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Chapter 468

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He Is Dead!

Carolyn and Clement were in the basement of Exploro. They followed the smell of blood and walked to
a door

They did not choose to continue to attack. Carolyn did not choose to attack because there might be
evidence of the Dempsey family’s evil deeds here!

“This door has a password. It can’t be opened!” Clement said.

Carolyn snorted coldly. Then, her Vital Energy surged and she directly slashed at the door.

After a few consecutive slashes, she directly split open the iron door

Clement frowned, but he did not say anything.

There was light behind the door. They walked in. When they saw the situation behind the door, they
were completely shocked.

Inside the room, there were countless instruments. The bright red liquid inside them was rolling. In
some instruments, there were some naked young people. Some of them had dried up and looked like
skeletons. Some of them were a bit better. They were in the instruments with their eyes closed. No one
could tell if they were still alive!

They had instruments tied to them, and pipes were stuck into their bodies. Bright red blood was being
extracted from their bodies.

Suddenly, Clement exclaimed as he looked at a young man in his twenties, his face full of shock, “This
is Morris Oliver! Didn’t he disappear when he was on a mission? Why is he here?”

Carolyn ignored him and looked forward!

Clement noticed Carolyn’s gaze and also looked over

Muller was lying in the front. He was also tied with instruments, and blood was flowing into his body. He
seemed not to feel the arrival of Carolyn and Clement. His eyes were closed and his face was full of

Muller did not participate in the main battle. He was very old. He took advantage of the battle outside to
exchange blood here.

Seeing this scene, Clement was completely stunned.

“This is the hero of you guys!” Carolyn said lightly.

Clement was stunned for a moment, and then he was full of rage!

“Both auras have disappeared.” At this time, Carolyn’s eyebrows moved slightly. Then, she ignored
everything here and directly rushed out!

She was very anxious. She quickly rushed out and went straight to the beach.

The beach was the most tragic place. Theo was bathed in blood, and there were many wounds on his

He consumed much Vital Energy

The enemy was Watchmen. They formed a small team, and their joint attack formation was much
stronger than that of Sin City The people of Sin City were stronger in individual combat. The two sides
fought evenly, and the casualties were quite large. In only half an hour, hundreds of people were lying
on the beach.

The battle was still going on. It was extremely tragic!


At this moment, a loud shout rang out.

People who were fighting trembled. They looked in the direction of the voice. Not far away, a white
cruise ship was slowly approaching. There were two people standing at the bow of the ship, and one of
them was an old man holding a red saber. Everyone noticed him, and their pupils contracted slightly at
this moment!


At this moment, all the Watchmen of Exploro recognized Blaine.

Crimson Slayer was an obvious symbol.

“Blaine, the Invincible!”

Everyone was shocked.

Crimson Slayer and this name were enough to make anyone tremble.

The two sides began to put down the sabers in their hands and retreat.

Blaine stood at the bow of the ship, his brows furrowed.

As soon as Ghost Slash appeared, he knew who would win.

At the bow of the ship, Valery glanced at Blaine and then turned her gaze to the distance. A trace of

hesitation appeared on her face!

She felt it. Perrin’s aura and Gerald’s aura had disappeared at the same time. She did not know who
the winner was or if they had both died.

“Boss! You will definitely win, right?” Claude held his gun and muttered.

Soon, in the middle of the field, two figures quickly approached. Belinda and Nate also appeared on the
beach. They were unharmed, and there was not even a trace of sweat on them.

Belinda frowned!

She directly jumped onto the deck of the cruise ship.

All the people stopped after Blaine roared. The two parties began to separate.

Theo glanced at Blaine, gritted his teeth, and said, “This damn old man has only just arrived. If anything

happens to Boss, I won’t let him off!”

After some time, someone suddenly said, “Over there… Someone appeared!”

Everyone looked over from afar!

In the distance, a person covered in blood and tattered clothes slowly walked over His footsteps were
very slow, and his body was shaking.

His right hand was dragging a person as he walked step by step toward the beach!

Behind him, Void–breaking and Nameless were extremely eye–catching!


“It’s Gerald”

“We won!”

“The person on the ground is Perrin!”

At this moment, the entire Sin City team was filled with endless cheers, and the people of Exploro all
revealed looks of despair

Gerald dragged Perrin’s corpse and slowly walked over. He felt that he couldn’t muster any strength.

He looked at the ship, and then a smile appeared on his face.

Then, he raised his other hand and showed a gesture of victory to the people on the ship.

“Gerald!” On the ship, a smile appeared on Valery’s cold face. Then, tears flowed down her face. She
quickly jumped down from the deck.

At this time, Gerald also couldn’t hold on and fell to the side.

At this time, a figure flashed past and quickly caught him. At the same time, this person whispered,
“Boss! Are you OK?”

Gerald looked at Carolyn. The smile on his face became bigger and bigger. Then, he reached out and
touched Carolyn’s face. I have finally… avenged Terry!”

Carolyn nodded!

“Boss, hold on!” Carolyn hurriedly said.

Tm tired Gerald said. Then, he suddenly closed his eyes. His hand that was touching Carolyn’s face
also fell down!

This scene made everyone nervous.

Gerald used Ghost Slash after activating Death Storm. It was hard to say if Gerald’s body could
withstand it.

“Gerald!” Gerald heard many shouts, but the voices were getting weaker and weaker!

Everyone in Exploro looked at the corpses on the ground. Some were silent, and some were sad!

Perrin, who ranked third on the Sun List, had died!

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