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Chapter 530

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The Night Before the Decisive Battle

Gerald naturally didn’t know that he was being schemed against. He wore the new battle suit and went
to the wilderness to find Theo and the others who were enjoying themselves.

When he arrived, Gerald was shocked. Theo and the others were extremely fast. As the Vital Energy
surged, traces of white airflow surged on their bodies. With the new battle suit, Gerald felt that their
flexibility was already comparable to that of the previous super experts.

“Boss, this new battle suit is a little awesome.” Theo said, “Dr. T is really a fucking genius.”

Gerald was moved slightly. He put the energy stones into the battle suit and then pressed a button on
the suit.


Gerald felt a wave of energy quickly spread across the entire battle suit as if it was pushing him

He took a deep breath, and the Vital Energy in his body slowly surged out.


Along with a loud sound, Gerald rushed out at a terrifying speed pushed by the Vital Energy, and left
the ground.


At this time, he didn’t realize what had happened. This new battle suit directly brought him to the
ground and flipped over, and he crashed into the sand.


Everyone present laughed out loud.

Even Milo couldn’t help but smile.

At first, when these people were testing, most of them experienced this kind of situation. However, they
didn’t tell Gerald because they wanted to see Gerald embarrassed.

Fortunately, Gerald was an expert. He quickly adapted to it. There was an enhancement in terms of
height, speed, and intensity of the Vital Energy. Moreover, it was clear. Gerald even felt the same as he
devoured the Dragon Bone for the first time.

At his level, it was quite awesome to increase the strength of his Vital Energy by ten percent.

Gerald looked excited as he muttered, “You are right. Dr. T is really a genius. I don’t even know how he
developed it. The energy stone of the Elite Ghosts is somewhat similar to our Vital Energy. How could
he make this kind of suit? First, the suit can expand the usage of our Vital Energy. Second, the
flexibility of this suit is combined with our own mobility. This will be a great improvement for the

“Looks like this guy is still on the side of humans,” Carolyn smiled and said.

Gerald shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. I don’t know what experiment he is talking about, but
just now, Blaine told me to be careful of this person,” Gerald said.

He was getting used to the new battle suit while chatting with them.

“Boss!” At this time, Claude suddenly raised his head and asked, “Is Blaine really going to swing that

Gerald shut the battle suit and sat down in front of Claude. Gerald shook his head and said, “I don’t
want to see him die. I will try to help him make it, but I am not sure if I can kill the Gold Elite Ghost.

This battle suit has improved me a lot. Maybe… there is a glimmer of hope.”

After that, Gerald looked at Claude and said, “Claude, you may have to help me. I don’t know if I can
make it.”

Claude nodded and said, “Yes. Blaine is… such an optimistic person. It’s a pity if he dies.”

The others agreed.

Gerald sighed and said, “Get used to the new suit. Then go back to dinner. Let’s have a good rest
tonight. After this mission is over, we may take a long vacation.”

Everyone nodded.

They adapted to the new battle suits outside and only returned to the camp at around seven o’clock in
the evening. After eating, Gerald and the others returned to the tent.

At night.

Gerald was lying in the sleeping bag. He kept touching his two sabers and did not fall asleep

“Boss.” At this moment, Claude suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you call those friends from Sin City over?”

Yes, the group of people from Sin City were actually quite strong, whom Scar had brought with him.
There were more than sixty top experts. Relying on them, they could at least handle more than 60 Blue
Elite Ghosts. Moreover, if they were to act freely, it could reduce the pressure on the Watchmen.

Gerald frowned slightly.

“There are two reasons,” Gerald muttered. “First, I still don’t quite believe this group of people.
Although I have arranged for them, too many people are controlled by Davis in Sin City. I’m not sure
whether there are his lackeys among them. It was okay before, but after I found out that Davis was
from Blood Lotus, I didn’t dare to turn to them.

“Second, we took them out of Sin City. The battle with Perrin was already a return of my favor. I have
no reason to ask them to come over.” Gerald smiled.

Indeed, although he had asked Scar to contact those people, Gerald did not let them go to the North.

Meanwhile, Theo smiled and said, “Let’s talk about something serious.”

“What’s the matter?” Claude said in confusion.

“If I survive this war, I plan to … get married when I get back.” Theo cleared his throat and said, “I think
Jolie is good. Boss, why don’t you help me with that when the time comes?”

In the night, Gerald looked up at Theo and said with a faint smile, “Are you serious?”

“Of course!” Theo said, “After experiencing so much, I also want to live a stable life.”

“I can help you, but if you are with Jolie, and you still play the field, I will kill you.” Gerald curled his lips.

Theo was shocked for a moment and then said, “How about Eileen or Jessie? Although they admire
you, you are not interested in them.”

“You’d better not hurt them.” At this time, Milo, who rarely spoke, interrupted.

“Come on. Milo, why don’t you let Boss introduce some to you? Boss seems to know a lot of beautiful
women.” Theo changed the topic to Milo.

Milo’s expression changed, and then he said faintly, “I don’t plan to get married in this life.”

“Eh!” Theo looked at Milo and cleared his throat. “Milo, you like… men, don’t you?”

For a moment, the room became quiet.

Milo ignored him. Gerald and the others became silent.

“Well, Claude, let’s change the place. I feel more comfortable sleeping outside.” Gerald cleared his

Theo slept in the innermost area, and then next to Milo, followed by Gerald, and Claude slept in the
outermost area.

Theo hurriedly said, “Claude, I also want to change. I’m afraid that my butt will hurt when I wake up

“I like women.” Milo seemed to be a little flustered.

“Whoa!” Gerald and Theo then breathed a slight sigh of relief.

“Well, after this battle ends, I plan to confess to Aleen.” Claude said slowly, “If she accepts me, I plan to
marry her as soon as possible and take advantage of the rest of the time to have a child or something.”

After he finished speaking, Gerald and the others quieted down.

Theo let out a breath and said, “Claude, in fact, I don’t think Aleen and you are a suitable match. She is
a little scheming.”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as I like her, it is fine.” Claude said calmly, “I have decided. I will not change
whatever you say.”

“By the way, how about you, Boss?” At this time, Theo suddenly asked.

Gerald was stunned for a moment, then shook his head, and said, “I… I don’t have this plan for the
time being. We are Watchmen, and we may die at any time. If we die, it is too cruel for our wives to
become widows. So, when everything is over and the Elite Ghosts disappear on this planet, I will go on
a blind date.”

“Alas!” At this time, Theo let out a long sigh and said, “It seems that you’re still haunted by your last
marriage. Boss, don’t be afraid. You’ll finally meet a good mother-in-law and a good woman.’

“Get lost!” Gerald shouted.

As the four men chatted, it was already late at night. Their voices gradually became thin, and their
snoring became louder.

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