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Chapter 542

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I’m Late

At Sacramento Airport, a plane quietly landed. It was low-key. After the plane landed, some people got
off the plane hurriedly. After they got off the plane, they left directly. Some people carried Gerald, who
was sleeping, and walked into a luxury car.

The members of Team 11762 temporarily parted here. They all went to do their own things. This was
peace after the great war!

The car slowly drove out of the airport. Belinda did not leave immediately. She planned to stay in
Sacramento for a few days first. If possible, she planned to leave after Gerald woke up!

The Gold Elite Ghost had been handled. For a short time, they would not have too many hard tasks to
do. Moreover, Blaine and Zackary would not arrange any tasks for them for the time being.

So she had a lot of time to do what she wanted to do.

The car rushed to the Sacramento General Hospital. Carolyn sat in the car and looked at the city,
where the traffic was heavy. A smile could not help but appear on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Valery asked.

“Nothing. Although it was a narrow escape, seeing that the world is still so peaceful, I have a strong
sense of accomplishment.” Carolyn smiled.

At the same time, she reached out and touched the hair that had reached her shoulder. She smiled.
and said, “I haven’t had my hair cut for a long time. My hair has already reached my shoulder.”

Most of the girls in Night Watch had short hair because they had to fight.

Carolyn was the same. However, she had been too busy during this period of time. They had moved
around from time to time. They went to Gerald and went to Washington. Then, they went to Sin City,
after which they returned and immediately headed to the North. She did not have much time for her
own stuff!

Valery smiled. Looking at Gerald, who was lying down, she muttered, “I’m wondering how long it will
take for him to wake up. This time, he has protected this world.”

Gerald, who had his eyes closed, pursed his lips in his mind!

He didn’t have many thoughts about protecting the world. All he wanted was to protect the people
around him.

He had swung his saber mostly because of Blaine.

He could hear everyone’s conversation. He even felt that his listening had improved. He could hear
many things, but what made him helpless was that he still could not open his eyes.

Gerald was not in a coma. His consciousness was clear, and he even felt that he was sober. It was just
that he could not open his eyes and control his body. This situation made him very helpless. He also
did not know how long this situation would last.

Even… Gerald once thought that he had become a vegetable.

But he had no choice, and the sounds of conversations around him kept ringing in his ears.

Soon, the car arrived near the hospital. Just as they got out of the car, Jolie came over.

Before they came to Sacramento, they had already contacted Jolie.

“Dr. Manning, what is Gerald’s current situation? Is it serious?” Jolie asked with a face full of worry.

Hearing this, Gerald could not help but smile in his heart.

He still remembered when he just returned to Sacramento, and Jolie ignored him. And now she
completely recognized him again.

“It’s hard to say now. Let’s get him into the ward first,” Valery said.

Gerald was transferred to the VIP ward. After sitting down, Jolie looked at Gerald and asked, “Is Gerald
seriously injured?”

“Yes, the most powerful enemy was dealt with by Gerald. He was also plotted against by others and
suffered a serious injury. He has been in a coma all the time.” Beside him, Carolyn explained, “But now
the injuries on his body have mostly recovered. Somehow, he just hasn’t woken up.”

Jolie held Gerald’s hand!

“By the way, don’t tell his parents about this. Don’t let them worry. I will cure Gerald,” said Valery.

Jolie nodded and said, “OK! By the way, Carolyn, the Universe Group has been in trouble recently.
Now Mr. Hanson can’t make up his mind. I remember that you are also a shareholder of the Universe
Group. Now that Gerald is unconscious, you may have to make the decision.”

“What trouble?” asked Carolyn.

“Go to see Mr. Hanson when you are free. I don’t think I can put it clearly,” Jolie scratched her head
and said.

Indeed, although she worked very hard in the company, she was not the higher-ups after all. She did
not have much contact with them. She only learned some news from Mason at home.

“Okay, then I will go to the Universe Group another day.” Carolyn nodded.

Time passed. Another five days passed silently. Gerald still could not open his eyes. There were no
signs of him waking up. This made Gerald extremely worried. He was worried that he would not be able
to wake up completely.

Valery was worried too. She had used up all the modern instruments and medicines she could use!

But Gerald still didn’t wake up!

Fortunately, she could feel that Gerald’s bodily functions had completely recovered, including his Vital
Energy. Not only had it completely recovered, but they could also feel that Gerald’s Vital Energy
seemed to have reached a higher level.

At the same time, in the North, large trucks shuttled through the land.

On one of the trucks, Jacob, Audrey, Erik, and Hazel looked around curiously.

“This is the North?” Jacob revealed a trace of curiosity.

“Yes, this is the main battlefield of Night Watch,” Jacob’s instructor said. “But in the future, you probably
won’t have to stay in this place all year round. You will join Elite Team 11762. The Elite Team’s combat
style is relatively free, and now Team 11762 is the top team. This team will not have to participate in the
battle until the critical moment!”

“We are not qualified to join Gerald’s team yet, right?” Hazel asked with a frown.

“So I said ‘you will”!” Their instructor sat there and said with a smile, “When you reach the top level, you
will join that team. This time, Erik and Jacob will directly join the team. Mr. Dominic said So,”

“No!” Audrey’s pretty face showed a trace of confusion. “It is reasonable if Erik joins the team. After all,
Erik is indeed very strong and is one of the top five in the underground killer list. But Jacob is at the

primary level!”

The instructor smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t know what was going on. Anyway, Mr. Dominic said so.
Jacob’s situation seems to be a little special.”

Audrey and Hazel were both envious.

“You have to work hard too. If you reach the top level, you can join their team. When we got off the
ship, we received news that Gerald was stronger than before. The top level is the threshold. If you don’t
quickly reach the top level, maybe after a while, the top level will not be qualified to join their team. The
people on that team are all abnormally strong!”

Audrey nodded with a determined expression. “Give me another year. I will definitely catch up.”

As they talked, the truck slowly stopped. They looked outside. Outside were buildings. Someone was
directing them to get out of the truck.

At the same time, on a truck in the front, Charles walked down from above. He looked around, and his
eyes fell on the front. Then he walked in!

Soon, he walked into Blaine’s office. He knelt down on one knee and thumped his chest with his right
hand. “I’m sorry, I… I’m late!”

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