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Chapter 843

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Something That Can’t Be Brought Up

“Very likely!” Dwayne slowly let out a breath and said, “Otherwise… Why do you think they are so
fearless when they know that Dillon is a Pierce?”

Neal became sweaty on the forehead.

He thought about it carefully. Indeed, a group of geniuses was led by a supreme Flame Decayer. They
seemed to quietly come down to cultivate.

“W-What should we do?” Neal said.

Obviously, Neal wasn’t very smart. After Dwayne said so, Neal completely believed his words and
became a little flustered.

“Alas!” Dwayne sighed. “I hope my speculation is wrong I will probe into it. If they don’t fuss about it for
the sake of Benson, let’s just let it go now.”

Neal nodded.

Dwayne looked at him meaningfully and said, “As for Rowan, just handle him yourself.”

“I handle him?” Neal shouted, “I am angry when I talk about him. I will ask him for an explanation.”

Dwayne looked at Neal, turned around, and walked out of the room. He thought, I hope my guess is
wrong. Otherwise… it will be a little troublesome.

Dwayne just guessed about the story of Gerald and the others. However, he felt that it was very likely. If
Gerald and the others did come from one of the Eight Forces, there would be trouble.

Dwayne was a little worried and walked out.

In the hall of the Pierce’s house, Benson kept apologizing to Gerald, “This is all my fault. Please don’t
take it to heart.”

Gerald shook his head and said, “It has nothing to do with you. It is just Dillon’s problem.”

With that, he slowly let out a breath and said, “Now, there is no point in us continuing to stay here. It is
hard to know what your grandfather will think. Although I trust you, I do not trust him. For the sake of
the Pierce family, he might choose to sacrifice us regardless of anything.”

Speaking of this, Gerald frowned and said, “Why don’t you prepare a hover car for us? We can leave

Benson was stunned. He hurriedly said, “I will think of a way to settle this matter for you. After all, Dillon
is still alive, and we can negotiate.”

“We don’t dare to gamble.” Hector said, “This is Rime City, the turf of the Pierce family. If we lose the
bet, we will be finished.”

Benson seemed to dwell on it.

He was actually speculating that Gerald and the others might be from above who came to train.

“Don’t worry.” At this time, Dwayne’s voice sounded outside the door. “The Pierce family is definitely not

Gerald naturally did not want to comment on his words. He knew very well what kind of people Dillon
and Neal were. It was already decent to say that they were unreasonable.

“I have made it clear to them that it’s indeed Dillon’s fault. I will apologize on behalf of Dillon again.”
Dwayne pursed his lips and said, “Also, I can decide on the marriage between Dillon and Lexie. It’s

Lexie was stunned at first and then joyful.

Gerald was surprised. He did not expect Dwayne to say this.

Dwayne walked into the room. At this time, he looked like a gentle old man. He smiled at Gerald and
the others and said, “In the afternoon, Benson told me that he had a few genius friends. I did not have
the time to thank you all. In the end, such a matter happened. I am really ashamed.”

Gerald and the others frowned as Dwayne’s attitude was so good.

So, they wouldn’t get ugly with Dwayne. Moreover, Gerald and Benson were friends. Given what
Dwayne said, Gerald wouldn’t take things personally.

Dillon was beaten hard, and Triston broke through to the level of Flame Decay because of this.

After all, this was the Pierce family’s turf. If they continued to pester, they would suffer.

Gerald smiled and said, “That’s OK, Mr. Pierce. Since we’ve made it clear, that’s good.”

Given that Gerald had let go, Dwayne let out a long sigh and said, “Oh, I heard from Benson that you
guys seem to have some questions you want to ask me. Go ahead. I will tell you everything I know.”

Gerald was delighted. Then, he thought about it and said. “Mr. Pierce, we have inadvertently seen an
organization and have always been very curious about it.

“Huh?” Dwayne looked at Gerald and said, “What’s it?”

“It might be an extremely powerful organization from ancient times. It’s called Nether Palace. Mr.
Pierce, you…”

Just as Gerald said, Dwayne’s expression suddenly changed. With a wave of his hand, the door of the
hall was instantly closed by his Vital Energy.

This sudden change was only because of the words “Nether Palace”.

“Did you see it in some ancient book?” Dwayne looked at Gerald and asked in a serious tone.

Given his reaction, Gerald became more and more serious. There was a high chance that Nether
Palace existed. Just like what Cohn said, it was something that couldn’t be mentioned.

Gerald nodded and said, “Yes, but there are very few records on it…”

“Gerald ” Dwayne slowly let out a breath and said, “If you want to ask anything else, I can answer you. I
know little about this organization, but I can’t tell you anything. In addition, it is good for you to be
curious, but please don’t ask anything about this organization.”

Gerald and others were stunned. Gerald let out a sigh and said, “So this organization really exists?”

Dwayne frowned and looked at him. After a moment, Dwayne nodded slowly and said, “It does exist,
but Gerald, since you and Benson are friends, I reminded you. Please don’t ask about this
organization. Don’t ask your family elders, and don’t look for this organization.”

Dwayne said in a serious tone, “Its name is a taboo that is not allowed to be mentioned.”

This statement was similar to what Cohn had said.

Gerald knew that if he continued to ask, there would probably not be any results.

It might be difficult to find information about Nether Palace.

Of course, for Gerald and the others, this was potential. Even if Nether Palace existed, it was hard to
say if they would still invade Earth.

“Thank you, Mr. Pierce,” Gerald said with a smile.

“It’s fine.” Dwayne smiled and said, “Alright. I still have to continue the meeting at Rime Tower. I won’t
disturb you from chatting. Benson, you can stay with your friends. You don’t have to go to Rime Tower
for now.”

Benson nodded and said, “OK.”

After Dwayne left, Benson stood up and said, “It’s good that the problem has been solved, and it’s also
very cool. I’ve been unhappy with Dillon for a long time. This time, he was beaten hard by you. It’s so
damn great.”

Gerald smiled and stood up. “We have to go.”

Benson was stunned. “Aren’t you going to rest for two days?”

“No. Firstly, we don’t know how long the beast attack will last. If we are trapped and can’t get out, it will
be troublesome. Secondly, we have almost asked what we wanted to know, so it is time to leave,”
Gerald said.

Benson frowned. He sighed and said, “Alright, follow me to my garage. Pick any hover car. Also, don’t
take the matter with Dillon to heart.”

“OK, I won’t.” Gerald shook his head and said, “Moreover, it’s also a blessing in disguise for Triston. He
broke through to the level of Flame Decay, and Lexie’s engagement was also removed. We got the
best of both


With that, he looked at Triston and said, “Well, what is your attribute? Is it poison?”

Hearing Gerald’s words, Triston had a strange expression. He cleared his throat and said, “You will
know in the future. It’s amazing.”

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