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Chapter 567

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Half-Step Flame Decay

Gerald slashed down with all his strength.

In this battle, he also wanted to see what kind of changes his body had undergone during his
unconsciousness for more than twenty days.

As he slashed the saber down, a roar seemed to ring inside Gerald’s body. Behind him, there seemed
to be a phantom flash.

Davis collided with Gerald and fell to the ground like a cannonball.


The house collapsed.

At this time, the people in the square saw this scene and were completely stunned.

Davis was thrown below by one slash.

Gerald was also stunned for a moment. He landed on the top of a house and looked below. He frowned

“This…” Gerald frowned.

He felt that he might be stronger than Davis, but he didn’t expect to crush him.

He killed the Gold Elite Ghost relying on the explosive power he had after he gathered all the strength
in his body into this attack.

That slash was supposed to drain all of the Vital Energy and strength in Gerald’s body.

This was actually somewhat similar to Death Storm. Gerald had been unconscious for more than ten
days due to the energy–consuming attack. Of course, he felt that he went unconscious mostly because
of some changes in his body.

Over the past twenty days, Gerald indeed felt that he had undergone a transformation, but he wasn’t
clear about what phase he was in.

But judging from this slash, he was able to defeat Davis easily. This was an existence that completely
surpassed Davis‘ level.

Below, Charles and Zavier separated at the same time. In the next instant, they tilted their heads
together to look at Gerald. They muttered at almost the same time, “Half–step… Flame Decay!”

Charles‘ expressionless face revealed a trace of a smile at this moment. “Blaine and Zackary chose
you as the successor of Night Watch instead of me. They were right. You are indeed… stronger than

Zavier’s expression was completely sullen. If one were to pay attention, he would notice a trace of fear
in his eyes.

Below, Davis jumped out again. He no longer had his usual elegant gentleman–like look. The suit was
somewhat broken, and there was blood at the corner of his mouth.

He looked at Gerald in shock and said in disbelief, “You… actually reached this level. Half–Step Flame

Gerald frowned and asked hesitantly, “What is a Half–Step Flame Decay?”

Davis looked at Gerald and then looked down at Zavier. In the next moment, they directly jumped up,
landed on the top of the next house, and then quickly fled away.

When they found out that Gerald was at the level of the Half–Step Flame Decay, they… directly chose
to escape, having no intention of continuing to fight Gerald.

“Hurry up! Don’t let them escape. Chase!” Charles shouted.

Davis and Zavier’s men also reacted. Brendon shouted, “Stop them! Don’t let them catch up with Mr.

Hundreds of top experts directly surrounded Charles.


Void–breaking spun around with a terrifying eruption of Vital Energy, forcing those people away.
Charles took the opportunity to jump onto the roof. Under the new battle suit, he quickly chased after

Gerald quickly followed. Void–breaking flew into the scabbard behind him with vital Energy. Gerald
quickly followed Charles and asked, “What is the Half–Step Flame Decay they talked about?”

Charles raised his head and looked at Gerald. He frowned and said, “Didn’t Blaine tell you?”

“No.” Gerald shook his head and said, “I have no idea what it is.”

“Deal with them first. On the way back, I’ll tell you everything about it. I didn’t expect you to reach such
a level.” Charles slowly exhaled.

Gerald nodded. With Vital Energy erupting, he quickly chased after Davis and Zavier.

Davis and Zavier quickly passed through the entire Sin City, all the way to the west.

The port was situated in the west. They could escape from this city in their yacht at the port. As long as
they reached the sea, Gerald and Charles would not be able to follow up.

They moved very fast, and they could feel that Gerald and Charles behind them were stopped by
others. However, they knew that those people couldn’t stop Gerald and Charles.

Not long after, Davis and Zavier saw Gerald and Charles rapidly approaching them.

“Speed up,” Zavier said in a low voice. There was a trace of fear on his face.

Red Lotus was prosperous because of the existence of its several founders. They were the best top
experts in the world. Moreover, with Blood Lotus‘ method of renewing lives, they survived most of the
people in the same period. Only a few Watchmen of the same generation such as Perrin survived.

And Perrin relied on their cooperation to survive all the time.

Blaine couldn’t kill them with his saber. They were safe and sound, and even Davis wouldn’t hurt them.
Blood Lotus quietly recruited a large number of people in Sin City.

And now, Gerald had risen to prominence.

This balance was broken all of a sudden. The founders of Blood Lotus were now facing life and death.

“When the Purple Elite Ghosts descend, we will be able to survive,” Davis said through gritted teeth.

The Purple Elite Ghosts were like a master to Blood Lotus. They were all the slaves of these Elite

At the same time, in the Northern District of Sin City, Triston sensed the monk he greeted revealed
killing intent. His eyebrows twitched slightly. As a super expert, he subconsciously pinched the long
spear in his hand and raised his vigilance.

At this moment, they all sensed a terrifying aura coming from the depths of Sin City.

“Half–Step Flame Decay!”

The monk was stunned for a moment. He turned around and slowly let out a breath. “How long has it

Has that kid reached such an amazing level?”

“It’s Gerald!” Triston shouted happily.

Ashtyn heard Gerald’s name and quickly said, “Take me there!”

Triston did not move. He slowly retreated to Ashtyn’s side and looked at the monk warily.

The monk put his palms together and said, “I mean no harm!”

Ashtyn heard this and looked at Triston. She finally understood. Then she raised her eyebrows and
looked at the monk. She said, “Did you intend to attack us just now?”

“I didn’t mean that!” The monk said with a smile.

“That would be best. Otherwise, I will beat you to death!” She blinked and quickly said, “Triston, let’s go
find Gerald!”

Triston nodded.

They quickly ran towards the city. At the entrance of the city, the monk looked at their backs and let out
a long sigh. “This woman is not simple!”

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