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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 497

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Chapter 497 Gathering

Gerald looked up at the sky. When Jolie heard this, her eyes sparkled violently.

In the past few months in Sin City, she had followed Gerald and the others. In fact, she knew a lot of

For example, “they” that Gerald had mentioned several times in their conversations, most of the time,
“they” were called “Elite Ghosts”.

Jolie did not know what this was, but every time Gerald and the others mentioned this, their
expressions were quite serious. For example, they would talk about where Gerald had a scar on his
body, and how he was cut.

And now, Gerald said “they” were coming.

For some reason, looking at the shooting stars in the sky and the city crowded as usual, Jolie had a
very unreal feeling. At the same time, she felt a chill down her spine.

Gerald did not notice Jolie’s expression. He was standing on the balcony and calling Valery.

“I’m afraid this is a big attack,” Valery said. “I saw five red lights and a golden light. This is just what I

“I’m afraid these are not all. We’ll be in big trouble!” Gerald gritted his teeth. He quickly said, ‘Inform all
the other members of our team to gather with weapons and combat suits. Tell Scar to immediately
contact the other people to gather at the base of Night Watch. Inform Dennis to protect Sacramento
with his life! And call Abraham and ask him to prepare planes for us. All members of our team will go to
the North!”

“Got it!” Valery said seriously.

This was the first time Jolie had seen this kind of tough and domineering aura from Gerald. She

“What… What should I do?” Jolie was a little flustered. When Gerald hung up the phone, she asked

Gerald touched her head and smiled slightly, “It’s fine. Just stay in Sacramento. Judging from their
current trajectory, they can only land in the North. That is a place that you don’t know at all. Only when
we can’t guard it, will these Elite Ghosts appear. Don’t tell others. You should just go to work and get off
work as usual. Just live a peaceful life!”

As he spoke, Gerald raised his head and looked at the shooting stars that filled the sky. He muttered, “I
… and Watchmen will protect this world. For every being who is breathing!”

At this moment, somehow, Gerald’s image in Jolie’s heart had completely changed.

“Tell my parents that I went on a temporary business trip. Don’t let them worry,” Gerald said.

Jolie nodded. “I know! I’ll drive you to the airport.”

Gerald nodded, and the two ran downstairs. Jolie drove Gerald to the airport.

“Gerald.” When she was driving, Jolie suddenly said in a low voice.

She was worried about Gerald.

Before this, Jolie had always called him by his name casually. As she drove, she asked, “Is it very
dangerous this time?”

Gerald smiled slightly. “Yeah. It should be a little dangerous!”

“You must come back safely, okay?” Jolie said again.

Gerald nodded and said, “OK! I will try my best. But if danger comes, capable people have to deal with
it. I am the capable one. After all, I’m the No. 3 on the Sun List!”

He tried his best to make his tone playful so that he could relax the pressure in Jolie’s heart.

An hour later, their car stopped in front of the airport. Gerald saw Valery and the others standing there
from afar!

Now, all the people of Team 11762 arrived.

In front of them, Carolyn, Valery, Theo, Claude, Kristen, Milo, and Belinda were all standing there.

Of course, Nova came too. She also chose to go to the North with Gerald and the others.

They were carrying bags on their backs, just like tourists who were going out to travel. However, the
things that were tied up with cloth on them looked a little strange, and everyone was carrying such

These were their weapons, the standard double sabers of Night Watch.

After Gerald got out of the car, Theo raised his hand and threw a package with Nameless and Void-
breaking in his hands to Gerald. After Gerald took them, he carried these on his back.

Gerald turned around and said to Jolie, “Go back. Don’t think too much. Find a boyfriend during this

You’re not young anymore. When I come back, I hope you can bring your boyfriend to see me.”

“You should worry about yourself!” Jolie pouted, then waved to everyone, and said, “You… must come
back safely!”

After watching Jolie leave, Gerald let out a sigh of relief. He said lightly, “Assemble!”

Theo and the others quickly came over. Valery immediately called Dennis. Soon, Dennis came out from
the airport and said, “This way. You don’t have to get through security!”

They had to get through a special passageway. After all, weapons could not be passed through
conventional security checks.

They walked along another path toward the place where they took off. Dennis frowned and said, “I
know. When they appear, you will definitely participate in the battle, but…”

Dennis paused and continued, “Are you still unwilling to return to Night Watch? Then what kind of
identity do you use to participate in the battle?”

Gerald did not say anything.

“Actually, you don’t have to be angry with Blaine. We all know that you’ll be the leader of Night Watch
sooner or later. You…” Dennis wanted to say something else.

At this time, Valery suddenly patted him and said, “Perhaps Gerald is afraid of this and is unwilling to
go back.”

Dennis was stunned. He looked at Gerald and then said nothing more.

The shooting stars lit up the entire sky. Countless people were making wishes, and the world was
bustling. They did not know that many people with serious expressions were rushing in a certain
direction. They were guarding the peace of this world and even sacrificing their lives!

At this time, the battle in Sin City had already lasted for several days.

What made Charles somewhat helpless was that from the beginning, Davis and the others had chosen
to fight them to the death. They had many people and their combat strength was not bad. After fighting
for a long time, they found that they were no match for Watchmen.

This was the greatest trump card of American Night Watch, an existence that could change the world.

What shocked Davis the most was that Charles, the mysterious Watchman No. 1, who had seldom
fought in his life, was not inferior to Davis.

Therefore, in this battle, their casualties were great at the beginning!

Then, Davis quickly changed his strategy. He didn’t fight Watchmen to the death and instead chose to
use guerrilla warfare and harassment!

Davis only had one goal, to drag these Watchmen into this place, making it impossible for them to
participate in the battle. At the very least, these Watchmen couldn’t participate in the battle in a short

If Watchmen gathered and wanted to leave by boat, Davis would have people harass them. When
Watchmen attacked them, they would run away.

At this time, in front of his manor, Davis and Charles were standing opposite each other.

“I didn’t expect you to reach this level,” Davis said with a smile. He held a long saber and looked at
Charles indifferently.

“Only by killing you, will we be able to leave safely!” Charles said indifferently. “Stop talking nonsense.
Come over and fight!”

“Why?” Davis said indifferently. “I admit that I underestimated you, but you can’t beat me. You can’t kill
me either. How about we sit down, drink some red wine, and play chess like before, waiting for the

results of the North?

“Do you see the shooting stars in the sky? Do you think that even if you go out, you can stop such a
large-scale invasion?” Davis asked calmly.

Charles raised his eyes and said indifferently, “You are willing to be a dog, but I won’t. So I would rather
die in this battle!”

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