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Chapter 870

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It Causes an Uproar

Conor’s face was extremely gloomy

In the Guerrero family, those who were above the level of Flame Decay were the best of the best
Reaching the level of Flame Decay could decide many things The Four Ancient Families joined hands
together because they wanted to get onto and live on the satellit

And the premise to get onto the satellite was that they had to have a hundred people on the level of
Flame Decay

The Four Ancient Families had been cultivating their members.

The Bone of Eternity on Earth was their hope.

But now, before they could obtain the Bone of Eternity, eight of them who were on the level of Flame
Decay had died.

And this time, they lost someone who had reached the supreme level of Flame Decay!

The supreme level of Flame Decay was the pillar of every family!

The Guerrero family didn’t lose anyone until now. What was worse, it was someone on the supreme
level killed this time.

Sauven was about to go crazy.

When Elton and the others saw it, their faces darkened as well.

Sauven instantly rushed over to Conor and held his hand, asking, “What did you say? Did they do this
to you?”



Conor tried his best to say something, but no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t finish a

“Conor!” Tears welled up in Sauven’s eyes.

Conor and he were peers. When they were young, they once had been at odds because of the
inheritance of the Guerrero family. But after Sauven showed his talent, Conor took the initiative to give
up and concentrated on assisting Sauven. Soon, they got close to each other and became good

After so many years, they already had each other’s trust and regarded each other as their brothers.

But now, Conor was dying in Sauven’s arms. Sauven was so furious that he was about to go crazy.

Conor stared at Sauven and murmured.




However, he didn’t have the strength to finish his words,

Suddenly, his eyes lost focus and his body fell to the ground.


Sauven roared. The terrifying Vital Energy surged out from his body and instantly exploded all the glass
surrounding him.

The City of Phoenix wouldn’t have its peace today.

Downstairs, Hector sat in the room with a faint smile on his lips as he said, “Well… It seems that they
failed to catch Gerald. Did he slip away?”

After watching for a while, he followed the hover cars and left Worldly Wonderland.

Conor didn’t get killed without being noticed. He was killed in Worldly Wonderland.

In a place like here, the Four Ancient Families couldn’t cover it even if they tried to.

The news of Conor, who came from the Four Ancient Families of the City of Phoenix, being killed in

Wonderland spread out quickly.

The entire City of Phoenix heard of it overnight.

The strange thing was that this news was getting more and more ridiculous in people’s mouths.

For example, it was said that the Four Ancient Families had been making moves more frequently
recently. and they had already become a target for many people.

It was also said that the Four Ancient Families was going to end its rule over the City of Phoenix soon.

It was also said that…

All sorts of gossip were spreading all over this city.

But it didn’t matter to Hector at all. After Hector returned home, he briefly told Valery and the others
what happened.

After hearing Hector’s story, Valery and the others got nervous instantly.

Although Hector said that Gerald had not been caught by the Four Ancient Families, they were still
worried about him.

They kept calling Gerald, but Gerald didn’t answer the phone.

They could only wait for news anxiously.

But none of them knew.

Gerald was still in a coma.

At the same time, in the Ingram’s villa. Anabel sat on the sofa, and her eyes were full of disbelief.

When Anabel found out that Gerald killed two guys who were on the level of Flame Decay in the Four
Ancient Families, she had already been shocked.

It was actually quite difficult to kill a man on the level of Flame Decay under normal circumstances. One
who didn’t acquire attribute-related ability or enough strength was impossible to kill the other party at all

However, Gerald was able to kill two men who had reached the level of Flame Decay, which shocked
Anabel a lot.

So after she saw Gerald, she tried to recruit Gerald. When Gerald refused her, she compromised and
offered to cooperate with him, so that Gerald could help her.

But this time, Gerald even finished someone on the supreme level.

From the news of the Four Ancient Families, it is not difficult to tell that someone who did it was related
to the magma attribute, the wind attribute, the ice attribute, and also the poison paralysis.

But Gerald didn’t have all these attribute-related abilities, and he might cooperate with others who were
also on the level of Flame Decay.

No matter what, Gerald still killed a guy who reached the supreme level of Flame Decay.

“Dragon Bone is really as good as I heard.” Anabel slowly let out a breath and said, “With such talent
and such attributes, if Gerald could work for me, then the Archaic Tribe…”

As she spoke, she shook her head and said, “What a pity.”

She had tried to contact Gerald but failed to get through to him no matter how many times she tried.
Gerald never picked up his phone.

“Did something happen to him?” Anabel frowned.

She did not play an important role in the Archaic Tribe. So she planned to use this trial to gain the
attention of the higher-ups of the Archaic Tribe.

And Gerald was the key to her plan.

The more strength Gerald showed now, the better it would be for her plan.

“Hope he will survive.”

Anabel sighed and thought to herself.

Of course, Gerald had no idea what was happening outside.

Three days later, lying somewhere, Gerald slowly opened his eyes.


He had just opened his eyes when Gerald heard a cat meow. Then he saw the white wall.

The huge chandelier hung above his head. It was inset with a lot of crystals and was obviously quite

He felt the Vital Energy was empty inside of him, and he also felt weak all over his body. There was a
fierce pain in his chest.

“You are awake!” Suddenly, a sound came from beside him.

Then, the sound of footsteps came closer. Gerald turned around and saw that Ms. Cat was slowly
walking towards him. There was a hint of surprise in her eyes as she said, “Mr. Zero, you are younger
than I thought. I thought that you had just reached the level of Flame Decay. I didn’t expect that you
would be so close to the supreme level. Moreover…

“You have Dragon Bone,” Ms. Cat said and chuckled.

Gerald did not have many worries. Since he was still alive, it meant that Ms. Cat did not intend to kill
him and exchange blood with him.

“I hope you can keep it a secret,” Gerald said.

“Well, well.” Ms. Cat pursed her lips and said, “If I were to tell others about it, you wouldn’t be at my
place now. By the way, I have to restrain myself so as not to exchange my blood with yours.”

“Is Conor dead?” Gerald asked, “How did we get out?”

“Yep, he is dead, and it also caused an uproar in the city. The Four Ancient Families are searching in
the city like crazy. The whole City of Phoenix is blocked now, and no one is allowed to get in or get out,”
Ms. Cat said.

“As for us…” Ms. Cat smiled and said, “It was Shadow who saved us.”

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