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Chapter 717

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Take a Chance

Gerald had no other choice.

No one knew where Blaine was now. And no one knew how many Elite Ghosts were descending from
the sky. Gerald had to go back.

This time, the scale of the invasion was even larger. The number of Elite Ghosts, whose strength was
above Red Elite Ghosts, and the number of Blue Elite Ghosts were greater than the last time.

The Night Watch suffered a huge loss last time. They had only hired some new talents two months ago.
Those new talents hadn’t reached the intermediate level, and they couldn’t participate in the battle.

Although Gerald had brought back more than a hundred super experts, there were also many Red Elite
Ghosts and Gold Elite Ghosts. There was even a possibility that some Purple Elite Ghosts would land
on this planet.

As the young man, who had been chasing Gerald, had said, those Elite Ghosts would attack every
living creature. If those Elite Ghosts landed in the place where ordinarypeople lived, it would cause
great casualties.

There would be no meaning for Gerald to run and lead this young man away.

Even if Gerald did not take a chance here, he would still have to fight the Purple Elite Ghost in the end.
After all, Blaine’s whereabouts were still unknown.

If Gerald had a chance to defeat those who had reached the level of Flame Decay, he would still have
a chance to win this battle!

Now, a huge number of Elite Ghosts were descending from the sky, preparing to launch a new round of
invasion. Before this, Gerald did not know how many more Elite Ghosts had come to this world. It was
too difficult to defeat them if Gerald didn’t reach the level of Flame Decay.

Thus, Gerald had to take a chance!

Although Gerald felt that he was at an absolute disadvantage in the fight with the young man just now,
he still felt that the young man couldn’t defeat him easily.

Gerald was greatly affected by the young man’s attribute. However, the young man was very arrogant
and completely looked down on Gerald. This was Gerald’s chance.

“Do you think I can kill him?” Gerald softly asked Squeak who was on his shoulder.

Gerald did not have the confidence to win. He was risking his life by doing so. Before the fight, Gerald
could not help but want to find someone to talk to. Now that he was in the desolate countryside, the
only one

Gerald could talk to was the fox!


The fox nodded. It pulled the rusty ancient sword on Gerald’s back.

There were three swords on Geraid’s back. Other than the lightsword and the blue Nebula, there was
also the ancient bronze sword that Gerald got from the Burial Ground.

However, Gerald had never used this ancient bronze sword before. This ancient bronze sword looked
rusty. Although Gerald could feel that this sword would be very useful in his hand, he always felt that if
he slashed out with this sword, it would break.

At this time, the fox was pulling the ancient bronze sword, meaning that Gerald should use it now.

Gerald let out a breath and smiled, “Then… I’ll give it a try!”

The fox made a sound and then jumped off Gerald’s shoulder. Then, the fox ran into the distance as if it
was planning to hide.

Holl ignored that fox. His target was only Gerald. Holl would kill Gerald and get his blood. Then, Holl
would become the one who had reached the level of Flame Decay and also possessed the Dragon

“Remember, the person who kills you is called Holl!” Holl licked his lips, raised his sword, and arrived in
front of Gerald in an instant. The surrounding temperature suddenly dropped greatly, and a layer of
frost began to appear on the surface of the ground.

Gerald sucked in a breath of cold air.

He knew that this was the attribute-related abilities of those who had reached the level of Flame Decay.

Those who had reached the level of Flame Decay had already become existence beyond the level of
life. They had the ability to control the elements in the world. For example, the Purple Elite Ghost could
control fire. Jonathan’s ability was likely to be related to the fire attribute!

Up until now, Gerald still hadn’t known what his own attribute was.

Gerald let out a breath and looked at the Elite Ghost that was rushing over. He roared in a low voice,
“Death Storm!”

Gerald had to take this risk. Death Storm was his only chance.

Gerald could feel that when casting the Death Storm, he was infinitely close to the level of Flame
Decay. In a trance, he even felt the changes in his life.

