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Chapter 432

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They Are Real Villains

The group of pirates who rushed in was stunned.


They were actually ignored!

As the frightening boss of the nearby sea, this group of pirates felt humiliated at this moment.

The person in charge of attacking their cruise ship had a fierce look in his eyes. He held a machine gun
in his hand and looked around. His eyes fell on Gavyn, who was sitting on a table with a cigarette in his
mouth and looked like a big shot.

He had to assert his authority, and Gavyn became his target!

“Crack, crack, crack…”

He fired again. The sound of gunfire echoed in the casino, which became quiet again. The leader of the
pirates was a man with a beard. He roared fiercely, “All of you, raise your hands. You have been

As he spoke, he pointed his gun at Gavyn, and in the next instant, the sound of gunfire suddenly

He wanted to establish a fierce reputation by directly killing the most powerful person in his eyes, so
this group of people who did not respect them would feel terrified.

As he fired, his eyes revealed an excited bloodthirsty color.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

However, something shocking happened. His gunshots were loud, but he found that Gavyn in front of
him was constantly turning his wrist. It seemed that Gavyn was catching bullets with his bare hands.

“Damn, is this a variety show?” Frederic saw this scene and exclaimed.

The pirate was scared. He looked at this scene in shock.

At this time, one of Gavyn’s subordinates said, “Boss, you are good. I didn’t expect you to be as
naughty as ever. You know that we are bored on this ship, so you arranged such a program for us. I
can also catch bullets with my bare hands!”

As he said that, he looked at the bearded pirate and said, “Bro, shoot at me this time.”

The group of pirates who boarded the ship was stunned. They looked at everything in front of them with
their mouths agape. At this time, Gavyn frowned and stood up, saying, “This was not arranged by me.
These people should be the pirates on this island.”

“Huh?” At this time, the people in the casino were stunned.

“Something must have happened to Mr. Scar and the others when they went up to negotiate. These
pirates want to kidnap us.” Gavyn frowned.

“Kidnapping?” Someone moved his body and said, “Damn it. Mr. Scar doesn’t allow us to fight here. I
have long been bored. I just want to stretch my muscles and bones. They took the initiative to provoke
us. We have every reason to attack them!”

When the pirates with guns heard this conversation, they were stunned.

“What the hell is going on? Why does it feel like we’re at a disadvantage?”

At the same time, on the fifth floor, many people stood there. This group of people was busy now. More
than a dozen pirates came to the deck to find trouble with them. However, these dozen pirates were all
knocked down on the ground. Paxton found a long steel pipe somewhere. He strung the ten people
together through the sleeves of their sleeves.

“This is interesting!” Malcolm said, “Come and tie them up. Don’t let them fall. Hang them on the side of
the ship!”


With the help of several people, they hung the dozen or so people on the side of the ship with steel

These people were about to cry. They were desperately suspended in the air.

They really couldn’t understand why Paxton and his men were not afraid when they clearly had guns.
What angered them was that they couldn’t beat Paxton.

On the other ship, the one-eyed pirate took a fancy to Jessie. He personally led his men to the smaller
cruise ship. He ordered his subordinates to control other places while he headed straight for the fifth-
floor deck!

He couldn’t wait to pinch the faces and buttocks of Jessie and the others.

He had just rushed up when he saw a saber flying over. He subconsciously took the gun to block it.
The saber cut the gun in his arms with a bang. He turned his body sideways. He found that the saber
directly cut the gun into halves and then stabbed it on the side of the ship.

“What the hell is going on?” The one-eyed pirate felt a chill run down his spine. Before he could

react, he suddenly felt that there was someone next to him. He swallowed his saliva and looked to

the side. He found a middle-aged man dressed in rags, holding a bottle of wine in one hand,

squatting on the side of the ship next to him. The man tilted his head and looked at the pirate, then
asked stiffly, “Are you here to kidnap us?”

Cold sweat rose on the forehead of the one-eyed pirate. He nodded and shook his head!

He was going crazy!

In this world, there was actually someone who could cut open a gun with a saber.

This was a monster!

“Yes?” Milo squatted there and frowned. “Then get out of here!”

As Milo spoke, he picked up the pirate and threw him directly into the sea!

Such similar scenes were happening on every floor of the ship.

This group of pirates, who usually dominated the sea, was currently being tortured in all sorts of ways!

They were pirates, but this group of people from Sin City were true villains who knew martial arts!

At the same time, Scar and the others, who were carrying things, were also surrounded at this time.
The people Scar brought with him were experts, dozens of whom were at the top level. When the
pirates attacked Gerald and his men, Scar and his men were also attacked.

They were a group of fighters at the top level, so they wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

“Damn, Mr. Scar, what’s going on?” a person looked at Scar and asked.

Scar touched his bald head and frowned. “I… I don’t know either!”

On the other hand, Brae’s body was trembling. That was because he was afraid!

Night Watch was a mysterious existence. Brae had never come into contact with them, but he had
heard of them. In the past, there was a huge pirate crew in the Pacific Ocean. Many countries could not
do anything to them. Later, the pirate crew collapsed. Some of the pirates who wandered into Brae’s
pirate crew mentioned that this was the doing of Night Watch.

It was very strange and Brae did not take it to heart at all!

But now, Gerald suddenly asked Brae this question. Next to Gerald, there was a person who directly

distorted the pistol with his bare hands. Brae was about to faint.

The group of pirates surrounding Gerald also began to slowly disperse to both sides. They were
shocked and frightened.

At this time, there was no brotherhood at all. This group of pirates gathered together just to survive!

They withdrew in the face of danger!

Moreover, these people were not tied by blood!

Many pirates immediately ran away. Only twenty of them remained cool.

Brae’s body trembled slightly. He gritted his teeth and said, “Sir, please let me go. And I will let your
men go. What do you think?”

“The people on our ship… I don’t think you need to let them go!” Gerald touched his nose calmly.

“Boss… You… Look over there!” suddenly, a pirate stuttered.

Brae looked in the direction that his subordinate pointed. He saw that outside a huge cruise ship,
several things that looked like poles stretched out. There seemed to be some people hanging on that

Because Brae was far away, he couldn’t see clearly. He swallowed his saliva and picked up a
telescope from the person next to him. This time, he saw it clearly.

He saw that the men he sent to control the two cruise ships were now stuck together in a string and
hanging on the side of the ship. Most of his people had bloody noses and their faces were full of


Seeing this scene, Brae completely lost control.

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