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Chapter 862

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Each With Their Own Ulterior Motives

Anabel had a point. It was true that Gerald couldn’t kill Anabel now. Also, Anabel had something on

So he said through gritting teeth, “Help you with what?

“And before you say anything, you should know that I’ll only help you this once!” Gerald repeated, “If
you ever threaten me with this again, I will kill you regardless of the consequences.”

Anabel was delighted!

Then she looked at Gerald and said, “I am going to enroll in a trial organized by my tribe, which will
take place half a month later. The thing is, I have to form a team to qualify for that, with all the team
members under the age of 30 and at the level of Half-Step Flame Decay or something even higher.”

A look of something like “tell me about more flashed across Gerald’s eyes.

“What kind of trial?” Gerald asked.

“It’s a trial among the eight forces. As long as you’re a member of them who is also under 30 and at the
level of peak Half-Step Flame Decay, you can partake.” Anabel looked at Gerald and continued, “But
you have to tell people that you are my subordinate once you’re in. That way, I will be able to get into
the Corona Pool and cultivate there for ten days so as to become a Flame Decay level achiever. I
mean, if we can make it into the top ten, of course.

“And to repay you, I will take you into the Corona Pool as well. I know you’re already a Flame Decay
level achiever. But you can still improve your attribute in the Corona Pool. Trust me. You won’t regret,”
Anabel exhaled and said.

Gerald’s expression changed slightly. Despite not having heard of the pool, he decided that it would be
a good place to cultivate according to what Anabel said.

Since getting to the next level was actually something achievable for him, he thought he might as well
take advantage of the pool so as to level up himself.

“Well… Will it be difficult to make it to the top ten?” Gerald asked.

Anabel answered, “With you joining hands, it’s not beyond our reach. And if I am lucky enough to find
two more peak Half-Step Flame Decay level achievers as our teammates, I would have more faith!”

Gerald gave a little coughed and said, “What if I get you all the three? That should work, right?”

Anabel looked at Gerald in shock, and then her expression got bright. “You can find two more for me?”

“That’s beside the point. What I am asking is, can we make it to the top ten if I find two more guys for
you?” Gerald said.

Anabel answered, “With three Flame Decay level achievers, we can make it into the top ten. Actually, I
think. we might be able to get first place.”

“Will there be a lot of contenders?” Gerald asked.

Anabel replied, “Only a small minority of people have achieved the level of peak Half-Step Flame
Decay before they were thirty. It’s the case even in Havotune, where, I assume, there are only over one
hundred of them. So, in my opinion, the number of these achievers who will participate, along with their
teammates, would add up to around 500 people.”

“And the winners get to cultivate, right?” Gerald asked again.

Anabel looked at Gerald, only to find that Gerald was a little tempted. Therefore, she nodded and
continued, “Once you win, you will become my subordinate. That will qualify you for the cultivation you
want. And I promise I won’t get in your way of your cultivation. I mean, you being subordinated to me is
just nominal!*

Gerald became happy upon hearing that.

He thought, if that’s the case, then maybe I will be able to confront the Four Ancient Families.

Moreover, Carolyn and Triston joining me in that will only serve the interests of the two. I mean, they
will for sure become stronger.

And if they decide to bring along Valery, Valery then can become a Flame Decay level achiever as well.

He pondered for a moment and then looked at Anabel. “All right. But I have one condition, which is that
you should let me go find the other two participants!”

Her expression changing slightly, Anabel asked, “You can do that?”

Gerald nodded. “I will find one Flame Decay level achiever and one peak Half-Step Flame Decay level
achiever, both of which are not yet thirty years old!”

Hearing that, Anabel was ecstatic. But she didn’t lose her cool. “Deal. Seven days later, you will have to
go. back with me.”

“Go up there?” Gerald asked as he looked up at the sky.

“Yes!” Anabel said calmly.

Gerald hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement.

He thought, perhaps, I can find some information about the Nether Palace up there.

In fact, he kept wondering whether, by referring to the Archaic Tribe, people actually were talking about
the Nether Palace. But then, he decided against the possibility.

He thought Anabel was most likely just a spy in the Archaic Tribe.

Otherwise, the Nether Palace would not stoop so low, being marginalized like that.

Then, Anabel spoke again, with her communication device in her hand, “Give me your number.”

Gerald frowned and said, “All right. But just this time! Like I said before, if you ever threaten me with
this again, I’ll kill you.”

Anabel said calmly, “Relax. I’m very tight-lipped. Otherwise, you would have been chased by the Four

Families long before instead of standing here talking with me.”

Hearing that, Gerald gave her his number without saying anything more.

Then, Gerald got out of the car. And Anabel followed him out as well.

There was a slight flush on Anabel’s cheeks. Anabel was just so excited now.

She was overjoyed at Gerald being willing to help her.

Anabel didn’t enjoy a high status in the Archaic Tribe.

And to have a high status, she had to have what it took. But there were precious few Flame Decay
level achievers who were under the age of 30 out there, Havotune included.

And without them, there was no way she could make it into the top ten!

And that also meant she would remain to be looked down upon by her tribe.

But with Gerald joining hands with her, things had changed. Now Anabel could raise her hopes of
becoming a Flame Decay level achiever.

Meanwhile, Gerald was ecstatic as well, despite not showing his ecstasy.

To Gerald, this was definitely an opportunity since it was not like people up there would know about
him. Gerald knew there might be some danger, but he was more than willing to shoot for what he

If they all became stronger, their chances of dealing with the Four Ancient Families would become
much higher.

Each with their own ulterior motives, the two got out of the car.

But what they saw after getting out of the car made their eyebrows furrow.

There was a large group of people gathering at the entrance of Timor’s Diner.

Gerald found that Neo had been driven out and that the restaurant was a mess as if someone had

Inside the restaurant, there was also a group of people as well as the owner, who was being pressed
onto the ground by two peremptory-looking guys.

Gerald walked up to Neo and asked with a frown, “What… What’s happened?”

Neo sighed, “Those are the City Defenders. As for what exactly happened, it beats me as well. Timor
didn’t tell me. He just chased me out of the restaurant when I offered to help back then. I think he has
provoked the leader of the City Defenders.”

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