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Chapter 816

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An Opportunity

Anabel’s expression changed. “Gael was killed?”

The servant hurriedly nodded. “Yes, two of the experts on the level of Flame Decay died in a row. It is
said that seven or eight half-step Flame Decay experts were killed as well. The killer seems to be after
the Four Ancient Families, and they’re all freaking out right now. They’re worried that the killer’s next
target is them.”

A mysterious smile appeared on Anabel’s pretty face. Then she asked, “Do you know who did it?”

“It seems to be the group of people from last time.” The servant said, “However, the specific situation
has not been revealed. Right now, rumors have gone viral throughout the city. Recently, the City of
Phoenix has not been peaceful. Superior Envoy, your status is noble. Please be careful when you go

If something happened to Anabel, the Four Ancient Families would have to suffer.

“I understand.” Anabel nodded and said, “You may leave.”

When the servant left, Anabel’s eyes shone with a bright light.

“That man can be able to kill Gael alone. Gael is one of the most talented experts. I did have keen
eyesight. He must be the holder of Dragon Bone. If…” As Anabel spoke, she slowly let out a breath and
said, “I have to take him under my command!”

Gerald was not interested in the reaction of the Four Ancient Families. He also did not know that
Anabel was very satisfied with him now.

But it did not matter even if he knew. Gerald was not interested in Anabel at all. In fact, he even wanted
to kill Anabel, which would save him a lot of trouble.

The hover car circled around and entered the city. Lexie exhaled and said, “Are you going to hand in
the mission tomorrow?”

“No.” Gerald shook his head and said, “There are still a few experts of the level of peak Half-Step
Flame Decay left to deal with. After I settle them down, we will go to hand over the mission.”

Lexie nodded and said, “Then tell me when you hand over the mission. We will go together.”

Gerald looked at Lexie and Laylah strangely, then nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll contact you guys when
the time comes.”

“By the way,” Lexie warned, “the Four Ancient Families will definitely be furious in the near future. The
City of Phoenix will probably be in a state of turmoil. You guys should be more careful. After the turmoil
is over, you can make your move on the others.”

Two experts in the level of Flame Decay died within a few days. The Four Ancient Families would
certainly have some actions.

As for what they would do, Gerald didn’t know about that.

Regarding the hunting operation later, Gerald planned to go back and make a detailed plan.

In fact, Gerald’s target was Flame Decayers, but the real threat to Earth was Half-Step Flame Decayers
of the Four Ancient Families. The Pioneers of the Four Ancient Families were all driven by them.

Therefore, it was a good choice to try to reduce the number of Half-Step Flame Decayers.

Gerald did not let Lexie and Laylah send him and Claude home. Instead, Gerald and Claude went to a
place with no one around and got out of the hover car. They circled around before taking a taxi back.

Jacob was sitting on the sofa with excitement and amazement.

When Valery and Carolyn saw them return, she hurriedly came over and asked, “How is it?”

“We did not disappoint you,” Gerald smiled.

“That’s great,” Carolyn said happily.

A hint of excitement appeared in Triston’s eyes as he said, “I plan to attack my target tomorrow.”

In addition to Flame Decayers, Gerald also needed to kill four Half-Step Flame Decayers.

Because it was an assassination, they had a way to hide their auras. They were both half-step Flame
Decayers, and they all had a chance to kill Half-Step Flame Decayers in an instant. Of course, they had
to have a good opportunity.

As for Claude, it was just to fire a bullet.

Gerald shook his head and said, “Let’s wait and see for a few days. So many people from the Four
Ancient Families have died in succession. In the coming days, the City of Phoenix might be in turmoil.”

Hector, who was next to him, nodded and said, “The Four Ancient Families will definitely take action. I
also suggest that you

rest for a while. It is best to leave the City of Phoenix first.”

“There is no need to leave.” Jacob smiled and said, “The City of Phoenix has a permanent population
of 500 million. No matter how powerful the Four Ancient Families are, it’s not easy for them to find us.

The most important thing is that Gerald probably didn’t leave any evidence or clues behind. It is very
difficult for them to find it, except that Anabel provides them with some ideas.”

“But judging from the situation, Anabel probably didn’t tell the Four Ancient Families about Gerald’s
appearance. Although we don’t know what this woman wants to do, we can be sure that we are not in
danger of being exposed now,” Jacob said.

At this point, he licked his lips and continued, “Moreover, let’s see what the Four Ancient Families will
do. Perhaps this is an opportunity.”

“What?” Gerald raised his eyebrows and looked at him. “Opportunity? What opportunity?”

“The most dangerous place is the safest place.” Jacob narrowed his eyes. “They will probably conduct
a large search during this period of time. In this way, their experts will scatter…”

Gerald’s eyes lit up slightly.

“Will this be too risky?” Hector frowned and said, “We have gotten a good result. I think we can stop for
two days.”

Jacob said, “Don’t worry, it’s just an idea. Let’s see what the Four Ancient Families are going to do first,
and then we can think of a way to deal with it.”

Speaking of this, Jacob licked his lips again and said, “Didn’t I tell you about my plan before to stir up
social conflicts? I suddenly have an idea.”

“Huh?” Everyone looked at him.

In fact, Gerald and the others thought that Jacob’s idea was feasible, but it was too difficult to
implement. It was not easy to call on so many people, let alone let them resist.

The lower-class people feared the ruler.

Jacob smiled and said, “Haven’t I been playing the VR game these past two days? This world is really
amazing. When the VR is connected, it almost restored the real world.”

Carolyn could not help but glare at him and say, “What does this have to do with your plan?”

“This game is popular in the entire Solein Kingdom. Most young people play this game. Just like the
online games on Earth, there are some similar games like gangs.” Jacob added, “How about I gather a
large group. of lower-class people in the game?”

“Huh?” Everyone looked at him.

Gerald was a little excited. If Jacob gathered a group of people in the game and brainwashed them…
Maybe it would really work.

“You can try it,” Gerald exhaled slowly and said.

Jacob chuckled and said, “Well, then I’m playing the game on a decree. Give me some money first,
and I’ll get a good set of equipment.”

Triston looked at him suspiciously and said, “Don’t tell me you wanted to cheat money to play games.”

“I am not such a person,” Jacob said righteously.

Gerald transferred 10 million golorbs to Jacob and said, “In short, you can act according to the real
situation. It’s best if you can sow discord and send the Four Ancient Families into a passive position.
Right now, the most important thing is to constantly hunt down the people from the Four Ancient

Hector suddenly said, “Gerald, the black market will have an auction tomorrow. I want to make a trip
there. There should be a Water Mushroom at the auction. If I can get it and my body recovers, our
combat strength can increase by a lot.”

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