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Chapter 463

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Fight to the Death

“In order to survive, you ignore the lives of others and even let them die?” Gerald sneered and stepped
forward step by step!

“When they arrive, people will die sooner or later. I just made it earlier.” Perrin licked his lips and said,
“As the hero of Night Watch, I have sheltered so many ordinary people. So what’s wrong with taking
something from them?”

“Hero? Are you qualified to be a hero?” When Gerald heard this, he felt disgusted in his heart.

“I’m the first generation of Watchmen. I have guarded the entire human race! I am a hero!” Perrin said

“But you have already betrayed the human race. You and Blood Lotus have worked together to deal
with Night Watch. You are now like the Blood Lotus people, and you have become their slave!” Gerald
said indifferently.

“So what? I just want to live, and in the end, I am still a fire seed!” As Perrin said this, he licked his lips
and shook his cloak. “And Gerald, let me tell you. Do you think you can win against me just because
you have reached this level? Today, I will kill you. When the war breaks out and they come, I will let
Watchmen die one by one. I will get merits and become part of them. Are you desperate?”

“Do you think Blaine is your hope? Let me tell you, Blaine is nothing to them. Those who do not submit
will eventually die!” Perrin said.

Gerald looked at him, the hero who was once a Watchman, and slowly closed his eyes.

He looked at the sky and smiled, “Terry, open your eyes and watch. I’m here to avenge you!”

There was no need for him to talk nonsense with Perrin anymore. He flew out again with a saber and
rushed toward Perrin!

Perrin licked his lips. He held his spear and said, “I haven’t fought for many years. It’s good to use your
death to tell this world how strong I am.”

“Cross Slash!”

Gerald slashed out. They started fighting in an instant, and their auras became dominant!

Gerald’s gaze was serious. He didn’t expect this old man to be so strong. He fought with Davis before.
In his opinion, there was nothing different between Perrin and Davis.

On the ground, sand and stones flew everywhere.

This was a collision between the strongest men on Earth.

At the same time, on the other side, Carolyn and Clement also fought to the depths of the island.

“Carolyn, with your talent and background as a Watchman, why did you abandon your belief and
collude with Gerald?” Clement waved his saber and snorted.

“Collude?” Carolyn sneered. The Sapphire Star in her hand was constantly waved.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

They were both at the super level, and they were both Watchmen. Some of their techniques were
similar, and it was unlikely to end the fight quickly.

“Do you know what he did?” Carolyn’s eyes flashed with anger. “Terry died because of Perrin. Perrin
cooperated with Blood Lotus. We don’t know how many Watchmen died because of him! In the North,
many Watchmen are still fighting for the justice that they hold in their hearts!”

“Do you think I will fall for that?” Clement sneered and said, “You’re the one who made a mistake!”

“In this case, there is nothing to say. We have witnesses, and Gerald has not taken any credit. But you
still don’t believe it and firmly believe in Perrin.” Carolyn sneered, “Then let’s fight to the death!”

On the beach, people fell one after another, and the beach was dyed red.

Such a large-scale war was tragic.

At this time, Theo was bathed in blood. In the absence of super experts, he was like a god of war.

“Boss, you must win!” He prayed in his heart!

He knew that for them, there was no turning around. Perhaps some of them would be fine. Even if

Perrin won, Blaine might be able to think of a way to protect them. However, their peers in Sin City
would definitely die here today.

On the ship, Claude was reloading, and Aleen beside him was a little moved.

They were from Sin City, but in Sin City, such a large-scale battle was extremely rare. Between. great
forces, there would usually not be too many bitter battles.

But this time was different. There was no turning around!

Kristen gritted her teeth and said, “Aleen, I’ll leave Claude to you!”

She ignored Gerald’s warning. After she finished speaking, she directly pulled out her saber and
jumped off the ship.

Claude had already killed five top experts. At this time, the enemies also felt Claude’s threat. Three top
experts were constantly moving toward them.

Claude had to be killed if they wanted to win!

On the battlefield, the fight between Milo and Ascham was also the center of attention as they fought.
Ascham sneered and said, “Milo, you’re like a rat. You actually dared to come out. Twenty years ago,
you should’ve died. Today, I will send you to your bros. Oh, right, and your wife!”

Milo said with eyes wide open, “Today, all of you will die here!”

“Is that so? Do you really think Gerald can defeat Mr. Dempsey?” Milo said disdainfully.

“He will definitely win, and you will be killed by me today!” Milo gritted his teeth and attacked crazily!

Further away, many people were watching the battle with binoculars. This cruel battle shocked the
European Watchmen.

Leonardo was extremely worried when he saw this. Gerald’s attack had frightened him. Seeing this, he
shouted, “Guys, did you see that? Your peers are being killed by the thugs from Sin City. They once
fought side by side with you. Mr. Dempsey is our hero. Do you really want to see the hero die here

After saying that, he shouted, “I will take the lead. Who is willing to follow me to help Mr. Dempsey and
our peers?”

Some people swayed, but at this time, they saw Blaine standing up on the small cruise ship next to
them and wiping his.Crimson Slayer!

Those who were swayed quickly quit.

“Huh?” At this time, Blaine suddenly frowned.

He turned around and looked into the distance. A white ship slowly approached. At the bow of the white
ship, an old lady holding a walking stick and a woman in red stood there!

“Red Rose!” Many people recognized Red Rose. She was on the underground killer list.

Blaine frowned slightly when he saw Gilda.

Zackary bowed to Gilda and said, “Ms. Shaffer, long time no see.”

Gilda looked up at Zackary and smiled slightly. “You are now an old fox!”

Zackary just smiled and did not reply.

Gilda looked at the island and asked, “How is it now?”

“Perrin and Gerald went to the depths of the island, and we cannot see the situation clearly.”

Zackary said, “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing. Just to check on him and tell you something.” Gilda said indifferently, “Jaden went to me. He
told me that you still had a month to prepare!”

Hearing this, Blaine and Zackary frowned at the same time!

In a distant manor of Davis in Sin City, Davis and Charles sat facing each other in the hall. In front of
them was a game of chess!

“I received the news yesterday that the battle between Gerald and Perrin had already started.” Davis
said calmly, “Mr. Dominic, do you think Gerald will win?”

“What about you?” Charles still had a serious expression.

“I… I bet that Perrin will win!” Davis smiled and said, “What a pity. He’s such a genius in Night Watch!”

Charles did not answer. He stood up, turned around, and walked to the door.

“Mr. Dominic, are you not going to finish the game?” asked Davis.

Charles nodded and said, “I have won! In addition, I bet Gerald will win!”

Davis was stunned. He looked at the chessboard below and then looked at Charles, who was walking
away. He grinned and said, “Do you really think that you will win against me? Mr. Dominic!”

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