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Chapter 531

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For Every Being Who Is Breathing

After a night of silence, it was already the morning of the next day!

Tonight, many Watchmen did not sleep very long.

Everyone knew that the decisive battle would start today. At seven in the morning, at the entrance of
the tents in the logistics team, there was a very sumptuous breakfast.

Although it was breakfast, most of it was meat!

This was the rule of Watchmen’s mission!

Before the mission, they would eat very well, because this was probably the last meal before they went
on their way.

In the face of Elite Ghosts, Watchmen always had the determination to sacrifice in battle!

Gerald was also the same. Around seven o’clock, they brought a sumptuous breakfast here, and all of
the food was finished.

On the other hand, a few girls also finished eating. Then, they walked out of the tents. All of them
changed into battle suits and carried double sabers on their backs.

As for Belinda, she also put on her gloves.

Gerald let out a breath and said slowly, “Dr. Manning won’t participate in the battle today, so you will be
responsible for Theo, Kristen, and Claude today. Claude, you cooperate with Belinda and the other two.
There is only one goal, and that is to block a Red Elite Ghost!”

“Yes!” Everyone nodded!

Valery didn’t change into her combat uniform. He wore a doctor’s white coat. Then, she looked at
Gerald. Her gaze swept over everyone present. She gritted her teeth and said, “No matter what, all of
you have to come back today. Even if you only have one breath left, I will use everything I have to save

Gerald nodded and looked towards the mountain peak!

As they spoke, the surrounding groups of people began to gather. Most of them had a hint of
nervousness on their faces. At the same time, they looked towards the mountain peak from time to

At the mountain peak, the strange movements of the Watchmen below naturally attracted the attention
of Elite Ghosts. Soon, a large number of Elite Ghosts began to walk out from the flying device. A Gold
Elite Ghost walked down from the flying device and saw the bottom of the mountain.

Then, behind them, there were Red Elite Ghosts and Blue Elite Ghosts. They formed a group!

Gerald could not help but squint his eyes at the peak of the mountain.


A large group of Watchmen had already begun to gather. Blaine walked out of the tent with his Crimson
Slayer. On this day, he had also changed into a new combat suit with a hint of determination on his

Zackary was by his side. The two slowly walked out of the tent.

After so many years, Blaine was about to make a move again.

Everyone knew that Blaine only had the ability of one saber strike, but he was still the number one on
the Sun List and was known to be “The Invincible” in the world.

However, when he passed through the crowd, a wave of sorrow spread throughout the Watchmen.

They all knew that in this battle, Blaine would make a move. If he made a move, it meant that … he
would die.

He had guarded the human race for so many years. His death would make the future of Watchmen and
the underground world change dramatically!

If Watchmen really wanted to choose a hero among them, Blaine was undoubtedly one.

Zackary and Blaine walked through the streets beside the tents. There was a smile on Blaine’s face,
and Zackary beside him also had a smile.

As they walked past Gerald and the others, Gerald felt a trace of bitterness in Zackary’s smile.

They were closer than even brothers. They almost spent their whole lives together.

And today, Zackary was going to send his old friend on the way to death!

Zackary glanced at Gerald, and the smile on his lips became sadder.

Gerald lowered his head and did not speak. Then he turned around and followed the two people with
his team members, slowly walking forward.

Just like that, the group of people passed through the big tents and the camp. They arrived at the foot
of Agepsta Mountain. Blaine raised his head and looked at the Gold Elite Ghosts on the top of the
mountain with raised eyebrows. A hint of disdain appeared on the corners of his mouth!

Behind him, all the Watchmen stood up. The remaining eighteen super experts were divided into two
teams and stood together. Behind them were Elite Teams. They were usually the strongest soldiers as

long as the super level didn’t perform any missions. However, today, the purpose of the hundreds of
Elite Team soldiers was to stall the remaining Red Elite Ghosts.

It was unknown how many Elite Team members would die in this place today. War was always cruel!

Blaine stood at the front and took a long breath. He seemed to want to breathe the last time, and then
his voice rang out. Although it was not loud, it was clearly heard by every Watchman.

“Today, who will fight with me? Kill these damn Elite Ghosts in this world!”


Behind him, there were endless shouts!

A big smile appeared on Blaine’s old face. Then, his Crimson Slayer spun around, and he pulled out
the Crimson Slayer inch by inch!

This weapon ranked first in the weapon manual. It was unsheathed again after many years. It was
completely red as if it had been wet with blood.

He said softly, “From today onwards, I will pass the Crimson Slayer to you!”

He said this to Gerald!

Gerald touched his nose and ignored him.

Then, Blaine drew his long saber and pointed it at the top of the mountain.


Gerald instantly pulled out Nameless and pointed it in the direction of the top of the mountain.



Countless sounds of swords being drawn rang out at the foot of Agepsta Mountain!

The decisive battle was about to begin.

“For every being who is breathing!”

Blaine shouted loudly!

“We devote ourselves to the future we want!”

Behind him were the passionate roars of countless Watchmen, as if they were going to take down the

“We shall never give up!”

Gerald shouted loudly.

And this sound was like a signal!


As his voice fell, the battle suit on Gerald’s body operated behind Blaine, and a voice that sounded like
a parachute rang out. Gerald, on the other hand, held Nameless in his hand and ran up the mountain
like a bolt of lightning!




One voice after another rang out, followed by Belinda, Milo, and Carolyn behind Gerald.

After that, there were super-level experts, the Elite Team, and countless Watchmen!

Facing these Elite Ghosts, they were fearless and directly rushed to the top of Agepsta Mountain!

“Hiss hiss hiss…”

A long whistle suddenly sounded in the mountain. Along with the sound, seven Red Elite Ghosts and
thousands of Blue Elite Ghosts rushed down from the top of the mountain.

They seemed to be in a formation. There were not as many as the number of Watchmen, but there was
no fear in their eyes. The two sides were getting closer and closer!

As for Gerald, with the activation of the device, he took the lead. His eyes were burning as he looked at
the Red Elite Ghosts rushing down. Vital Energy came out of his body. Like lightning, he directly rushed
towards the group of Elite Ghosts!

Below, Valery stood in front of the infirmary. She looked at the peak of the mountain, her of worry. She
muttered, “Gerald, you … must survive!” eyes full

Zackary did not move. He and Blaine stood in the same place. Blaine had already put away his
Crimson Slayer. He casually threw it away. Crimson Slayer, along with its scabbard, stood next to him
and embedded itself into the earth. He looked at the peak of the mountain, looking at the Gold

Elite Ghost at the top!

The Gold Elite Ghost also did not move at the first moment. He stood alone at the peak of the mountain
and did not look down. Instead, he looked at the sky. The sun shone down, and his entire body was

golden. The red sword in his hand was shining with a moving luster!


At this time, a furious voice rang out. The Gold Elite Ghost retracted his gaze and looked down.

His gaze landed on Gerald, who was charging at the very front!

The Gold Elite Ghost let out a strange sound.

It seemed he was speaking, but that language did not belong to this world!

However, as his voice rang out, three Red Elite Ghosts gathered at the very front and charged straight
at Gerald!

“For every being who is breathing!”

Gerald roared. Void-breaking broke through the air and flew out of the sheath. It circled and smashed
forward. At the same time, with the support of the new battle suit, Gerald jumped high. He held
Nameless in his hands and shouted, “Gather Waves!”

Then, he heavily chopped down!

The two sides started the battle halfway up the mountain!

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