Novel Name : Slumdog Billionaire Husband

Chapter 829

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Team Wiped Out


In the sky, the black smoke exploded. Following that, a Purple Elite Ghost that had been rising into the
sky began to fall toward the ground while emitting black smoke.

Apart from that, there was also a skeleton that glowed with a white luster that fell from the sky.

Evan’s body was directly burnt to ashes, leaving only his Bone of Eternity behind as he fell from the sky
to the ground.


The captain of the three Lightchasers teams of the Four Ancient Families has fallen!

“Lexie!” Benson swallowed his saliva and said, “Where did you get to know this group of perverts?”

Lexie shook her head blankly!

It was an accident that she knew Gerald.

She knew that Gerald was very powerful and might be at the level of Flame Decay.

However, she did not expect that Gerald’s group would be so strong.

One against three, all the enemies were killed by Flame Decayers.

Gerald was not at the supreme level, but he had displayed combat strength comparable to the supreme

On the other side, the other two experts of the Pierce family were holding back Angelo and Alaina.
Angelo and Alaina had intense fear on their faces.

They were going crazy!

They were spies planted in Benson’s team. They thought that this operation would be quiet and that
they would not make any mistakes. Benson and the others would definitely die.

In the future, they would gain the trust of the Four Ancient Families in the City of Phoenix. The status of
the Shafto family would also rise, and they might even become the fifth Ancient Families in the City of
Phoenix in the future.

However… the group of people they looked down on displayed terrifying combat strength.

This made the two of them almost go crazy!

“What to do now?” Cold sweat kept appearing on their foreheads. They really wanted to escape, but
they were tightly entangled. The most important thing was that Angelo saw Gerald with endless cold
eyes looking at him!

Carolyn, who had broken through to the level of Flame Decay, had a special cover. Everywhere she
passed, almost one saber was cut. The level of Half-Step Flame Decay and the level of peak Flame
Decay were completely unable to stop him.

Gold Elite Ghost continued to self-destruct!


The next battle was completely in the form of a crushing force.

Carolyn and Triston cooperated with Claude and quickly dealt with experts below the level of Flame
Decay. Then, Carolyn charged directly at Alaina. She had hated Alaina for a long time.

She roared, “Uncle Benson, step back. Leave this woman to me!”

She had broken through to the level of Flame Decay and wanted to test her true strength.

In fact, the moment the phoenix flame ignited, Gerald could feel that although Carolyn had just reached
the level of Flame Decay, she was much stronger than the ordinary Flame Decayer. The moment she
stepped forward, Alaina was instantly suppressed by her.

A few minutes later, Triston stood in the stone forest with a blue spear in his hand. The last person at
the level of peak Half-Step Flame Decay fell down.

“Why didn’t I break through?” He frowned and looked at Carolyn with envy.

His back had been cut twice, and it was bleeding. However, he did not feel anything.

Not far ahead, two figures smashed into the ground one after another. Angelo and Alaina finally could
not hold on and were heavily injured.

At the same time, on the other side, two skeletons also fell down. At the same time, a figure was stuck

Hector and pressed down from above, ruthlessly pressing down on the ground.


That person spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked at Hector in shock and said, “Hector, please spare

Hector stared at him with hatred in his eyes. “How can I spare you? Camel, back then, I started from a
branch. family and you were a direct descendant. Both you and I broke through to the super level. I
thought I would be valued by the family, but you bastard tricked me. My energy core was crippled and I
was imprisoned. I cultivated again in prison and escaped for a hundred years! Everything I had was
given to me by you, the Ingram family, and the Four Ancient Families!”

“Hector, I’ll take you back. If the family finds out that you are so powerful now, they will definitely put
you in an important position.” Camel said with a face full of blood.

“Now?” Hector stared at him and said, “It’s too late. Three of the Ingram family’s members have died.
Six of the Four Ancient Families have died, and two Purple Elite Ghosts, too. Tell me, how painful
would you feel?”

“Let me tell you, this is just the beginning!” Hector gritted his teeth, and a terrifying hatred shot out from
his eyes. “Don’t worry, they will meet you in hell soon. None of the people from the Four Ancient
Families will be able to escape!”

As they spoke, flames exploded, instantly engulfing the other three people.

At this time, only Angelo and Alaina were left on the ground.

The two of them were covered in blood, and their faces were filled with grief and despair.

Gerald looked at them.

“Angelo, I don’t want to die!” Alaina looked at Angelo and pleaded.

Angelo gritted his teeth as he looked at Gerald and asked, “Although I know that it is unlikely, I hope
that you can release my wife. I guarantee that she will keep her mouth shut. My Shafto Family can also
be at your service.”

“Who likes trash like you!” Benson said disdainfully. “Do you think we will let you go?”

As he spoke, he walked in front of the two of them!

At this time, the car moved slightly and Valery jumped out of the car.

Benson hurriedly asked, “How is Peter?”

“He saved his life for now. However, his heart has been injured. It is only by relying on his power of the
level of Flame Decay that he is able to protect his heart. Thus, I am afraid that I do not know how long
he will be able to last,” Valery said.

‘Just keep his breath.” Benson said, “If he has a breath, we can save him. Damn, the Shafto Family, the
Four Ancient Families!”

Benson stared at Angelo below and said, “The Shafto Family should be ready to be wiped out. It seems
that our family has been too low-key recently, so trash dares to attack us.”

When Benson heard that, his expression changed drastically. He still wanted to say something, but
Benson said indifferently, “Let’s do it directly!”

Hugo nodded, then directly slashed with his saber. Angelo died!

“How about this woman?” Johnny asked.

“Her?” Benson sneered, “Crippled her cultivation and threw her to…”

“Kill her!” At this time, Gerald said slowly.

“Then kill her!” Benson nodded, and then Johnny did not hold back anymore. He slashed Alaina in the

Eight Flame Decays, all the attacking Gold Elite Ghosts, Purple Elite Ghosts, and Half-step Flame
Decayers, all wiped!

This time, the Four Ancient Families suffered a great loss.

At this time, a feeling of weakness came from Gerald’s body. Even now, after using the Death Storm,
the weakness still existed.

Valery looked at Gerald and frowned. “Why did you use Death Storm again?”

“I have to!” Gerald let out a breath and said, “I’ll be fine after resting for a while.”

At this time, Benson raised his fist and punched himself in the chest. Hugo and Johnny behind him also
raised their fists. Then, the three of them bowed to Gerald and the others and said, “Thank you, Gerald.
I express my greatest gratitude to you. From today onwards, you are my most loyal friend of the Pierce
family in Rime City.”

Gerald was stunned!

Benson continued, “If you run into trouble in the future, just contact them. The Pierce family will do
everything in their power to help you!”

“Can you promise me that?” Hector asked with a frown.

“Although I am frivolous, I am also the future successor of the Pierce family.” Benson smiled.

Gerald frowned. He looked at Benson and said, “Can you all forget everything you saw today?” Other
than the few of you, do not mention anything else!”

“That’s for sure.” Benson let out a breath and said, “The owner of the Dragon Bone and the owner of
the Phoenix Bone, these matters are too important. You are our benefactor, and we will never repay

kindness with enmity. Even the closest people, we will not reveal a word.”

Gerald frowned slightly. He looked at Hector, and Hector’s eyes were also flickering.

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