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Chapter 605

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Serious Situation

“Whom are you asking about?” Dax lay on the bed and no longer looked at them. Instead, he looked at
the baby who was sleeping well next to him!

Roland’s red mask made others panic. He coughed in embarrassment and asked, “I want to ask you
about an old member of Night Watch. His name is Jorge. Do you know if he is still alive?”

Dax’s expression changed. He seemed to have recalled something. Then, he frowned and answered
indifferently, “I’ve never heard of him.”

“He should have been quite famous in the history of Night Watch. He is very tall and belongs to the
same generation as Blaine. It is said that he even fought against the first Gold Elite Ghost that arrived
in this world along with Blaine,” Roland reminded Dax.

“I don’t remember him among Watchmen. He may be dead or I didn’t know him before!” Dax said

Right at that moment.

The baby next to him woke up and cried out.

Dax turned around to check the baby and then calmly said, “Please leave. The baby is crying.
Moreover, please invite the babysitter in.”

Roland still wanted to ask more. At that moment, Jaden hurriedly stopped him and said, “Okay, you
should take care of yourself. We will leave now.”

After they left, Dax felt relieved. He shook the baby’s bed and comforted the crying baby. Dax seemed
to recall something. After a moment, he murmured, “Jorge…”

At that moment, the door of the room was pushed open. A middle–aged woman walked in from the
door. She walked to the baby and picked him up. She shook the milk bottle and handed it over to the

The baby slowly stopped crying.

Washington Dulles International Airport was still in a mess, and many workers had already started to
repair it.

After Gerald and his men landed, the car that the Night Watch had arranged for them arrived.

The damage in Washington was much greater than in Sacramento. Sacramento was quickly controlled
and returned to normal, but Washington became the main place for the force of the

Elite Ghosts to land. Although the TV news said that the Elite Ghost had left now, most of the
companies still chose to be closed. Many people would rather stay at home. They did not dare to take
risks coming outside!

Most of the workers who left their houses to work outside were hired at a high price.

For the sake of money, they overcame the fear of death and still came out for a job.

They had no other choice. In this era, people without money had to live a tough life. There were too few
opportunities to earn a lot of money in one day.

Gerald and his men came out of the airport and got the car sent by the Night Watch. Gerald drove
passing through the city.

In vast Washington, there were very few people on the streets. Only some sprinklers were washing the
blood on the ground. The supermarkets were still open, but almost no one was willing to come outside.

The streets were empty.

Carolyn sighed, “The massacre after the arrival of the Elite Ghost seems to have made everyone a little

“Of course. Ordinary people will naturally be afraid of it,” Gerald slowed his breath and said. “After a
while, after we win this battle, it will be much better. There are too many deaths this time.”

Too many people died this time, including Watchmen and ordinary citizens.

The recruitment of the Night Watch was about to begin. Of course, it had to be after half a month of the
final battle!

They drove through the city and first went to Nova’s house.

Gerald wanted to find Jaden, but Jaden was good at hiding and hard to find. Jaden could be rarely
seen. So Gerald had to find Nova first.

After arriving at Nova’s house, Gerald started his power and found that there was no one in Nova’s
house because he felt no breath.

“No! No one is here.” Gerald frowned. Then he took out his phone and tried to contact Nova, but he
could not get through.

He frowned and said, “Let’s go to the underground casino to check it. Maybe they are hiding there.”

The underground casino was on the first underground floor. Relatively speaking, it was indeed safer
there. When Elite Ghosts arrived, it was normal for Nova to hide there.

They drove the car again and headed for the underground casino. After an hour, they stopped in front
of the underground casino. Usually, there were countless luxury cars parked in front of the underground

casino, but today, there were very few cars.

They got out of the car with their sabers on their backs and headed towards a house above the
underground casino!

At the door of the house, a few people were sitting there. They seemed to be guarding it.

What surprised Gerald was that those people were all of the top levels. They were sitting around at the
door and playing cards.

After seeing them come over, someone put the cards on the table and said, “Hello, you are in a good
mood. In such a horrible situation, you still come here for gambling! But I’m sorry, the underground
casino is not open to the outside world. You can leave now!”

Gerald glanced at them and said, “I am looking for Nova or Jaden!”

When those people heard it, they frowned and replied, “We don’t know them here. You have found the
wrong place. Please leave now

“We’ll go inside and check it ourselves!” Carolyn frowned and was about to walk inside!

Those guards quickly stood up and blocked the door.

One of them mocked, “In those few days, no one will pay attention to it if we kill more others. This is not
a place where you should come.”

“Something is wrong,” Gerald frowned and said. He then stopped Carolyn and continued, “Then please
report our visit here. No matter if it is Nova or Jaden who is in, tell them that Gerald is waiting for them
at the door.”

“Fuck. Stop your nonsense. No one would be allowed in today. Hurry up and get away,” someone
stepped forward and cursed at them. He added, “I’ll give you five seconds. Of course, if you wanted to
be killed, you would be allowed to stay here.”

Hearing it, Gerald moved his eyebrows slightly.

“Son of bitch! You are not qualified to be at the top level.” When Carolyn heard what they said, she got
furious. The Vital Energy in her body suddenly started. Then, the cloth behind her was broken.

The Sapphire Star and the Void–breaking could be seen!

Those who were guarding the door did not seem to have heard of Gerald’s name. Or they could not
remember it. However, the moment they saw the hilt of the Void–breaking, they were almost shocked to

The Void–breaking was too famous!

“So you are…” Those who were guarding the door suddenly changed their expressions.

Carolyn sneered at them. She took a move and pulled out her saber.

“Stop it!”

At that moment, they heard someone speaking from inside the room. Gerald looked over and saw a
person wearing a mask slowly walking outside. The mask she wore was a fox mask. From her figure,
she should be judged as a female. Her voice sounded charming, which was quite weird.

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