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Chapter 823

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Set Off

In the room, Benson sat on the sofa. Those Flame Decayers looked at Gerald and the others. The two
new Flame Decayers frowned slightly and said, “They’re so young.”

Gerald and the others, including Hector, were not old.

The only one who looked slightly older was Hector. He wore a mask.

The woman looked at Gerald and the others, frowning. They’re not even Flame Decayers! Mr. Pierce,
you should hire them!”

Benson frowned.

Lexie hurriedly walked over to Benson and said a few words. It could be seen that their relationship
was quite good.

After Benson heard this, he smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. If someone wants to kill us, it is
impossible that the killers are all Flame Decayers. I believe there will be many killers in the level of
peak Half-Step Flame Decay. So I think there is no problem.”

They kept glaring at Gerald. The man looked at Gerald with interest and said, “You look so young. How
old are you?”

Gerald did not answer. Gerald looked at Benson and asked, “Would you like to pay first or pay after we
finish our mission?”

Benson smiled and said, “I can pay you now! Can we settle it together?”

“No problem!” Gerald said and handed the card over.

He was very honest. But he did not say much about Claude being only the level of Half-Step Flame

Gerald successfully got 1.4 billion golorbs.

“Is there anyone else?” Triston looked around and asked.

“Seven Flame Decayers. It is almost enough,” Benson explained patiently.

Gerald nodded. At this time, Laylah came over and said, “You will also have to take care of me!”

“Do you want to follow us?” Gerald frowned and asked, “Can’t you just go back alone?”

“I also want to earn some money!” Laylah showed a bright smile.

“You haven’t answered my husband’s question. How old are you?” At this time, the woman asked

“It’s impolite to ask about other people’s backgrounds!” Gerald looked up at the woman and said.

The woman pouted and said, “Mr. Pierce, the people you invited are all young people. I don’t think they
have much combat experience! They will cause us trouble!”

Benson laughed and said, “Don’t worry. I believe in the people Lexie chose. How about this? Guys, get

There will be two cars. The five of you will take the first car. We will take the second car with these
young men. Is that okay?”

Benson said to Gerald and the others, “Let’s get to know each other better!”

At the same time, Benson took the initiative to introduce to Gerald and the others, “This is Angelo
Shafto This is his wife, Alaina Pender!”

Then Benson pointed to an old man and said, “These are the members of my family. This is Mr. Peter.
These two are Mr. Hugo and Mr. Johnny!”

Benson introduced the three Flame Decayers beside him. They were all members of the Pierce family!

Gerald and the others also self-introduced themselves. Their names were not famous in this world, so it
did not matter if their names were exposed.

When Claude introduced himself, Angelo frowned. He glanced at Claude and said, “Your weapon… It
seems to be a sniper rifle, right? You’re just a Half-Step Flame Decayer. If you use a sniper rifle as your
weapon, how can you fight? I don’t think it’s a good choice.”

Benson frowned and said, “Mr. Shafto, they are the people I invited. I know what I’m doing. Just do
what you need to do!”

Angelo was unhappy!

And Benson’s actions made Gerald feel that Benson was not a superficial person.

Benson was not as arrogant as he was in the previous auction. But he was also tough sometimes.
Gerald thought that Benson should be a capable person. As for Benson’s power, Gerald guessed that
Benson was just a Half-Step Flame Decayer.

“Are we leaving now?” Gerald asked.

Benson nodded. “Yes! Get ready. Let’s go!”

The group of people went downstairs and sat in two separate cars. The car started. They were leaving
the City of Phoenix.

Just as Gerald and the others were about to leave, in a certain luxurious hotel in Phoenix City, Jeffrey
was sitting there with a gloomy expression.

“Your Highness, what should we do next? The spy just sent a message. Benson left with his people.” A
group of people sat around Jeffrey.

“How many experts does he have?” Jeffrey asked calmly.

A man replied, “Five Flame Decayers, and eight Half-Step Flame Decayers. The team is really strong!”

What they felt was that Gerald and the others had higher levels of power.

“How is the contact with the Wilmot family?” Jeffrey asked.

*They… are willing to take the risk and cooperate!” Another old man added, “But they have a
requirement. If we get Thunder Saber, we need to pay them 200 billion golorbs!”

Jeffrey sneered and said, “200 billion golorbs is a huge number. But we can do that. Inform them to
gather at the docking station and block their way. We need to stop them! This time, don’t leave a single
one alive. If the Pierce family finds out that we were the ones who did it, it will be quite troublesome.”


At Foliage Manor, Sauven and the others were sitting together. Sauven said indifferently, “I received the
news. Benson has already set off.”

Elton frowned and said, “Are we really going to do it? Benson is from the Pierce family. If they find out
the truth, the Pierce family will start a war against us. I’m afraid…”

“It’s Thunder Saber that is worth three billion golorbs!” Sauven slowly exhaled and added, “If we rob it,
it means that we will be able to get around thirty more Pioneers. This risk is worth taking. Furthermore,
we can set up a trap! I just received news that Jeffrey and the Wilmot family have already headed to
the aircraft station. They will definitely make a move!”

At the same time, one of the people in the crowd laughed sinisterly and said, “Lightchasers have
already taken action. This time, they sent 5 members.”

“Five?” Jovanni’s expression changed. “Isn’t it too few?”

“That’s enough!” That person added with a smile, “Benson actually dared to hire guards in the City of
Phoenix. He probably doesn’t know yet. But do you know who the other two Flame Decayers he

“Who?” Everyone looked at him.

“Angelo and Alaina. The man laughed.

Their expressions changed, and they all showed smiles as they said, “Then… We will definitely win the

“Inform them again. Remember to ask them to kill every one of them. Do not leave behind any
evidence. We

can’t offend the Wilmot family or the Pierce family for now,” Sauven waved his hand and said.

“Understood!” Elton stood up and added, “I will give the order now.”

As the two hover cars moved along the City of Phoenix, something bad was about to happen.

The three parties were not the only ones who wanted to make a move on Benson.

The Pierce family was rich and powerful, but… It was worth taking a risk since the thing they wanted to
rob was Thunder Saber!

In the darkness of the night, the aircraft was rising. One after another, the hover cars continuously left
the city

On the hover car, Hector sat in the innermost area. He quietly swallowed Water Mushroom.

“Did you swallow it? Will it work?” Gerald frowned and asked.

Hector replied, “Yes. What I need to do now is to wait for it to heal my body. Maybe three to four hours.
I’ll take a nap first. Wake me up if anything happens.”

There were nine people in this car. Benson sat on the sofa of the hover car and said to Lexie and
Laylah, “Don’t get out again in the future. What’s so fun about the City of Phoenix? The Four Ancient
Families are all idiots.”

“I know what to do. Don’t worry about me,” Lexie said unhappily.

Benson was not angry. He smiled and said, “It is comfortable to stay here. I feel uncomfortable being
with Mr. Peter and the other elders.”

As he spoke, he exhaled and looked at the passing scenery outside the window. He added, “Actually, I
don’t really want you to come with me. This trip… is so dangerous. There are more than one or two
families who want to kill me!”

“In a crisis, there is a chance to break through the level of Flame Decay, right?” Lexie said.

Gerald listened to their conversation and touched the two sabers on his back. He muttered in his heart,
the Four Ancient Families, don’t disappoint me. You have to come!

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