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Chapter 547

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Let’s Make a Bet

“I’m sorry. Mr. Barry said that she doesn’t want to meet people from the Universe Group come,” The
receptionist said with a professional smile on her face.

Gerald frowned deeply. He looked at Jolie. Jolie also shook his head blankly, not knowing what to do.

“If you have nothing else to say, please leave!” At this time, the receptionist said.

Gerald touched his nose and nodded. “Alright.”

Then he and Jolie walked towards the door. At the same time, he took out the document and looked at
it. After reading it, he frowned and said, “I don’t seem to know much about these things.”

He really did not know much about business matters. He was only in charge of negotiations this time.

Well, what he needed to do was to ask some friends for help.

Watchmen guarded this world. Similarly, people gave them a lot of feedback. Night Watch had lots of
companies all over the world, and most of them were the leaders of the industries they were in. Here,
Gerald also had many friends in the South.

He only knew that Universe Group had done a lot of work in advance, and the investment was quite
large. Prosplin Group got the money and did not want to give this project to Universe Group.

Jolie said speechlessly, “There is a project of a tourist attraction here. Prosplin Group won the bit. At
that time, Universe Group started their business in the South. So the two groups worked together on
the project. The investment of the project is huge, and it should be worth billions of dollars. The current
situation is that Prosplin Group becomes picky and finds some minor mistakes in the contract. They

decided to stop cooperating with us. Universe Group has been working on the project. for several

When Gerald heard this, his expression changed slightly. Then he said, “Does this mean that Prosplin
Group wants to get all the investment?”

“Yes!” Jolie became excited as he added, “And it seems that there is more than that. There are other
companies involved in this matter. Now, Prosplin Group wants to stop cooperation with us and develop
the project with other companies again.”

Gerald licked his lips and said, “Well, they’re cunning. Do you know the details of Prosplin Group?”

Jolie said, “Prosplin Group is also one of the top 500 companies in the country. In the South, it is one of
the top companies. Its market value is about 25 billion dollars, which is about the same as the current
Universe Group. But Prosplin Group works on a brick-and-mortar business, and it has gone public.
Because of the suspension of the cooperation with Universe Group recently, the share price of
Universe Group dropped. But Prosplin Group’s share price has risen rapidly.”

As they were talking, the receptionist came over and said with a smile, “Sir, please don’t stand at the
door of our company.”

Gerald turned his head and looked at the receptionist. He said, “What? Are we in your way?”

“Mr. Barry will not meet you,” Jolie said.

“Is that so?” Gerald touched his nose and added with a smile, “Miss, do you believe that in three
minutes, Mr. Barry will get down here and beg me to go to his office?”

The receptionist was stunned for a moment, and then she said with disdain, “Really? Even Mr. Hanson
of Universe Group can’t do it.”

“Fine. Then just wait.” Gerald smiled and added, “Let’s make a bet. In three minutes, your president will
come down and beg me. If I am right, you need to kiss me.”

“Humph!” The receptionist said with disdain, “What if you fail?”

“Then I will kiss you,” Gerald said with a smile.

“Get lost!” The receptionist was speechless. “Leave here quickly! Otherwise, I will call the security
guards over.”

Gerald smiled slightly. He took out his phone, found Claude’s number, and made a call.

“Boss, is everything settled?” Soon, Claude’s voice was heard.

“No. Do you know Kolby? He’s the chairman of Prosplin Group. I am in his company. He refuses to
meet me.”

Claude was stunned and said, “I know this person. I will find a way to contact him immediately!”

After that, Gerald hung up the phone and looked at the beauty. Then he said, “You can start the

The receptionist was stunned, and then she sneered, “Don’t brag. Get out of here quickly. Guards, get
them out!”

“Oh really!” Gerald waved his hand and added, “No need, I can leave now. But don’t regret it later!”

“Hurry up and leave!” The receptionist obviously did not believe Gerald’s words.

Gerald shrugged and said, “Let’s go!”

Jolie was slightly stunned, but when she saw Gerald turn around and leave, she had no choice but to
follow him. When they walked to the car, Gerald directly got in the car.

Jolie thought that Gerald would wait in the car, so she followed him directly into the car. However, she
never expected that after getting in the car, Gerald directly started the car.

“You… Don’t you wait for Kolby to come down?” Jolie said in shock.

Gerald smiled and said, “Although I don’t know much about business matters, I know that we have and
I to take the initiative to negotiate. Claude said that he can help me deal with this person, believe him. I
think that the one who should be anxious now is Kolby. So, just wait for him to come he to us on his
own initiative! He actually wants to take the money from Universe Group. Trust me, won’t make it!”

At the entrance of Prosplin Group, the receptionist watched Gerald and Jolie leave, and she seemed to
be disdainful. “Humph, such a jerk. He only wants to take advantage of girls in such an old-fashioned
way. It is disgusting!”

She cursed.

Then she snorted and returned to her post.

Many of the beautiful receptionists were waiting to hook up with the higher-ups of the company or other
rich people.

As soon as she returned to her post, she saw a middle-aged bald man running from the lift in a panic.
He looked around and found that there was no one in the hall. He ran to the front desk and asked, “Did
someone come to meet me just now? And was he stopped by you?”

The receptionist was stunned. A trace of uneasiness emerged from her heart. She was in a cold sweat.
She said, “Someone did come to find you just now, but he said that he was from Universe Group. Then

… I asked him to leave.”

“Universe Group? How could they find Mr. Hewlett? And Mr. Hewlett even said such words to me!”
Kolby was anxious. He quickly looked around. “Where are they?”

“I asked him to go away just now.” The receptionist was about to cry. She could tell that Kolby was a bit

“What the hell?” Kolby was shocked. He pounded the front desk and glared at the receptionist. “I’ll deal
with you after I get back!”

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