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Chapter 528

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I Won’t Let Blaine Die

Hearing Gerald’s words, Riya was shocked. She quickly released her grip and said, “Why did you use
Death Storm again? Also, you just rushed up with a small number of people. That is the Gold Elite
Ghost. It has been so many years, but you still like to mess around.”

Gerald took her to the door and helped her sit down. He also found a stool and sat down at the door.

“Riya, I don’t know what happened. After I used Death Storm, I will be fine soon. There are not many
side effects,” Gerald said with a smile.

Riya was stunned. Then she kicked Gerald and said, “Regardless of side effects, it is better to use less
of something like Death Storm.”

Gerald nodded.

When Riya saw Gerald nod, she put on a satisfied smile. Then, she thought of something and said,
“You went missing before. They said that you died in battle, and I cried for a few days. Tell me, are you
going to do to compensate me?”

Gerald was surprised. He cleared his throat and said, “That happened three years ago. Do you still
want me to compensate you?”

“Of course!” Riya said.

“Well… I’ll help you kill a few more Elite Ghosts,” Gerald said with a smile.

“Deal!” Riya stood up and said, “You’re here to get new battle suits and energy stones, right? Go with

Gerald supported Riya, and they walked into the tent.

Riya said as she walked, “By the way, I heard them say that you went to be a matrilocal son-in-law
when you were missing for three years. And you were bullied by your mother-in-law?”

Gerald was speechless. He felt that all American Watchmen knew about this. He cleared his throat and
said, “I lost my memory at that time, and then…”

“Humph!” Riya pursed her lips and said, “I remember that place is Los Angeles, right? After this battle,
take me there and let me meet your ex-mother-in-law. How dare she bully you?”

Gerald felt a headache, but then he was a little touched.

Riya treated them like her own younger brother.

“I’ve dealt with this matter. I seldom contact them now. You don’t have to worry about it. Speaking of
that, it’s time for you to get married,” Gerald said.

Riya paused. She looked at her hands and legs and said with a bitter smile, “This is me. Just…”

Gerald frowned, then grinned, and said, “I think Dennis cares about you. He is also a bachelor. Maybe
he is waiting for you. I’ll tell him another day. If he doesn’t marry you, I will beat him up.”

“Urgh!” Riya curled her lips and said, “As long as there are still Elite Ghosts, I won’t marry.”

Riya walked into the tent. There were a lot of materials inside, which were well categorized. She found
a few battle suits and handed them to Gerald. Riya said sadly, “Alas, I don’t know if there will be a day
when all the Elite Ghosts disappear. This time, there are Gold Elite Ghosts. I don’t know if there are
more powerful ones. Moreover … if Blaine swings this saber this time…”

As she spoke, Riya’s eyes became a little red.

Most of the Watchmen admired Blaine, especially those who had contact with him personally.

“Riya.” At this time, Gerald looked at Riya and said, “I promise you that I won’t let Blaine die.”

Riya frowned and said, “Boy, don’t take risks. In the past, you always rushed to the front when you
were with Dennis. This is not good, and Blaine said that you’re the hope.”

“I know what to do.” Gerald smiled and said, “I am very powerful now, ranking third on the Sun List.”

“Good boy.” Riya pouted and then murmured, “Gerald, this time… we will win, right?”

“Yes!” Gerald looked at her and nodded with certainty.

“After we win, why don’t you call Carolyn, Claude, and Theo? Let’s have seafood together. There are
only five of you left.” Riya said, “I hope this time, all of you can survive.”

“Yes. I am here, and I won’t let anything happen to them,” Gerald grinned and said.

“Okay!” Riya said, “You must be busy. Go and do your job. When it is over, we can have a good talk.”

Gerald nodded.

He took Riya to the door and helped her sit down. Riya continued to have snacks. After saying
goodbye to Riya, Gerald returned to his tent.

At the entrance of the tent, Carolyn and Theo were sitting there, looking at the tent of Troy’s team with
malicious intentions. They were talking about something.

As for Troy’s team, after Gerald and the others arrived, they all hid in the tent, unwilling to come out.

When Gerald got closer, he took a look and said, “Carolyn, you are a super expert now. Don’t bully

Troy was hiding in the nearby tent. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but curse, “Damn. These
bastards talk so loudly. Are they afraid that I don’t know that they are super experts? They must be on

Although he said this, Troy had no intention of running out of the tent.

Gerald gave away the battle suits and said, “These are new battle suits. At night, let’s go outside and
get used to it. This can improve our mobility, and we can even fly at a low altitude for a short time. It is
quite good.”

Hearing this, Theo and the others were excited. Theo said, “Why do we have to do it at night? Let’s go
and try it out now.”

“Not now. Carolyn, Belinda, Milo, we have to have a meeting.” Gerald let out a breath and said, “The
battle might begin tomorrow.”

Belinda frowned and said, “I won’t go.”

Milo also said lightly, “I won’t go either!”

Gerald was speechless.

Belinda came from Sin City. She was the top expert there. Belinda was used to her freedom and
couldn’t stand a meeting.

Milo was a little angry and naturally did not want to go.

After saying that, Milo directly took a bottle of wine and went into the tent.

Gerald said helplessly, “Well, Carolyn, let’s go.”

Carolyn nodded. “Okay!”

The two of them walked out. Claude touched the clothes in his hand and thought about what Gerald
just said. Claude opened the tent and said, “Milo, we’re free now anyway. Why don’t we try the battle

“Good!” Milo gulped down a mouthful of wine, changed into the battle suit in the tent, and ran toward
the back of the camp.

After they left, Troy’s team ran out of the tent.

“Boss, who the hell arranged for us to be next door to them? It’s disgusting.” Jair cursed.

Troy nodded and said, “I will find someone to change the place. Otherwise, when they come back, they
will probably act tough in front of me.”

“It can’t be helped. These people… are too abnormal.” Jair smiled bitterly and said, “It has only been a
few years. Gerald and Carolyn have become super experts, and Gerald has ranked third on the Sun
List. Unbelievable!”

Troy said, “Stop talking nonsense. I will find someone to change the place first.”

Meanwhile, Gerald and Carolyn walked into a tent.

As soon as he opened the tent, Gerald found that there was a very long table inside, and people sat
around the table.

Blaine, Zackary, Francisco… All leaders of Watchmen of each continent, as well as nineteen super

Just as Gerald and Carolyn walked in, there sounded a malicious voice. “As you rank third on the Sun
List, we’re all waiting for you.”

Gerald frowned and looked at the person who spoke.

Gerald did not recognize this person, who wore a robe and seemed to be a priest.

Beside him sat Steven and Edward.

Obviously, that man had a good relationship with them.

Gerald looked up at him, not saying a word.

Although he had come a little late to get something, Gerald was indeed the last person to arrive, and he
didn’t bother to argue with that man.

He and Carolyn walked to the side, pulled out the chairs, and sat down.

Just as they sat down, the person said sourly again, “Humph, you didn’t even apologize. Blaine, look at
him. The young man may be strong, but at least he should respect the seniors. "

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