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Chapter 779

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As people who lived on the satellite, even if their martial arts cultivation was not as good as the ones in
Havotune, they still had a great sense of superiority when facing the people from Havotune.

It was not a big deal to bring ordinary people on the trip.

The silver-haired woman’s eyes were cold. She looked past the aircraft station and saw that a black
hover car was parked in front of the station. A person was standing there respectfully.

“Ms. Pierce.” Two people came out. A middle-aged man quickly greeted Anabel Pierce, the silver-
haired woman. He held a document in his hand and said respectfully, “This is the list of contributions.”

Anabel took the document and walked into the hover car. Then she sat down with her legs crossed
while reviewing the document.

“There are so few energy stones?” At this time, Anabel frowned and said, “The energy stones that the
Four Ancient Families have given over the past few decades have become less and less. What’s wrong
with you? Are your pioneers secretly invading other primitive planets, so you consumed a large number
of energy stones?”

The middle-aged man’s expression changed slightly. “That’s not the case. The energy stone tunnel that
the Four Ancient Families control has been attacked by a ferocious. beast. I have reported this matter.
We have all used other resources to replenish our supplies.”

Anabel nodded.

At this time, the hover car started to move slowly. There was a driver in front of them.

The car hovered in the air and slowly rose, heading into the distance.

Ries City was a small city on the border of the Solein Kingdom in Havotune. The city was located in
quite a dangerous place. In Havotune, Earth was not the only planet. There were many forests here,
thus there were countless ferocious beasts.

Ries City was close to the forest. This place was not safe because it could be attacked by ferocious
beasts at any time.

At this time, there were not many aircraft in the sky. Gerald’s aircraft was slowly descending. Inside the
aircraft, Hector was telling Gerald and the others about this city.

“The population of this city is about 20 million. That’s not huge,” Hector said.

Triston’s mouth twitched as he said, “20 million? It’s not huge?”

Hector smiled and said, “This planet is much bigger than your planet, and so is the land. area.
Therefore, the population is several times larger than yours. A city of 20 million. people is indeed

As the aircraft got lower and lower, Gerald saw the appearance of the city. All the buildings were high.
Gerald frowned and said, “The buildings cover not much space, but they seem to be very tall.”

“Yes. On Earth, humans are the only rulers. You can set up buildings wherever you want, and the
population can be sparse. But this place is different. The safe places are limited, and the population is
extremely dense. They have to build taller buildings to accommodate more people,” Hector explained.

In fact, Hector had mentioned this before, but when they saw the buildings, Gerald and the others were
still shocked. On Earth, a building with 30 floors was considered a high building, but on this planet,
almost all the buildings were 30 stories high.

“When we land, we don’t need to bring too many things. The aircraft will undergo repair and
maintenance here. We just need to pay energy stones to the workers.” Hector said, “Energy stones are
common goods here, and they can circulate in every country and city.” Gerald nodded.

“By the way, because this city is on the edge of the country, there are not many people living there.
Other than the army of the kingdom, most of the people living here are pioneers or some desperados
who go to this mountain to find a chance to become rich overnight,” Hector signed.

“These people are outlaws. The laws in this world only serve powerful people. So when you see
something unfair, just tolerate it,” Hector warned.

This was what Hector was worried about the most.

Gerald and the others were Watchmen. On Earth, everyone was equal, and Watchmen, who were
righteous, would seek injustice when they saw something unfair. However, in this world, there was no
such thing as fairness.

Bullying was too common, and Hector and others were afraid that Gerald and his friends would
interfere with others’ matters.

“I understand our mission. We won’t intervene with other matters,” Gerald said with a smile.

At this time, they entered a huge aircraft station. There were many people around, and there were
many aircraft.

On the ground, many people were busy, including some robots.

When Gerald and the others saw this, they could not help but be shocked. This was just a small city on
the border of the country.

“We will rest here for a day. Later, we will find a hotel. Then I’ll change enough money to last me six
months and store it in the card.” Hector said, “You can swipe your card everywhere. That’s all I can tell
you. Everyone, just try to keep a low profile.”

A loud sound was heard.

While they were talking, Gerald felt something stop on the ground.

“Pack up your things.” Hector let out a breath.

They found a few boxes from the aircraft and placed the things they brought from Earth inside. Each of
them had two boxes.

Hector filled one of the boxes with energy stones. He smiled and said, “After exchanging the stones for
currency, we can be considered rich people.

“Energy stones are the foundation of this world’s operation. They are not just used to cultivate,” Hector
said with a smile.

Indeed, the thing contained in the energy stones was very similar to Vital Energy. Gerald thought that
this kind of thing should be one of the reasons why martial arts flourished in this world.

‘Prepare to go down.” Hector walked to the cabin door.

“Shall we buy some new clothes to fit in the world?” Gerald asked.

“Of course.” Hector said, “The clothes we are wearing are too eye-catching. However, down and find a
hotel to stay in first.” let’s go

A beeping sound was heard.

The hatch of the aircraft opened, and Hector and the others slowly let out a breath and walked down
from it.

Even stepping on solid ground, Gerald still had an unreal feeling.

They crossed Nebula and arrived at a completely unfamiliar world.

At this time, a person walked towards Gerald and the others. She was wearing tight clothes.

When Gerald looked over, he found that most of the people in this world were wearing tight-fitting

There was something strange on her face, like a pair of glasses, which seemed to be able to scan.

Hector went over and talked with her for a while. The woman nodded. Then, the lens she was wearing
shot out the light. She scanned the aircraft that Gerald and the others had sent over and gave Hector a
blue card. Then, she said, “Repair and dock for half a year. One energy stone or 10 thousand golorbs.”

What she was talking about was the language of this country. Gerald and the others could understand

The golorb was the currency of this country.

Hector took out an energy stone and handed it over. Then, he turned around and said,

“It’s done.”

He slowly let out a breath and said with a strange light in his eyes, “Let’s go.”

Claude asked, “You don’t wear the clothes of Elite Ghost?”

“No. In ordinary cities, people are not allowed to wear the clothes of pioneers except when war breaks
out.” Hector smiled and said, “If we go to explore the forest, I can wear the clothes.”

Under Hector’s lead, the group of seven passed through the station.

Because the clothes of the seven people were completely different from what the people were wearing
in the world, they attracted a lot of attention.

Gerald found that these people looked at them like they were staring at prey,

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