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Chapter 719

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A Trap

As time passed, Gerald started to feel anxious.

Death Storm could only last fifteen minutes. The Dragon Bone in his hand was slowly melting and
merging into his body. This Dragon Bone was very large, much larger than the first one that Gerald had

However, after reaching the level of Half-Step Flame Decay, Gerald felt that Dragon Bone had little
benefit for his improvement.

Right now, it could only help him replenish the Vital Energy that he consumed!

If it kept on like this, he would definitely die!

Holl was slightly surprised. He did not expect that Gerald could hold on for so long. After all, Gerald
was able to resist the influence of his attribute without reaching the level of Flame Decay.

“Heh, that’s interesting. I like seeing people in despair the most. How long can you hold on according to
your current strength? It won’t last long after stimulating the potential of combat skills!” Holl sneered
and looked at Gerald with a face full of disdain.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect you to be the one with Dragon Bone. After all, you have little talent. It is
ridiculous. You seemed to be about the same as me. When I was twenty-five years old, I reached the
level of Flame Decay. If I were the one with Dragon Bone, I would be stronger. At the age of twenty, I
would be able to reach the level of Flame Decay!” While suppressing Gerald, he mocked, “But I can
also understand. For primitive people like you, it’s amazing to reach your level at this age.”

“You can’t even kill me now!” Gerald sneered. At the same time, he waved the ancient greenish-bronze
sword in his hand.

“It’s easy to kill you. I can kill you at any time,” Holl said disdainfully, “I like to see people despairing the
most. When it’s time and there is no Vital Energy in your body, you can only lie here and watch me…
exchange blood with you!”

When it came to this point, a trace of excitement appeared on Holl’s face.

Gerald let out a breath secretly. He didn’t use the most crucial saber.

There was a layer of frost on his body. However, Gerald discovered a problem. When his body became
stiff to a certain extent, the influence of Holl’s attribute on him decreased gradually.

“How is it? How about my ice attribute?” Holl looked at Gerald, whose speed had become somewhat
slow, and asked, “This is the gap between the Flame Decay, which not only reflects in the strength of
Vital Energy but also the attribute. Without reaching the level of Flame Decay, you can’t resist.”

Another two minutes passed, and Gerald found that he had adapted to Holl’s ice attribute.

“What’s going on? It seems that I have adapted to the influence of his attribute on me.” Gerald was
stunned, but he didn’t show it on his face.

He knew that even if Holl’s attribute did not affect him, he would probably not be able to defeat Holl if
they fought with all their strength.

Therefore, Gerald had to show weakness to Holl, find an opportunity, and kill Holl in one blow


They collided again. Gerald was sent flying back and smashed into a stone wall in the distance. The
stone wall collapsed in an instant. Gerald spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.


As Gerald fell to the ground, he gripped the ancient greenish bronze sword tightly. And the Vital Energy
and power in his body began to disappear rapidly.

“Just this?” Holl landed on the ground slowly. The surroundings were covered with snow. One at the
level of Flame Decay could change the surrounding environment. Holl smiled at Gerald and said, “I
thought you could hold on for a long time, but it turns out that you are just a loser. I am so

Gerald looked at the sky. Ten minutes had passed, and the dots of light in the sky were constantly

He turned to look into the distance. Under the moonlight, a white fox was standing on top of a stone,
looking at Gerald with great certainty. It shook the tail slightly, which formed a rather beautiful picture!

Holl narrowed his eyes and said, “What? Is this your pet? Don’t worry. After I exchange blood with you,
I will kill it too.

“This planet is so disappointing.” Holl curled his lips and said, “It’s good to end it early. In that case, I
will leave this place quickly and become the owner of Dragon Bone. After the Pioneers clean up this
world and bring back Dragon Bone, maybe I can…”

Holl did not continue. He seemed to be certain that Gerald had no power to resist. Even if Gerald
resisted, he thought that he could defeat Gerald. Holl carried the blue Nebula on his back and walked
towards Gerald with a smile.

Holl had a look of disdain on his face. Then, he covered his ears and said, “Wolfie!”

A small ball floated over. Holl smiled and said, “Analyze him and prepare to exchange blood!”


In the small ball, rays of light began to sweep across Gerald’s body.

At that time, Gerald raised his head and looked at Holl, saying, “Your bastard, do you think you can
control me?”

“Then what do you think?” Holl said with disdain, “Can you resist? So what if you resist? You look like
an ant now. Do you know what it means? I can just trample an ant like you to death easily.”

“Is that so?” The corners of Gerald’s mouth cracked badly.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

At that time, an alarm suddenly sounded from the ball of light in front of Holl. “Warning, warning! The
body of the living being contains violent energy. Please dodge now. Please dodge now. Warning!”

Holl’s expression suddenly changed, and the aura on his body suddenly became stronger.


In the night sky, a golden light flashed. A five-clawed golden dragon phantom appeared in the air. This
time, it was different from the past. Gerald’s previous dragon-shaped phantom flashed quickly, but this
time, the phantom seemed to open its eyes.

“Fuck you!”

Gerald roared. He had set up a trap, and all the Vital Energy in his body suddenly exploded at that
moment. “Unsheathing Slash!” Gerald roared, and the monstrous Vital Energy exploded at this
moment. Gerald turned into an afterimage, and the ancient greenish-bronze sword in his hand released
a dazzling luster!


Holl’s expression changed. The clothes on his body emitted a trace of light at this time as if they were
the lights from a computer. It should be something like armor.

At that moment, Gerald suddenly passed through Holl’s body!

A drop of blood slowly fell to the ground from the ancient greenish-bronze sword.

“How… How is it possible? How can you break my armor? You…”

Holl’s voice was trembling. His body seemed to be on the verge of breaking into two pieces, and they
were about to fall to both sides. However, Holl was very unwilling to accept this and tried hard to close
them up.

“Emergency treatment! Emergency treatment!” The metal ball beside Holl was making sounds

“Die!” Gerald mustered his last bit of strength, turned around, and stabbed Holl again.

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