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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 422

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Chapter 422 Is This About Obeying Your Husband?

Gerald arrived at Roger’s house.

In a small mansion in the Eastern District of Sin City, Davis was sitting on the sofa.

In the room, a trace of an excited smile appeared on Julisa’s face. Julisa looked at Davis and said, “Mr.
Hodges, I’ll have to trouble you with Averie in the future.”

Davis smiled slightly. He bowed and said, “Sorry to trouble you.’

“It’s fine. It’s Averie’s honor to be able to stay by your side and receive your guidance,” Julisa quickly

Davis ranked second on the Sun List, and he was the owner of Sin City.

A smile appeared on Davis’ face. Davis smiled faintly and said, “Then I’ll take Averie back!”

“Alright. See you,” Julisa quickly said.

Davis got up and held Averie’s hand as they walked downstairs. When they reached downstairs, he

rubbed Averie’s head and said, “Averie, wait for me in the car!”

Averie nodded obediently. Davis’ butler, who was next to Davis, opened the door for Averie. After
Averie got into the car, Brendon Potter, Davis’ butler, looked at Davis and said, “Mr. Hodges, what do
you think?”

Davis frowned and said, “This woman plays tricks with her words. Now Mr. Dominic knows that we are
quietly developing our own forces. He didn’t say anything just now, but I couldn’t figure out what he was

“What do you have in mind?” asked Brendon.

Davis patted his clothes and looked at Brendon. Davis smiled slightly and said, “When Gerald leaves,
take this woman to Burgendy Bordello! Also, tell Farris to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t discipline his
son well. He deserved it. Don’t cause trouble for me again.”

“Understood!” Brendon nodded and said.

Gerald didn’t know what Davis had done. When Gerald returned home, he felt a little tired. After a
simple wash, Gerald returned to the sofa on the second floor and lay down.

This sofa was bought when Malcolm paid Theo. As more and more people lived in this small building,
Gerald, Claude, and Theo began to sleep on the sofa. Fortunately, the sofa was quite big when it was
unfolded, and the three people could sleep on the sofa!

Gerald went upstairs and found that Valery was sitting there.

There was no one in the living room on the second floor.

“Where are Claude and Theo?” Gerald asked.

Valery said, “They went to sleep in Adam’s manor with Scar. You’re probably the only one sleeping
here tonight.”

Gerald was stunned and scolded, “These two bastards went out to enjoy the life of a rich man, but they
didn’t take me.”

Valery was speechless. Valery then said, “Come here. I’ll give you a massage!”

Hearing Valery’s words, Gerald couldn’t help but be slightly happy.

Valery’s massage technique was not bad. The key thing was that Gerald enjoyed the feeling of resting
his head on Valery’s thigh.

Gerald lay down on the sofa and put his head on Valery’s leg.

“Where are Jolie and the others?” Gerald asked.

“They’re all asleep, so you need to be a little quiet!” Valery said.

“Quiet?” Gerald’s eyes lit up. Gerald said, “You want to make some noise with me?”

“Do you want to die?” Valery’s gaze turned cold.

Gerald quickly shut up. Valery couldn’t help but smile. Valery placed her hand on Gerald’s head and
gently massaged him as she asked, “What are you going to do in the next few days? You don’t seem to
care about the arrangements. You just wait to leave in three days!”

Gerald smiled and said, “Recently, my nerves have been tense. For these three days, I’ll just stay at
home. Then I will go see Jacob and the others and wait for the preparation of the next few days!”

Those three days were meant for these people in Sin City so that Gerald could have a few days to give
them some things to do.

Many people wanted to leave this place, but there were also many who were not willing to leave.

They had long since taken root in this city.

If they were to leave with their families, perhaps most of them would be willing, but if they left their
families here and left by themselves, they might be unable to accept it.

Moreover, even if they wanted to leave, they would have to prepare a lot of things, including luggage,
food, and fresh water.

Gerald had to leave some time for them to prepare.

Valery nodded and said, “That’s fine. This time… I hope that we can successfully take revenge for


“Humph, the United Army Headquarters is also in Europe. When the time comes, we will go there
directly. I want to ask who proposed to expel me from the Night Watch,” Gerald said and sneered.

“You intend to make a scene?” Valery said, “It is indeed time to make a scene.”

Gerald nodded and said, “Let’s talk about it after we get there. When the time comes, I’ll smash my

medals of gold and above into their heads.”

Valery smiled and said, “This is indeed something that you would do. Are we going to Europe directly?”

“Yes!” Gerald nodded and said, “Let’s go there first. There’s no need to hide anything. Let’s put these
two cruise ships over there. They want to fight. Bring it on. If they want to talk, then I will talk to them
seriously. Anyway, we are in the right. They are playing tricks with me. I have a clear


“Justice will win!” Valery smiled.

Then Valery looked down at Gerald and said, “Do you … have any resentment?”

“Yes!” Gerald said, “But it doesn’t matter.”

“Will you return to the Night Watch?” Valery asked again. “Or do you plan to establish your own


Gerald froze. He hadn’t expected that Valery would suddenly ask this.

“I don’t know!” Gerald said honestly.

Gerald had lived a muddled life for the first eighteen years. After Gerald turned eighteen, he joined the
Night Watch. In the days after that, he had been on the Night Watch and had always contributed

to this world!

But this time, Gerald had been expelled by the organization that he had made countless. contributions
to, and they had issued the highest bounty order, the Blood Order, on Gerald!

It was impossible to say that Gerald wasn’t hurt.

Gerald didn’t know if he would go back or not.

Valery fell silent, then smiled and said, “Alright. Wherever you go, I will follow you.”

“Is this about obeying your husband?” Gerald said with a smile.

“Do you want to die again?” Valery asked.

Gerald quickly begged for mercy!

Valery didn’t really do anything to Gerald. Her hand kept massaging Gerald’s body. They chatted like
old friends, one asking and one answering!

Under the slightly yellow light, the scene was a bit beautiful. At night, Sin City also had a trace of

Slowly, Gerald felt a bit tired. Gerald closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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