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Chapter 636

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Irene’s Purpose

There were many people at the temporary base of the Night Watch!

Among the people who came from Sin City, apart from some core members, all had returned to
Sacramento. They either went back to work or returned to their daily life routines.

The Night Watch Base was returned to Dennis. Dennis survived the last battle and suffered a serious
injury. Although he had returned to the base, he was still in a state of convalescence.

He was still responsible for the area of Sacramento.

The Lam family who came from Washington had all returned to Washington, except for Abraham and
Stacey, who intended to stay and express their gratitude to Gerald in person.

In addition, Scar had also returned to the Night Watch Base.

At this time, in the empty field of the Night Watch Base, there were many people. Apart from
Watchmen, Malcolm and others were also there. They all stood there and looked inside the room.

The people of the top level had good hearing. They moved their ears and listened to the conversations
in the room!

Quite a few people were swarming on the couch of the living room.

Irene sat there with her head down. Beside her, Mary, Vivian, and more than a dozen people from the
Everett family were all sitting there!

Opposite them sat Mason, Lilia, Yazmin, and the others, who all looked embarrassed.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth, we came this time to dissolve the past grudges with Gerald. No matter what,
Gerald. used to be my son-in-law. Actually, it was the wrong time for Gerald and Irene to get married.”
Mary said with a smile, “I came here this time to see if we can get them back together. As you can see,
Irene is quite pretty. Besides, she now knows what she has done wrong.”

Mason and Yazmin looked embarrassed. The sudden appearance of their ex-in-laws made them feel

Beside them, Jolie frowned.

When she was in Sin City, she had more or less heard Gerald and the others mention this matter, but
they did not say much. Naturally, she did not know much about it.

She sized up Irene and evaluated her in her mind.

“She is quite beautiful, and her figure is nice. She has a hot body, but she didn’t look elegant enough.
She is much worse than Valery and the others.”

“Well, Gerald has never mentioned this to us. We are feeling a little confused now. How about this? We
will accommodate you here first. As for the rest, can we wait for Gerald to come back before talking
about it?” Mason asked in a consulting tone.

Yazmin frowned. She looked at Irene and thought about Audrey’s appearance, comparing them in her

At this time, they suddenly heard the sound of a car from outside, and then some noises sounded

Carolyn brought Gerald and the others back to the base. Just as Gerald got out of the car, he saw
Dennis, who was tied up like a mummy, walking over.

Dennis looked at Gerald and chuckled. “Tsk, tsk, bro, I can’t wait to see the show. Wow! How exciting!”

Gerald was speechless and shouted, “Fuck off!”

“Well, man, why didn’t you tell me about your ex-wife? In my opinion, that girl is very beautiful and
attractive. Why did you divorce her?” Scar walked over and said loudly!

Claude also came up and looked at Gerald with a mocking expression.

Gerald felt helpless. He found a way through the crowd and ran into the room!

“Mom! Dad!” As soon as he arrived at the door, he hurriedly shouted. At the same time, he saw Irene,
Mary, and the others. His eyebrows were tightly furrowed!

When Mason and Yazmin saw Gerald come back, they immediately stood up. Mason frowned and
said, “Gerald, what is going on? Why haven’t you mentioned your previous marriage to us before?”

Gerald was nervous and said, “At that time, we had already divorced. I felt that there was no need to
mention it anymore. Don’t worry. I’ll deal with it!”

As he spoke, Gerald frowned and looked at Mary, Irene, and the others. He furrowed his brows and
said, “Didn’t I make everything clear the last time? What do you want?”

Irene raised her head and looked at Gerald. At this time, Gerald’s appearance was completely different
from the one in her impression. It was hard for her to imagine that Gerald, who used to be beaten and
scolded by

her, would now become a hero.

“I…” She looked at Gerald and said as if she had made up her mind, “I want to marry you again!”

Gerald frowned.

At this time, Mary said, “Gerald, what we did in the past was wrong, but ever since we went back from
Sacramento, Irene has been restless. She still likes you. She has been married to you for three years
and still has feelings for you. She can’t get over you. If you still remember the time when Irene’s father
saved your life, please get back together with her!”

Gerald laughed.

The last time, Gerald asked Bradley to arrange work for Irene and Vivian. The purpose was to make
them stop contacting him and completely cut off the relationship.

Originally, after that, Irene and her family hadn’t come to disturb him again.

However, they suddenly came to visit now. Gerald thought that it was probably related to the invasion
of the Elite Ghosts.

He guessed that the Everett family must know that he would not marry Irene again. The true purpose
behind their request of asking Irene and Gerald to get married again was actually to fulfill another goal.
For example, they might want to live in the Night Watch Base, which could further ensure their safety.

Thinking of this, Gerald was a little speechless. He looked at Mary indifferently and said, “Do you
believe in what you said?”

Gerald thought to himself, Irene still has feelings for me? What the hell!

He had spent the three years working hard and taking care of Irene with all his heart. But in the end,
Irene forced Gerald to get a divorce because of Adriel. Now that Gerald was wealthy, Irene wanted to
get back together with him. How hilarious!

“Gerald, what is going on?” Yazmin’s expression turned cold.

As a parent, she felt that she needed to know the specific situation of her child’s marriage.

Gerald was speechless. He could only make the long story short. He briefly explained the matter of his
memory loss and marriage till they divorced. After listening to it, Yazmin’s expression suddenly became
cold. She said lightly, “They can’t get married again!”

When Irene heard this, she looked nervous. Mary gritted her teeth and said, “It’s fine if you don’t want
to get married, but Irene’s father saved your life once. And because of you, the lives of our family were
once at stake. You have to repay the kindness. From now on, you have to let our entire family live in
the Night Watch Base in Sacramento. I think the request is not unacceptable, right?”

“Just as I expected!” Gerald narrowed his eyes.

Irene raised her head to look at Gerald and said, “Gerald… we have never sat down to have a decent
talk ever since we got married.”

Speaking of this, she seemed to have mustered up a lot of courage and said, “Can we have a good
talk? Let’s talk alone! I promise that I won’t ask you to marry me again.”

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