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Chapter 653

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Go Back and Show Off

Gerald looked at Charles in surprise and said, “Aren’t you going to find your own bones to improve

Charles shook his head and said, “I still have some bones in my hands. The bones left by my father
have not been completely absorbed yet. I can’t absorb bones as fast as you do. Moreover, I can
cultivate better in a quiet environment. My Silence Spell has been unsealed. In the next few years, I
have to practice it again.”

“Silence Spell?” Gerald asked speechlessly, “Why are you practicing it?”

“To improve my state of mind!” Charles explained.

Gerald was speechless.

At this time, Zackary also said, “You should all pay attention to the state of mind. Although I don’t
practice martial arts and don’t have this talent, my state of mind is good. According to Blaine, he took
the most crucial step and reached his current level. Therefore, if you want to reach this level, you also
need to think about it. As for what the state of mind is, in fact, I don’t know. There may not be many
people in this world who have reached the level of Flame. In fact, Blaine may be the first and only one.
However, Blaine and you have different paths, so this is only a reference.”

Gerald nodded and said, “I understand. What about you guys? What plans do you have?”

At this time, Theo said, “My family knows everything about me now. Originally, I had always wanted to
tell my family how awesome their son was, but I never dared to say it before. Because I constantly
gave my family money and provided them with good living conditions, my relatives and friends thought

that I was doing. something illegal, which gave my parents lots of pressure. So… I plan to go back and
spend some time with my family. Then I will show off in front of my relatives and friends!”

This is all you can do!” Claude scolded.

“What about you?” Theo looked at Gerald.

“I’ll go back to stay with my wife. I also plan to show off. I should be on TV. Now I am a member of the
legendary team, my cousin may not be in a good mood recently!” Claude said with a smile.

Yes, his cousin was very embarrassed at the wedding. He would be more embarrassed when he knew

Claude was so awesome.

“Then aren’t you also showing off?” Theo said, speechless.

Valery said, “I have nothing to do. I’ll go back to Sacramento with Gerald, or go with him to find the
Dragon Bone! Of course, when there is a mission, I will also carry it out.”

Triston cursed, “I’m going back to the North. The guys around me are too lazy. I have to urge them to
cultivate. Damn it, I’m going to catch up to Gerald, but the gap between my men and the other
members of Team 11762 is getting bigger and bigger. It’s too annoying.”

Carolyn said that she wanted to go home, while Milo also planned to follow Gerald back to Sacramento
as Valery did.

If there was a mission, the team would gather. Of course, as long as there were no Elite Ghosts at the

level or Elite Ghosts in the group, Team 11762 wouldn’t gather. Although the team didn’t have many!
members, it could frighten any organization around the world!

“Well, I also want to go back to Sacramento!” Jacob said with a bitter laugh.

Zackary shook his head and said, “You stay and learn from me how to be a good Watchman.”

“Fuck, only me is watching!” Jacob cursed.

“I just want to improve your ability!” Zackary let out a long sigh. “Why don’t you understand my good

Jacob was speechless.

Gerald looked at Jacob with sympathy, then said, “By the way, even with Jacob in our team, there are
only ten people. I want to fill up the team.”

“With your team’s level, only people at the super level can fill in your vacancies. People like Claude
who can keep up with your pace of battle are rare. You’d better wait. Audrey shows excellent talent. In
two years, she may be able to reach the super level. We have a lot of bones now. Once there is a
super, she may become another Perrin.” Zackary said with a smile, “Hazel does not have such a good
talent. If she can’t keep up, I will

let Watchman No. 2 join you!”

Gerald said with a frown, “Forget about No. 2. We already have a geek. We don’t want another geek!”

Yes, Watchman No. 2 was also a woman who rarely spoke. They already had Milo on the team. It
would be a bit tricky if Watchman No. 2 joined them.

“We’ll see when the time comes. Actually, it’s a bit of a waste for a super level to join your team.”
Zackary shook his head and said, “Go take a look at Kristen. It’s a blessing in disguise for Kristen. This
serious injury improved her to the super level. Right now, other than Jacob, there are already nine at
the super level in your team.”

Gerald and the others knew about this matter. However, Kristen was still recuperating. According to

Valery said, Kristen needed a month or two to recover.

Gerald nodded and said, “All right!”

“You have your plans and just follow them, but I have to remind you, don’t slack off,” Zackary said, “You
have to spend more time to make yourself stronger. We don’t know when the next attack of Elite ghosts
will happen.”

Gerald nodded “Don’t worry. I won’t slack off. I have to compensate for the three years I wasted!”

The group bid farewell to Zackary and Jacob. They went to see Kristen. Gerald went alone to see
Audrey and

Hazel and they chatted for a while.

Audrey had indeed shown extraordinary talent, and she was very hardworking in her cultivation!

After chatting for a while, they left the Night Watch base in the evening.

Gerald, Belinda, Milo, and Valery returned to Sacramento together. Valery and the others still chose to
live in the villa where they had been cultivating for half a month.

Gerald, on the other hand, headed home.

Now a large family was living in the villa that he gave to his grandmother and it was quite lively.

Recently, there were suddenly more guests at home. Relatives who did not contact them in the past
were also contacting them, especially those who seldom contacted Mason. Now, they began to contact

In the past, even if Gerald was whitewashed, not many people were willing to contact them.

And now, when everyone knew that Gerald was a hero, people began to contact him.

The most important thing was that the Night Watch did not hide anything. They announced the fact that
the Night Watch owned businesses and that the members of Gerald’s team all owned shares.

The purpose was simple. They wanted to attract ordinary people to join the Night Watch. Gerald
himself did not know how much money he had. The Night Watch had figured it out.. After the
announcement, there were indeed more young people who joined the Night Watch.

Of course, the relatives of Gerald’s family also began to contact them. It was natural. Although not long
ago, this world had experienced a catastrophe!

At this time, in Gerald’s home, other than the large family, there were a few others. They were all
relatives of Mason, but they did not belong to the Kenneth family. They were all distant relatives.
Recently, they called Mason and said that they wanted to visit. Mason did not refuse.

Recently, Mason had been very proud. In the company, he would brag that Gerald was his son and the

At this time, it was lively at home. The entire living room was filled with people. They gathered together
and watched TV.

“Gerald is coming out!” Jolie said excitedly.

Yes, today was the day Gerald’s exclusive interview officially played.

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