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Chapter 688

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Can We Not Divorce?

They set off from Chicago. They took the same road as Gerald. They walked forward for several hours.

Even though the people who came were all the super level, they also felt a little tired.

“Damn, Jaden, how long do we have to walk?” a man could not help but complain.

Jaden said indifferently. “Until it’s dark.”

“Are you kidding? Or do you not want to take us to your hometown at all? You deliberately took us
around the road!” the man continued to complain.

Jaden turned around and looked at him indifferently. “Do you want to die?”

That man’s eyelids twitched violently, and he did not dare to speak.

Dr. T smiled, “Cut the crap. Since you are here, just follow us. I believe Jaden will not lie to us.”

After that, he smiled at Jaden and asked, “Am I right?”

Jaden did not say anything but continued to walk inside.

They walked from morning to noon before arriving at Estasate.

“Have we arrived?” Brenda asked happily when she saw the village.

“No,” Jaden said. “This is just an ordinary village, and it should be the most remote and poorest village
in the country. We have to pass through this village to arrive at our destination, and we still need to
walk for almost a day.”

Dr. T frowned slightly when he heard this, but he did not care too much about it. He nodded and said,
“Then let’s continue!”

They did not enter the village and continued to walk inside.

Jaden originally wanted to visit his granddaughter, Isla, but after thinking for a while, he still did not

They walked around the village and continued to move towards the Myriad Mountains.

On the other hand, Gerald and the others returned to the Berkeley’s place. Just as they arrived at the
entrance, a person ran over and said, “Keenan, your son-in-law is here.”

“Huh?” Keenan was stunned. Gerald was also slightly surprised. The so-called son-in-law of Keenan
was Aarav.

Gerald looked in a direction. There were several people around there. In the crowd, Aarav was sitting
there. He seemed to be a little afraid, and his body was trembling slightly.

Suddenly, Aarav noticed Isla on Gerald’s side. He was in ecstasy and ran over madly. Aarav shouted
excitedly, *Isla, isla, I finally found you.”

Isla frowned slightly.

She gave a look, and that person quickly went over and stopped Aarav

At the same time, another person explained, “These days, Aarav has been walking towards the
mountains We found him twice and sent him back to Estasate. But he continued to run in. When we
found him yesterday, he was in a place with a lot of people. At that time, Aarav was so scared that he
fainted Those people were all dead.”

Gerald was surprised. He waved his hand and walked to Aarav. He frowned and said, “Didn’t I tell you
to go back to the village? Why did you come back?”

L…” Aarav gritted his teeth.

At this time, he looked very miserable. His hair had not been washed for many days. His body was also
smelly, and his beard was long. Aarav smiled bitterly and said, “When I went back… I found that Isla
suddenly left. I was very anxious. I was afraid that she would get lost in the mountains, so I went into
the mountains to find her. I was afraid that I would never see her again.”

Hearing this, everyone fell silent.

In fact, during this period, Gerald probably knew that Isla was just a spy arranged by the Berkeley clan.

Simply put, if people wanted to enter the Myriad Mountains, they would definitely pass by Estasate.
Then, most of them would enter the village to ask for directions.

Isla was in the village. She could get to know everyone who wanted to enter the Myriad Mountains, and
she would immediately report to the Berkeley clan.

From this point of view, Aarav was pathetic. He married a woman that he was not worthy of.

Isla looked down on Aarav. Their marriage was only a marriage of convenience.

But now, it seemed that Aarav had fallen for Isla.

Gerald looked at Aarav with sympathy. He had no way to intervene in it.

Isla frowned and then sighed, “Leave us alone. Aarav, we need to talk.”

Gerald and the others did not disturb them. They walked away. Gerald walked to Keenan’s door. He did
not go in. Instead, he pulled a stool and sat down.

“Gossip!” Valery rolled her eyes at Gerald.

At the village entrance, Aarav asked with joy. “Isla, why did you come to this mountain? It’s too
dangerous. I didn’t expect that there would be people living on this mountain. I saw a group of people
dressed strangely yesterday. I suspected that Tristan was killed by them, but then they were killed by
other people. An old man and a purple light.”

When Gerald heard this, he raised his eyebrows. He knew that the people who attacked must be
Blaine and

Purple Elite Ghost.

It should be that after Theo and the others went out, they released the news. Blaine felt uneasy, so he
took Purple Elite Ghost to the Myriad Mountains.

“Let’s go back quickly. It’s too dangerous here,” Aarav hurriedly said.

Isla smiled bitterly and looked at Aarav. “Aarav!”

“What?” Aarav looked at her with a smile.

“Let’s get a divorce,” Isla said calmly.

Aarav’s body trembled slightly. Then, he asked anxiously, “Did I do something wrong? Tell me, and I will
fix it.”

“I am actually from this place!” Isla said.

Aarav was stunned. He looked at the Berkeley clan in front of him and said, “You said… You are from
this mountain.”

Isla nodded. “Yes, this is my hometown. I lived in Washington. In fact, you should know that we are
totally different. There are other reasons why I married you. As for what it is, there is no need for you to
know. It is not good for you to know!”

Aarav quickly nodded. “I know, I know that you don’t like me. You must have other reasons for marrying
me, but it doesn’t matter. As long as you stay in my house, as long as you are still with me, I won’t care
about anything else!”

Aarav pursed his lips and said, “Isla… Can we not divorce?”

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