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Chapter 754

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Zackary’s Thoughts

Vital Energy appeared in the sky.

In the sky, the spears collided with the Vital Energy and were quickly enveloped by a layer of frost.
Then they began to fall

Behind them, the stone statues seemed to have sensed something. The stone statues that were about
to attack Gerald and the others quickly returned to their original positions. They looked as if nothing
had happened!

Gerald was shocked!

When the stone statues moved, what he felt was the pressure of the level of Flame Decay!

He finally knew why Dr. T was injured. He was afraid that Dr. T had come to this place and suffered
such a terrifying attack!

He also understood why someone like Hector, who had reached the level of Flame Decay, would return
with serious injuries after coming to this place!

This place was too dangerous!

As for why those stone statues stopped attacking, Gerald guessed that it had something to do with his
Dragon Bone.

Most of the spears had fallen. Gerald blocked the others.

Theo picked up a spear. He glanced at it, then frowned and said, “These spears seem to be made from
the weapon materials used by the Blue Elite Ghosts. There are so many of them here!”

The sabers of the watchmen were mostly modified from the materials of the lightswords in the hands of

Blue Elite Ghost.

Ordinary metals on Earth could not pierce through the armor of the Elite Ghosts at all!

They had never found such materials on Earth before. They did not expect that at Burial Ground, the
spears were made of this material!

Finally, after all the spears attacked, Gerald withdrew his Vital Energy and exhaled slowly!

Squeak was extremely excited. It jumped up and down in excitement.

“It seems to be over,” Valery said.

Gerald nodded.

If he came down back then, perhaps these stone statues would not have attacked him because of the

Bone, but he couldn’t stand the attacks of these spears!

“Damn, what’s going on with these statues? They were so terrifying just now.” Erik looked at the
statues around him and felt a little scared.

“I don’t know. The things from ancient times were lost,” Gerald shook his head and said, “I don’t think
anyone knows how far their civilization has developed and how many people reached the level of
Flame Decay. No one knows”

“Do you think there was a gap between us and ancient times? How did the Burial Ground show up?
The Four Ancient Clans don’t seem to know either.” Valery stroked her chin.

“Unfortunately, there are no archeologists among us!” Belinda smiled and said, “Otherwise, they would
be very interested in this place!”

Gerald and the others were talking

Squeak jumped onto the bridge!

Gerald looked at the ropes that were suspended in the air. He was a little shocked. The palace was far
away. He didn’t know for how long the bridge hadn’t been used. If they walked to the middle of the
bridge and it was broken, they would fall. There was magma down!

“To be safe, try to grab this metal rope when you walk” Gerald said.

The others nodded!

They walked onto the bridge!

It was 650 feet away. Gerald and the others were moving very slowly, and the bridge was shaking

Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened. They successfully crossed the bridge and came to the
other side of the platform!

“Is there any danger inside?” Gerald asked as he watched Squeak jumping on the ground.

Squeak nodded, indicating that there were still many dangers inside!

“The things you helped me drag over were all in this palace, right?” Gerald asked in surprise again.

Squeak nodded again!

Gerald was speechless. Those things were heavy. Squeak looked very small. He did not expect it to be
so strong!

“Boss, do you know how to open the Burial Ground?” At that time, Claude suddenly asked an important

Gerald shook his head at a loss. He didn’t understand how to open the Burial Ground or what situation
he would face after opening it

Squeak made a sound.

It pointed ahead, indicating that Gerald and the others should enter the palace!

There were several grand palaces there. Gerald found it hard to imagine how it was done, but the
Burial Ground was at this place.

Gerald and the others walked up the stairs. They were very careful with every step they took!

Before they came here, they faced a terrifying attack from the spears. They did not dare to be careless
and could only slowly move forward.

The stairs were very long and there were ninety-nine steps in total. Under the lead of Squeak, they
successfully arrived in front of a red door!

At the top of the door, there were two huge words.

“Bone Hall!”

Gerald gasped in astonishment. He looked at the fox and asked, “Is this the place where the Bones of
Eternity are kept?”

Squeak nodded.

“I feel that there is something that attracts me inside. It should be the Bones of Eternity that I can use!”
At that time. Triston’s breathing suddenly became rapid.

“I also feel it!” Carolyn reminded him from the side.

Gerald frowned. He didn’t feel anything at all.

He thought that he had reached the level of Flame Decay, so the demand for the Bones of Eternity was
not that great anymore!

He did not need the Bones of Eternity at the level of Flame Decay. When Gerald died, his bones would
become the Bones of Eternity!

Gerald let out a breath and placed his hands on the door. At the same time, he slightly exerted force
and pushed the huge door open!

In the headquarters of the Night Watch, Blaine yelled as he walked out of a room. “Damn it! Dr. T was
showing off just now! Why did you stop me? Why didn’t you let me kill him? Isn’t that better?”

“He did so many bad things, but if he is alive, he can create some useful things. It’s better than his
death. You are just like Gerald, too impulsive.” Zackary sighed.

“Isn’t he unwilling?” Blaine was speechless. “Should we just keep him like this?”

“We will see. I have my own ways. Also, I have something I want to tell you!” Zackary looked at Blaine
and said, “Regarding the matter of us going to Hector’s world, I think it would be better to let Gerald
and the other young people go.”

“What?” Blaine said, “What do you mean? Are you scared? It’s fine.”

“No!” Zackary sighed and said, “You have to admit that you are inferior to Gerald now. Moreover, he
can still improve in the future. What is the purpose of your going to that world? You want to destroy the
Four Ancient Clans, right? Do you think only Hector and you can do it?”

“Even if we can’t do it, we have to go. Gerald is still young. He doesn’t have to do this,” Blaine curled
his lips and said, “If we go there and die, it will be fine. Gerald stays here, and there is still hope.”

“You are thinking about what will happen after you die. What I am considering is that if he goes there,
there will be hope to completely destroy them, and we can also resolve the danger of Elite Ghosts!”
Zackary said indifferently.

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