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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 421

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Chapter 421 Three Days

After saying this, Davis looked quite calm. He tasted his red wine and looked at Gerald.

Gerald said indifferently, “It’s normal to see people miss, but they mysteriously disappeared in front of
some experts. This is not normal. Only a super expert can do this. You have control over all the
information in Sin City. I think you must know what is going on.”

“It seems to have nothing to do with you,” Davis said.

“It has nothing to do with me?” Gerald’s eyelids twitched slightly. “You mean that it is really related to
you? It is you who did it, right?”

Belinda and Charles both looked at Davis.

Davis frowned slightly. Then he put down the glass in his hand and smiled at Charles. He said, “Mr.
Dominic, I admit that this matter is indeed related to me. I have secretly observed some of the children
in this city. If I find someone with good talent, I will get them and train them myself. It will be useful in
the future!”

Charles narrowed his eyes slightly. He did not say anything. He just said calmly, “You don’t have to
explain anything to me.”

“So you are training some children in private?” Gerald asked with a smile. “I’m afraid you can’t do that.
If you want someone, you can recruit someone in this city. Everyone in the city is willing to join you. If
you want to train their children, just tell them yourself. Do you need to be so sneaky?”

Charles glanced at Gerald and shook his head. “Gerald, leave it alone!”

Gerald frowned.

“I can promise you that those children are fine,” Charles said.

At this time, Gerald noticed that the corner of Davis’ mouth twitched a few times, and there was a trace
of fear in his eyes!

From Charles’ words, it seemed that he already knew what was going on.

Previously, Gerald had mentioned it to him. Charles had said that he had no idea at all. Looking at him
now, Gerald thought Charles should have already known.

In fact, Gerald had never understood Charles’ true identity. If he was Watchman No. 1, even if he was a
super expert, he shouldn’t have made Davis so afraid.

Later, Gerald discovered that Charles was the trump card of the so-called Watchmen hidden in the

However, Gerald also felt that it was unlikely. This was Sin City. If Davis were to shout, who knew how
many people in this city would be willing to follow him and shout with their arms?

The existence of Davis was relatively special. On one hand, his existence restrained the city, and to a
certain extent, he was an ally of the Watchmen!

But on the other hand, if Gerald brought such a large group of people out of Sin City, then this force
might not even be inferior to the Night Watch!

Gerald didn’t know much about this city.

But now that Charles had spoken, Gerald couldn’t say anything more. He let out a breath and said,
“Alright, but no matter what, I promised one person that you would let her child go. Even if you wanted
to train the child yourself, you had to tell her.”

“Recently, there is only one person called Averie. She is the daughter of Julisa, right?” Davis asked.

Gerald was speechless. He looked at Davis with a faint smile and said, “As expected, you know
everything about me in this city.”

Davis said, “That’s not true. I have never paid attention to you in this city. It is just that there are not
many people I got. In recent months, there is only one person.”

Gerald did not agree with his words. He did not believe it. He waved his hand and said,


“I will bring Averie to her at night to make things clear,” Davis said.

“OK, then cheers!” Gerald smiled and nodded.

Everyone raised their glasses.

Gerald and Davis chinked glasses, but he couldn’t see through this man!

Gerald might be on the same level as Davis now, but Davis had stayed at this level for too long. He had
stayed in this city for too long. As for the secrets of this city and the secrets of Davis, no one else in this
world knew about it except those few people.

This celebration banquet was held smoothly, and Gerald and the others had enough food.

While eating the dessert, Davis suddenly looked at Gerald and said, “To be honest, among the people I
have seen in my life, your talent is second only to Blaine!”

“Blaine?” Gerald asked in surprise. “He reached the super level not long ago?”

“It’s not about when he reached that level,” Davis seemed to be lost in his memories as he said. “I only
remember that the first time I met him, he was still a person who fed pigs in the countryside. Then
because the war spread to their village, he picked up a butcher knife.

“Then he succeeded just like that. He became the leader of the American Night Watch.” Davis wanted
to say more, but Charles coughed. So Davis did not mention it anymore.

Gerald was curious and wanted to ask more, including Theo and the others. But no matter how they
asked, Davis was not willing to say more. The dinner lasted until it was almost ten o’clock in the
evening, and Gerald and the others stood up to say goodbye.

At the entrance of the manor, Belinda looked at Gerald and said, “Then we will meet at the dock three
days later. From today on, I will be one of your team members.”

Gerald looked at her and smiled, “Team? I don’t have any team now. But maybe there will be one in the
future. No one knows.”

“See you in three days!” Belinda smiled with excitement in her eyes.

To her, leaving the city made her feel happy from the bottom of her heart!

On the way back to Roger’s house, Gerald received a call from Julisa. Davis brought Averie over and
explained the situation to her. Julisa especially called to thank Gerald.

Obviously, when Davis brought the child over, he mentioned Gerald.

Gerald only said a few words before hanging up the phone.

When he returned home, he found that Scar and the others had not left. Scar was also waiting for news
from Gerald.

Seeing that Gerald and the others had returned, Scar quickly came over and asked, “How is it?”

“Three days later, two cruise ships. You can announce it to the people from Lightbringers!” Gerald said.

Scar was delighted!

Milo’s eyes also turned red!

After twenty years, he could finally leave this city. The hope of revenge was not far ahead.

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