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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 413

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Chapter 413 Davis Is Shocked

The entire Northern District was now filled with the smoke of gunpowder. Shouts of war resounded in
all directions. There were also quite a few people watching the battle. However, the telescopes in their
hands were completely facing the same direction.

In that direction, the Vital Energy was boundless, and the surrounding buildings seemed to be
trembling slightly.

“Go away!” Carolyn slashed out with the Sapphire Star in her hand, wanting to split Franklin away.

Franklin was split by a single slash. Carolyn wanted to join the battle on the side, but at this time,
Franklin quickly came up to her again. For a short period of time, he also reached the super level. He
didn’t intend to kill Carolyn. Instead, he wanted to stop her with his current ability.

Next to them, the battle group of five people was fighting fast. The Void-breaking saber hovered in the
air. Gerald held the Nameless saber in his hand and faced the four super experts. He moved left and

Under the siege of the four super experts, Gerald could only resist.

At that time, the eyes of the other four experts were full of shock.

They were a little scared.

Four super experts were surrounding Gerald. And it seemed that he had managed to block them for the
time being.

Gerald was even younger than thirty years old. It was hard to estimate what level Gerald would reach
in the future.

“Everyone, don’t hold back!” At this time, Alan said coldly, “If the battle keeps going on for another half
an hour, Franklin will be unable to hold on. Then, Carolyn will join the battle group here and fight with
one of us. I’m afraid things will be difficult at that time.”

Dax snorted coldly. He slowly let out a breath. Boundless Vital Energy spread all over his saber at

this moment.

“Gerald, I will show you my saber!” Dax sneered. At that moment, his movement was as fast as
lightning. In an instant, he arrived in front of Gerald and slashed down with his saber. The terrifying
Vital Energy seemed to distort the air.

“You suck!” Gerald was disdainful. At the same time, in the other three directions, the Vital Energy of
the other three people suddenly rose and attacked from three directions.

On the other side, Carolyn had been paying attention to the situation here. When she saw the aura of
the four people rising again, her expression changed. She gritted her teeth as if she had thought of

“Do not use the Death Storm!” At this time, Gerald seemed to have seen through her thoughts. He said
indifferently, “I can still withstand it. Look at how weak they are. I can still hold on for half an


In this battle, Gerald was also testing out where his limits were.

Looking at the four people surrounding him, Gerald put on a slight smile. The next moment, he
suddenly looked up and let out a loud roar.


At this moment, the aura on his body also began to increase explosively.

At the same time, not far from this battle group of super experts, Ari wore a pair of sunglasses and
quickly approached.


Suddenly, Ari seemed to feel something. He turned around and punched to the side.


At this time, a figure appeared next to him. Their fists collided, and their Vital Energy fluctuated. The
street lamp next to them was directly blown away.

“It’s you!” Ari withdrew his fist and frowned. “What do you mean?”

In front of Ari stood a bald man. He also put away his fist and muttered with a sigh, “I’m sorry. If you
want to join the battle, you have to fight against me.”

“Huh?” Ari took off his sunglasses and narrowed his eyes. “What? Do you have a grudge against

that man?”

“I have never met him before, but I have received a favor from Farris. And I have to help Farris this

time,” the bald man said.

“Damn it.” Ari frowned.

The next moment, they looked at Gerald at the same time. Ari said in horror, “This is…”

“Is Blaine here?” Ari was startled. He turned around and was about to run, but then he shook his head
and said, “No, this is not Blaine’s aura. Could it be that man?”

At the same time, on the rooftop, Davis was looking at the battle in the distance with a pair of
binoculars. At that moment, his expression froze.

“He is only 27 years old…

“What a young man!

“He has reached the super level.”

Davis muttered and lowered his head. No one knew what he was thinking.

Belinda frowned and said, “What do you mean?”

Her face was full of worry.

Davis did not answer her. Instead, he looked at the side. Davis found that Charles, who was beside
him, had a smile on his face. Because Charles rarely smiled, his smile was very stiff, but it was

indeed a smile.

At the scene, Gerald’s aura rose. He roared like a monster.

Under the terrifying burst of Vital Energy, the four people attacking Gerald were somewhat



Gerald bellowed, and the Void-breaking saber hovered over, charging straight at Dax, who was

rushing over.


The saber in Dax’s hand collided with the saber controlled by Gerald’s Vital Energy. The next moment,
Dax was sent flying like a cannonball.


Dax landed on the roof of a house, and the roof collapsed. After that, Dax rushed out with a face full of
disbelief, “How is this possible? Can he beat me from far away?”

Gerald didn’t care about anything else. At this time, he had completely raised his momentum and state
to the highest level. However, there were four super experts in front of him.

Gerald seemed to have reached the limit to remain undefeated.

“I didn’t expect you to reach that level at such a young age,” Jordan muttered, “Today, I will fight to
death and kill you.”




The sound of weapons colliding resounded. Gerald looked calm. He was waiting for an opportunity, an
opportunity for him to turn his defense into an attack.

“Here it is!” On the roof of a 12-story building about 0.6 miles away from the battle, Claude jumped

to the top of the building, sweating profusely. He took out a telescope to determine the direction and
quickly put the sniper rifle on his back.

He slowly exhaled and touched the side.

Valery and Kristen both took out their telescopes and guarded Claude. They didn’t dare to speak
because they were afraid of disturbing Claude.

Claude had already held his breath. For two minutes, he didn’t say a word.

The sniper rifle in his hand steadily aimed forward, but he didn’t pull the trigger.

What Gerald needed to break the balance was Claude’s sniper rifle.

However, the battle between super experts ahead was too fast.

It was a coincidence that he had injured Davis.

This time, it was too difficult to kill a person with one shot during the battle between super experts.

It was hard to aim at someone.

Moreover, it was 0.6 miles away. It would take some time for bullets to fly.

Time passed.

Claude had never pulled the trigger.

“Will it work?” Valery looked at Gerald, who was not far away, fighting against four people. Valery

was secretly anxious.


They heard the sound of exhaling.

Claude, who had been holding his breath, suddenly let out a long breath.


The next moment, he pulled the trigger in his hand.

A specially made bullet shot out from his sniper rifle.

It shot out 0.6 miles away.

“Old bastard!” Claude cursed. At the same time, he pulled the rifle bolt and aimed his glasses at the
scope again.

Gerald held the Nameless saber in his hand. Facing the four enemies, he was fearless.

Jordan’s aura rose to its peak. His expression was solemn as he raised his saber and charged at
Gerald again.

When he was about 15 feet away from Gerald, his pupils suddenly shrank. He felt something whistling
toward him.

Everyone felt that because they were all super experts.

Super experts could dodge or block ordinary bullets with their hands.



At that moment, Jordan, who was rushing over, was hit. He flew back in an extremely strange posture.
He looked at his lower abdomen in horror. There was a sharp pain, and blood was flowing


“Go die!”

He heard a voice. He suddenly looked forward and found that Gerald had instantly appeared in front

of him.

At the same time, the cross saber light lit up in front of him.

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