super level and rarely shows off his

“Look at him. He is bald and doesn’t cover his upper body with clothes. He carries a wine bottle on his
waist and a sharp saber on his body. He looks so tough and powerful. He dresses up in that way and
should be no doubt at the advanced level.”

“Have you heard of it? When Scar joined the first battle to win the street, he killed masters at the top
level from afar. It was extremely terrifying!”

The gossip behind and the noise in front made Theo and the others get confused and look at each


“What?” Theo couldn’t help but whisper.

Scar heard his men shouting and was confused. He had no idea what was going on. He didn’t expect
that after what happened today, he would be so famous in Sin City.

Scar and Gerald walked to the door together. Theo and the others looked at Gerald. They found Gerald
in a much better mood. So they felt a little relieved.

At that moment, a large group of people surrounded Scar and began to praise him.

Scar wanted to explain, but he found that he couldn’t make it at all. His men worshipped him like a deity
at that moment, and they just didn’t give him a chance to tell what had truly happened.

Scar had no choice but to say, “Let’s go, let’s go back first!”

More than 100 people once again walked in the direction of Slum Street. Along the way, the crowd
began to make way for them.

When Scar and his men left, some brave witnesses ran into the building to check what was like

inside. Then, they saw a large number of dead bodies in the building. Johnnie and almost all his
masters at the top level were killed!

They thought it was all done by Scar in a short time. At that moment, they were almost sure to confirm
that Scar was at the super level.

Overnight, the entire Eastern District was destined to be in a new era.

Scar became famous in the whole Eastern District overnight and even in the entire Sin City.

And it had nothing to do with Gerald and his friends.

After returning to Slum Street, Scar dismissed his team.

Gerald thanked Scar.

Although Gerald could walk out safely even if Scar didn’t come, Gerald was sure to be touched when

Scar appeared.

Scar knew well about the gap between him and Johnnie in power, but he still came for Gerald. Scar
once did it on the beach, but now he came for Gerald alone again, which made Gerald feel warm.

After talking to Scar, Gerald looked at Milo and said, “I have recovered.”

Milo paused and was lost in his thoughts.

“Five days later, leave here with us!” Gerald patted Milo on the shoulder. He added, “Let’s go to
Europe, to Exploro. We have to kill Perrin.”

Exploro was an island located in Europe, as well as the base of the Dempsey family.

Hearing it, Milo got nervous. His entire body trembled violently. Then he let out a breath and

nodded. “Alright! I’ll go back first.”

After that, Milo stumbled toward the end of the street. Perhaps Milo got excited about Gerald’s

plan, or Milo might have other feelings. But Gerald could see that Milo was staggering ahead.

Then Gerald firmly glanced at Ari and Libby. They were looking at him on the opposite balcony

across the street. Then he turned around and walked into Roger’s house.

Valery was sitting on the first floor. She was still calm when she saw Gerald return. She just said
peacefully, “We have already told Charles that we would also leave Night Watch.”

Gerald was speechless and kept silent. He smiled at Valery, “You still love me!”

Valery looked up at Gerald. This time, Gerald found deep affection rather than calmness in her eyes.

“Go to bed now! Tomorrow we will pick up Watchman No. 2!” Valery said gently.

“Okay!” Gerald nodded.

He didn’t even do the cleaning work. He went straight upstairs and fell asleep on the bed.

He didn’t know why he was still extremely exhausted despite that he had recovered his Vital


When Gerald got up the next day, no one mentioned the plan about leaving Night Watch in front of him,
and Gerald did the same. He kept silent about the matter, and he seemed to have completely

At about ten in the morning, Gerald, Valery, and Claude left together.

Theo and Kristen stayed to take care of Roger and Nikki in case of any accidents.

Roger and Nikki had woken up for several days, but they were still a little weak, and they had to rest in
bed for a longer time.

Gerald, Valery, and Claude went to meet Charles. They still had to confirm whether Carolyn and Jacob
were safe now.

After that, Gerald had to go to the arena to join in the finals and get the five Dragon Bones.

Overnight, Scar became the hot topic in the entire Sin City. The news that Scar had killed twenty to
thirty masters at the top level in a few minutes was also spread wide. Many people knew the bloody

story well!

Overnight, Scar gained a new nickname!

“Killing Machine!”

Scar woke up because of some noise that day. He heard it from outside. Scar ran to the balcony and
checked it. He was almost scared to death.

On the street outside, a busy crowd had gathered. They were all carrying weapons. Among them, there
might be some masters at the top level.

“Damn, are they Johnnie’s remaining subordinates who came to take revenge on me?” Scar got sweaty
on his forehead!

“Boss! Please allow me to join Lightbringers!”

“Me too!”

The crowd outside began shouting.

Hearing it, Scar was slightly relieved, and then he got excited.

Scar had imagined that one day, Lightbringers would have a lot of members and become one of the

biggest forces in the city. But he had never thought that his dream would come true so quickly!

Scar was excited. He smiled and said, “Okay, don’t worry, wait for me to come downstairs and you can
register one by one!”

After that, he recalled something and shouted, “Join Lightbringers, and you will have a promising

Gerald, Valery, and Claude drove to Davis‘ manor. At that moment when they arrived, Davis did not
appear. Charles was already waiting for them at the door.

Seeing Gerald arrive in a car, Charles walked to the car door and said, “Let me drive

you there!”

Gerald nodded. He then got out of the driver’s seat and sat down in the passenger seat. Charles drove
the car and they slowly left Sin City.

“I contacted them as well as Blaine yesterday. I told him the news that you were leaving Night Watch,”
Charles said as he drove. “He agreed, but… but he hoped that you would go back after everything was

Gerald, Valery, and Claude kept silent and did not reply.

“Well, Triston also knew about the news yesterday. He went to the United Army Headquarters at
midnight and messed everything up there. He was injured by Perrin, who was still in the United Army
Headquarters,” Charles added.

“I’ll check all his faults and make him pay the price in total,” Gerald said calmly.

After that, Gerald tried to leave it behind to avoid being in a bad mood. He turned to look at Charles
and asked, “Tell us honestly, Mr. Dominic. Are you the mysterious Watchman No. 1?”

Charles was still driving the car, but his expression did not change at all!

However, Charles replied calmly, “You are no longer a Watchman. I don’t need to tell you about it.
Besides, only the leader who is in charge of Night Watch has the right to know my secrets.‘

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