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Chapter 657

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Burial Ground

Blaine, however, looked quite relaxed.

It was difficult to get a drop of wine from him because he wouldn’t give wine to anyone at all. Milo sat
down and only took a few bites. But then, he was so angry that he ran to the door to smoke.

Blaine only smoked when he was depressed. Otherwise, Milo’s cigarettes would probably be all stolen
by him as well.

“I think you should leave him two bags of wine. He is depressed now because of you,” Valery said.

Blaine glared at her and said, “This place is literally in the middle of nowhere. Do you know how hard it
is to have a drink in this place? You can have alcohol anytime and anywhere after you leave here.”

“Then you can leave here too. Why do you have to stay?” Gerald retorted, “Go back. I will give Sparkle
back to you.”

“But I have to recuperate.” Blaine sighed. “This place is not that bad.”

Gerald didn’t want to talk to him for now. He turned to look at the passage on the right. In fact, he really
wanted to see a Purple Elite Ghost with his own eyes. However, he could not pass through the
passage. The difference between him and Flame Decay was quite huge.

Gerald looked at Blaine and guessed that Blaine would answer him like this. He smiled bitterly and
said, “Then tell us, why did you call us over? It can’t be that you asked us to come over and give you
something to eat and drink. You could ask someone else to do that as well.”

“That is the main reason.” Blaine smiled and said, “As for the second reason, Tristin told me something
that I think you might want to hear.”

“Tristin? Who is Tristin?” Gerald asked suspiciously.

“He is the Elite Ghost in there.” Blaine said, “After he came to Earth, he always stays by my side. So I
named him Tristin.”

Valery and Gerald both knew about this before. But when Belinda heard Blaine’s words, her expression

changed. “Are you saying that the Purple Elite Ghost that carried you away on the battlefield is in

Blaine nodded. Gerald briefly told Belinda the whole story. Belinda gave Blaine a strange look and said
nothing more.

Blaine looked at Gerald and said, “After Tristin landed on Earth, he had been investigating all around
the world until he confirmed one thing. Many years ago, there were quite a number of Flame Decay in
the world.”

“What?” Gerald asked in surprise, “What do you mean by that?”

“In the billions of years that Earth has existed, it may have been destroyed several times. In the past,
there were some martial artists with pretty high levels. For example, the bones you absorbed now were
left by those people who reached the Flame Decay level.” Blaine said, “You should be able to
understand a lot of the things you encountered now.”

Gerald was surprised.

“The so-called Flame Decay will change. Their bones will be immortal. Even if they die, their bones will
still be left. After you reach the Flame Decay level, some of your other abilities will also be awakened.”
Blaine said, “When you reach this level, you will naturally understand.”

“So?” Gerald asked.

“So, I called you here because Tristin had been to our country before. There are some buildings in the
depths of the mountains between Indianapolis and Chicago.” Blaine said, “But that area might be
dangerous. After Tristin came back from that place, his body condition got worse. Later, he had to
come to the Arctic to maintain his body shape. Even now, he has not fully recovered.”

“Are you asking us to go over to take a look?” Gerald frowned. “But this friend of yours used to be a
Purple Elite Ghost at that time. He was a Flame Decay. He even got hurt so much after he went to that
place. Don’t you think we will be courting death if we go there as well?”

Blaine shook his head. “Blood Lotus had been collected for the bones for so many years, but they still
failed to find many of them. It is very difficult to reach the Flame Decay level, and every Flame Decay
has an inheritance. Tristin suspected that there might be a lot of bones in that place. They called these
bones ‘Bone of Eternity’, which was why the Elite Ghosts tried to invade on a large scale into this
planet. There were so many Bones of Eternity on Earth that even Tristin was shocked. He said that
Earth used to be horrendous and powerful, but now its days have passed.

“So this time, I want you to go over there to explore. But if things get tricky, don’t enter. If you go in, you
have two tasks. I need you to find more Bone of Eternity. Second, I need you to find out how to break
through and reach the Flame Decay level and the super level.” Blaine let out a breath and said,
“According to Tristin, there must be a way to help so many people reach the Flame Decay level. Now
we can only rely on exploration, including Tristin. He reached the Flame Decay level with the help of his
talent and exploration. We don’t even have enough experience to sum up. If you can really find out the
secret of it, maybe the problem we are facing now can be solved. A large number of people will get
stronger enough to scare off the Elite Ghosts. Maybe we can also fight them back and destroy their

Gerald’s eyes lit up slightly, and then he muttered, “I can give it a try. But I can’t guarantee that I will
complete this task. After all, we are talking about a place that has seriously injured a Flame Decay. If
there is danger, I will ask them all to evacuate right away.”

“Sure.” Blaine nodded and said, “It’s up to you. No matter what, you have chosen this path to cultivate
yourself. The more bones you have, the greater chance you will have to reach Flame Decay level.”

After that, Blaine rubbed his chin and said, “I need to remind you one more time. Be careful of Dr. T. I
don’t know what this fucking asshole is up to.”

Gerald nodded and said, “I know. He is in Sin City now and hasn’t made any moves so far.”

“Well, he doesn’t dare to do anything yet because he knows that I am still alive. You guys have to
improve as soon as possible.” Blaine, who was chewing a steak, reminded Gerald.

After that, Blaine put down his fork and walked to the place where the books were piled up. He
searched around for a while until he drew out a piece of brown paper and handed it to Gerald. “This is
a map. The place marked with a red dot is the destination. Tristin calls it ‘Burial Ground’. He could feel
that there are many Bones of Eternity in that place.”

Gerald nodded and said, “No problem. After we get back, I will gather all our men to go with me.”

Gerald put away the map, then looked at the passage and said, “Blaine, how long is this guy going to
stay here? I always feel that he is the one who brought trouble to Earth.”

“I don’t know. Anyway, he can’t leave here for the time being. Besides, the Elite Ghost has already
heard of the Bone of Eternity. It doesn’t matter if he continues to stay here. Maybe in the future, he will
be helpful.” Blaine said, “There is also something complicated I can’t explain to you now. When you
reach the Flame Decay level, he will tell us everything. Now he keeps his mouth shut and refuses to tell
me anything. I’m quite pissed, you know.”

“You guys can rest here for another day before you set off,” Blaine said.

“Alright.” Gerald nodded.

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