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Chapter 786

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Have You Heard of Night Watch?

The cars were shuttling through the desert. The road was obviously what the hover cars often traveled

In the sky, there were occasionally some huge creatures flying by. There was a huge difference
between the beasts and birds in this world and on Earth.

Inside the car, there was a bit of tension at this time. Gerald raised his head indifferently and glanced at

Kubrick’s hand grabbed onto Gerald’s body, but looking at Gerald’s eyes, Kubrick felt that his own body
was trembling.

Kubrick was a Pioneer of the Ingram family, which was one of the Four Ancient Families, and he was
upper–class. In Havotune, although Kubrick’s status wasn’t too high, he always had a sense of
superiority when facing lower–class people.

In his opinion, Gerald was just a lower–class person!

But now, he felt fear.

Gerald had crawled out from a pile of corpses. He had experienced too many battles, and that killing
intent was real.

“You want to…” Kubrick’s voice trembled slightly.

But before he could finish speaking, he found that his hand was suddenly lifted up by Gerald. Before he
could react, he felt a terrifying force. He could not resist it at all. With a bang, he lay down on the aisle!

Gerald even did not use his Vital Energy. He only relied on his strength to do this.

Kubrick’s expression changed greatly. At this time, he realized that Gerald’s leg had already stepped on
his face.

The surrounding people were all frightened.

Upper–class people!

People from the Four Ancient Families of the City of Phoenix!

At this time, Kubrick was stepped on the ground!

Those lower–class people did not dare to make any movements at all.

In the rear, the remaining seven people of the Ingram family saw this scene. Their expressions
changed, and they were about to take action.

Triston, who had closed his eyes, suddenly stood up. The aura around his body suddenly rose. It was
the level of peak Half–Step Flame Decay.

“The level of peak Half–Step Flame Decay!” The faces of those from the Ingram family changed

The Four Ancient Families in the City of Phoenix were connected to one another, and there were
dozens of

Flame Decay experts. Such a force was very close to entering the satellite.

Even so, the level of peak Half–Step Flame Decay had a very high status among the Four Ancient

Among the seven people, one woman seemed to be their real leader. She had short black hair. At this
time, she hurriedly stood up and said, “Everyone, please show mercy!”

After that, she stood up and said, “We are from the Ingram family in the City of Phoenix. My younger
brother was rude just now. I apologize on his behalf!”

Triston curled his lips and said, “Apologize? Just an apology, and you’re done? The Ingram family in
the City of Phoenix?”

When he said this, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. “Screw you!”

They and the Four Ancient Families of the City of Phoenix were deadly enemies. When they heard that
the people behind them were from the Ingram family, the people behind them were already dead in
their eyes.

Not to mention that this group of people was so arrogant!

“Everyone, are you sure you want to offend the Ingram family?” The woman’s face sank. “I admit that
the level of peak Half–Step Flame Decay is strong, but if you touch my brother, you’d better consider
the outcome. You know, you are going to the City of Phoenix. That’s our place.”

Inside the carriage, the others all dared not speak.

Gerald and the others also fell silent. Triston subconsciously looked at Gerald and Jacob.

Whether to make a move or not still depended on Gerald and Jacob.

Jacob and Gerald looked at each other, their thoughts in sync.

Jacob stood up and said to the others, “Everyone! I hope that all of you will forget what you saw today.
Otherwise, it will bring you countless troubles.”

His words were naturally not said to the Ingram family, but to the other people in the car.

At this time, Gerald lowered his head and looked at Kubrick, who was stepped on the ground by him.
He smiled and asked, “You just said you wanted to throw me out, right?”

The wind poured into the car through the window, causing Kubrick to shiver!

He gritted his teeth and said, “Kid, what are you doing? I’m a member of the Ingram family. You dare to
attack. me? You can’t live if you go to the City of Phoenix…”

He was halfway through his sentence when his voice suddenly stopped. Gerald’s foot moved slightly
and stepped on his neck, instantly killing him.

Then Gerald bent over, picked up Kubrick, and threw him directly outside the window!

The inside of the car was completely quiet.

In the rear, the Ingram family didn’t dare to come out.

Just now, they were noisy and looked down on the others in the car.

But now, after Gerald dealt with Kubrick without even blinking, they knew that things were going to be

Especially the leader of the Ingram family, her face was full of gloom!

She naturally knew that when Gerald and his guys moved first, they would definitely not be able to
escape. Gerald and his guys could not allow them to safely return to the City of Phoenix, and then bring
the people of the City of Phoenix to find trouble with them!

Yes, the moment Gerald made a move, in the carriage, Valery stood up, and silver special tools
streaked across the carriage!

They directly flew into the bodies of the people behind.

She was also at the level of peak Half–Step Flame Decay.

All of a sudden, six more people lost their breath.

The woman next to Gerald tightly covered the child’s eyes and ears, preventing him from listening and
looking. Her face also revealed a frightened expression.

She had originally thought that this trip to the City of Phoenix would be much safer with a few super
experts. However, she had never expected that they would be involved in such a fight.

“Who are you?” Cold sweat began to break out on the forehead of the leader of the eight people.

She was the strongest among the Ingram family members and also the leader of the small team of

She knew that this time, her team might be killed.

Gerald revealed a smile. His body moved and appeared in front of this woman in an instant. His eyes
were fixed on her.

“Have you heard of… the Night Watch?” Gerald grinned and asked.

The woman was slightly stunned at first, and her eyes revealed a trace of confusion.

However, after a moment, her body trembled as if she had thought of something. She looked at Gerald
in shock and said in shock, “You… You… Where are you from? You…”

Obviously, as one of the Four Ancient Families of the City of Phoenix, she seemed to have heard of the
Night Watch!

in fact, the existence of Earth was something only the core members of the Four Ancient Families

This woman was an outstanding talent among the younger generation of the Ingram family and one of
the core members. Therefore, she knew about the existence of Earth and the Night Watch.

She had never expected that Gerald and his guys would actually come to this place and even go to the
City of Phoenix.

At that moment, her back had already started to turn cold. She had probably guessed the purpose of
Gerald and the others going to the City of Phoenix.

She finally understood why Gerald and the others would directly kill them. Especially after she said that
she was a member of the Four Ancient Families of the City of Phoenix, Gerald and the others became
more and more decisive

At the same time, in front of her, Hector stood up and slowly turned his head to look at her

The woman’s eyes widened again.


At this moment, a wave of Vital Energy enveloped Hector’s entire body. In an instant, the woman
maintained her terrified appearance, but her body had turned into an ice sculpture!

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