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Chapter 785

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She Is My Woman”

In the wilderness, a hover car was shuttling on the ground. Its speed was very fast. According to
Earth’s speed, Gerald thought that it would be at least 150 yards.

Regardless of such a fast speed and ordinary unpaved road which was not for high-speed driving, they
didn’t feel turbulence in the car.

Gerald had to admit that Earth’s technology was far behind in all aspects compared to Havotune

Gerald and the others sat on chairs, which could be put down, and then they could lie down!

Valery sat next to Gerald. Their adaptability was very strong. After that day, they slowly began to adapt
to everything on this planet.

Triston directly put down his seat. He smiled at Gerald and said, “I’ll sleep for a while. Wake me up
when you encounter danger.”

Gerald was speechless!

They had just slept for one night, but this guy could still continue to sleep. Though speechless, Gerald

This car had four seats in a row, and the middle was the aisle.

Carolyn and Claude sat in front of Gerald, and there were several people sitting on the other side of the

On the left side of Gerald was a child who looked eight or nine years old. Beside him seemed to be his

His mother had a haggard look on her face, as well as a hint of expectation. She was telling the child

“Honey, in three days, we will be able to reach Phoenix Academy. Your talent is not bad. When you
enter school, you must study and cultivate hard and strive to become a super expert. This way, you can
change the fate of our family,” the woman warned.

The little boy was not in the mood to listen to his mom’s nagging. His eyes stared straight ahead.

“Click! Click!”

In front of Gerald, Carolyn was holding a pile of snacks. She had brought them from Earth and there
was no such thing in this world.

At this time, she was holding a bag of potato chips and eating very happily. This directly attracted the
attention of the little boy!

The boy’s parents were still nagging. “Mom is not useful. I can’t give you too many energy stones to
help you. cultivate. So if you can’t become a super expert, don’t be afraid and study hard. In the future,
you can go to those big companies to work and earn money. In the future, it will be much safer to stay
in the City of Phoenix than in Ries City…”

Carolyn noticed the gaze of the little boy. She turned to look at the little boy. The little boy was a little
shy and turned his head away

Carolyn was a little reluctant, but she still gritted her teeth and handed over the potato chips. She
asked, “Little guy, do you want to eat?”

The little boy’s eyes revealed a trace of anticipation, but his mother’s expression changed slightly She
hurriedly protected the child and then said to Carolyn, “No need!” She was on guard.

Gerald was speechless.

He sized up the child. This child’s talent was indeed not bad. At the age of eight or nine, he had already
reached the intermediate level. If he properly cultivated martial arts, it would be almost inevitable for
him to reach the super level.

Behind them were two old men. The two old men had complicated expressions. They had been
watching the outside of the window, their faces full of vigilance and anticipation.

In addition, the lower-class people sitting in front were mostly quiet. Even when they spoke, they were

However, the people sitting behind them were completely different. They were talking loudly.

“Damn it, I wonder what our families are thinking. They suddenly asked us to go back!” one of them
cursed loudly.

At the back, there were a total of eight people, three men, and five women!

“We have been guarding this side for so long. Now we suddenly retreat. Damn!” another man followed
up. “And I have to sit with these lower-class people. Their stink makes me feel that I’m polluted.”

“Save that. It is said that there is an ambassador who wants to pick a woman from our clan. I don’t
know if he wants to get married or something,” the last man sighed and said. “I wonder who has such
good luck. Once she is selected, she can go to the satellite to live.”

During the conversation, Gerald also understood a little, and he found that all of these people were
above the super level. The most powerful ones were already close to the level of Half-Step Flame

Gerald and the others’ auras were all hidden. They found a method to hide their auras from Burial
Ground, so the others thought that they were just ordinary people.

The car drove forward. After passing through a mountain forest, they entered a desert.

At this time, the man driving the car in front said, “Everyone, be careful. Next is a dangerous place.
There are some large beasts in the desert. If we are unlucky, our car will be overturned. Before tonight,
we will arrive at Hillnext and rest there for a night before setting off.”

“Just go on. You are lucky to meet us.” A loud voice came from behind.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the driver quickly said with a smile.

The car was still going forward: The scenery around was constantly retreating. Gerald and Valery
looked at the scenery outside the window with great interest.

The conversation behind them continued

“If the ambassador really married a daughter of our family, our status in the City of Phoenix would
probably rise a little.” The loud voice from behind again.

Hearing this, Triston, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

Gerald’s expression also changed slightly. A few silver special tools silently appeared in Valery’s hand!

They had not expected that the people behind them were actually people from the Four Ancient
Families of the City of Phoenix.

“Speaking of this…” A person behind grinned and gestured toward Gerald and the others in front of
him. “The two girls in front are not bad! I have reached the age to get married.”

As he spoke, the people behind burst into laughter!

“Tok tok tok…”

Then, there was a sound in the aisle of the car.

Then, next to Gerald, a young man with a buzz cut in his thirties stood. He stared at Valery with fiery
eyes and said, “As expected! A rare beauty!”

After saying that, he glanced at Gerald and frowned. “Lower-class people, get lost!”

Gerald frowned slightly.

Before he could speak, the man said to the woman, “Hey, beauty, I am a member of the Ingram family,
one of the Four Ancient Families in the City of Phoenix. My name is Kubrick Ingram, and I have taken a
fancy to you!”.

The killing intent in Gerald’s eyes grew stronger.

Kubrick continued, “Give me a son. If you marry me, your entire family can become upper-class

There was a sense of superiority in his words. He seemed to think that Valery would definitely agree.

“He is my woman,” Gerald said indifferently.

Hearing Gerald actually speak, Kubrick revealed an angry expression. “So what? Now that I’ve taken a
fancy to her, she’s my woman! lower-class, get lost. Do you not understand human language?”

He shouted at the driver, “Driver! Open the window for me! I want to throw this damned lower-class
person out.”

The driver’s expression changed slightly. He laughed bitterly. He did not dare to provoke these people.

Next to Valery, the tightly shut window slowly rose. Because the car was extremely fast, the wind
poured in immediately

“Damned fellow, how dare you resist me!” Kubrick laughed sinisterly. He grabbed Gerald’s shoulder
with one hand and suddenly exerted force, wanting to lift Gerald up and throw him out of the window.

Facing bullying and oppression, the others did not dare to speak. The two old men sighed. Beside
them, the woman covered her child’s eyes, as if she did not want him to see this scene!

“Huh?” Kubrick grabbed Gerald, but he found that he could not lift Gerald.

Kubrick’s expression changed slightly and he felt that something was wrong.

At this time, he found that Gerald was looking at him, as if looking at a dead man.

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