“A battle skill that can stimulate one’s potential?” Holl chuckled, and a trace of disdain appeared on his

He said, “But that’s it.”

As Holl spoke, he swung his sword down.

Gerald opened his eyes. He held an ancient bronze sword in his right hand and a blue Nebula in his left

Then, he charged toward Holl.




A series of explosive sounds rang out in the forest. When the Vital Energy collided, the surrounding
trees were completely unable to withstand it

It was as if winter had arrived. The frost on the ground was getting thicker and thicker

At the same time, in the Night Watch Headquarters, Zackary looked up at the sky. He frowned deeply
and cursed, “Damn I still remember the last time the Elite Ghosts invaded at such a large scale. I
thought it would be the same as before, and their next invasion would start at least several decades
later But it has only been two months, and they actually came again!”

“We didn’t get any news about it in advance!” Jacob cursed.

“They must have some method to block our detection in outer space. In terms of technology, they are
much ahead of us,” Zackary snapped.

“What should we do now? The scale of this invasion seems to be much greater than last time!” The
frown on

Jacob’s face was very deep.

“No matter what, we still have to fight. This time, we also have more than a hundred super experts.
Most of them have the strength to fight Red Elite Ghost alone,” Zackary said. “Now, inform the Dark Net
to calculate the number and level of the Elite Ghosts that have descended from all over the world.
Inform our people in Sacramento, and let them quickly take the situation in Sacramento under control.
Let all the super experts and above be on standby in Sacramento. As for Team 11762… Now, Gerald is
being hunted and can’t be distracted. Let Carolyn lead the team. They have to deal with a Gold Elite
Ghost no matter what.”

The members of Team 11762 had improved a lot during the time when Gerald was absent. They also
had the strength to deal with the Gold Elite Ghost. Carolyn and Valery had made great improvements in
their strength. They could fight head-on, letting Claude find an opportunity to shoot from a distance. It
was indeed possible for them to win.

The current Claude had never faced a shortage of energy stones. Besides, Gerald and the others were
getting stronger and stronger, and the things they could get were getting more and more. Thus, the
speed of Claude’s improvement was also quite fast.

However, Claude’s talent in martial arts was indeed very ordinary. After Claude reached the top level,
the speed of his improvement became quite slow. Right now, in terms of martial arts alone, Claude
could not even rank in the top hundred among Watchmen.

However, in terms of killing the Gold Elite Ghost, Claude was not inferior to someone like Keenan.

Zackary did not panic. Under his command, Jacob issued orders one after another!

At the same time, in Sacramento…

The people who were just about to fall asleep all got up at this moment. Robert and the others looked
at the light dots in the sky and cursed, “Damn it. We just arrived here, and those bastards came down.”

“Hasn’t Gerald come back yet?” Ricardo asked.

At this time, Valery and others came over. Valery exhaled and said, “Everyone, Gerald is now being
hunted and can’t come over. You… may have to listen to my dispatch.”

“It’s OK. You can just arrange everything as long as you think it’s appropriate!” Kierra said.

Valery looked at Kierra and the others gratefully. Then, she hurriedly said, “Now, there are many Elite
Ghosts. that are about to land in Sacramento. We have to kill all the Elite Ghosts in Sacramento
quickly. After that, we will have to gather at the airport. The airport is already under our control. Next… I
am afraid that we will have to separate and support other places in the world.”

“OK!” Robert and the others agreed.

At the same time, on Pondark Road, Jolie looked up at the sky. Jolie and the others hurriedly ran
downstairs, wanting to take a car to the Night Watch Base in Sacramento.

But just as they arrived downstairs, Jolie found a foreigner with glasses in front of them. The foreigner
smiled at them and said, “Everyone, I’m afraid you will have to come with me!

“Let me introduce myself. You can call me Dr. T!” Dr. T smiled at Mason and the others.

When Jolie heard this name, her expression suddenly changed!

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